Sunday, November 20, 2011

Marriage annulled, wife left for 2 days alone in hotel room

I've heard lots of stories recently of people of both genders in Kuwait who are choosing not to get married.  The below would be a case in point where it might not be such a great idea. Crap like this is why the divorce rate in Kuwait is so high. 

This poor girl.  Would YOU want to re-marry?  F to tha NO.

I don't understand nancy boys who get married either just because someone else tells them to - or because they think it is going to be something "fun" to do.  Grow up. Grow some cojoines.  Be men.

Arab Times
Marriage annulled, wife left for 2 days alone in hotel room

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 16: The Personal Status Court has annulled a marriage due to the irresponsible action of the husband, who left his spouse alone for two days inside a hotel room in another Arab country at the beginning of their marital life.

Attorney Mohammad Thear Al-Otaibi, lawyer for the wife, argued the man violated religious, traditional and cultural norms when he left the woman alone for two days without any explanation. He said his client waited patiently for her husband to return to know the reasons for his action, especially his failure to call her and inform her of his whereabouts. When the husband returned, he claimed to have been detained at a police station and asked his wife not to mention the issue again. However, he repeated the act several times after their arrival in Kuwait, and he had been out for four days or weeks without explanation. He also beat his wife, accusing her of monitoring his activities. A medical certificate was presented in court as proof of the beatings.

The court ordered annulment of the marriage after a careful analysis of the pieces of evidence and arguments presented by both sides.

I hope she got a non-refundable and HUGE mahar, lots of gold and gifts from the little boy.


American Girl said...

We read about this the other day and couldn't believe it. I'm shocked she stayed married to him long enough for him to disappear for 'weeks', as I would have BEEN gone! Culture, culture, culture... bleh!

I suspect he either had a drug problem, another wife, a girlfriend, or all of the above. Husband material he was NOT!

Anonymous said...

I think the whole beating her part is more important than him taking off for days or weeks at a time. Headline should of read. 'Wife beater aka huge a-hole arrested, marriage annulled ' . Yep that sounds better.

LWDLIK said...

Have been hearing more and more of these stories lately.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the guy is gay, another wife and/or drug problems as you mentioned earlier..

I read about a man coming home early and found his wife in bed with a stranger...she could not get out of this one and claimed raped...

Also about a teenager who was home alone and she claimed she was raped, police did not believe her, newspaper did not elaborate on why police did not believe her.....

Another one, palabras mas palabras menos...couple has 3 or 4 kids and none of the kids belong to hubby..