Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When dude won't give up

Arab Times
KUWAIT CITY, Nov 26: A Kuwaiti woman in her 20s reported to Salmiya police station that two male compatriots attacked and physically harassed her. The woman explained she was trekking with her friend along the Arabian Gulf Road when suddenly the suspects approached and tried to exchange phone numbers with them. She said one of the men sprayed water on her when she refused to take the number and then fled in their car. She provided police with the registration number of the suspects’ car plus their physical description. A case was registered against them.

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If the guys seem to be adamant/beligerant:  take the number.  Then you can register a case. Why put yourself in a difficult position? 

One time, I refused to take a guy's number and he followed me and keyed my car. 

Just take the number.  You can give it to your daddy and tell him big scary man frightened you later.


Anonymous said...

We have laws around here to protect folks in this situation. As you said, " take the number and then take action."

I had a stalker once but due to the increase in gas prices she wasn't able to continue to stalk me.

6491976 said...

What's next? Should we wait for them to rape us and then report them?

Buddha Head said...

Or the easiest way is to just give him a random number and leave! Easy right?

Anonymous said...

lol. this is hilarious.the guy just wants trouble so give it to him what he wants.lol