Sunday, November 13, 2011

What other country in the world gives you a 5 day national holiday?

This was the coolest holiday ever (not that I did anything to make it a big sha-bang or anything).  Just that we got a 5 day Eid holiday was the coolest.  Stick 2 weekends on and that made 9 days of uninterrupted laziness pour moi.

I didn't make it far off the sofa - unless it was to eat.  True to my Goal, my desire was only to eat fish and sleep late. I did both (the later, I'm paying for at the moment as it is 12:00something-am and I'm up writing this because I can't sleep).  Work is going to be Hell in the morning.  Bring on the caffeine.

Something else I love about Kuwait:  You can order coffee and croissants online to be delivered to you.  Hey, if you want, you can have a SINGLE donut delivered to you.  Lazy people's paradise, I say.

So, I ate some fish early on, but it wasn't my usual type (I loves me some subaiti or sheem) and I got sick.  Maybe because I ate so many of the little buggers ("meide" - I don't know what it is in English).  It was an oily little fish and just the thought of the smell right now is making me ill.

But then, I switched to chicken and then to beef.  Slaps' mother was in town from Scoootland and I made a chicken dish that I can only make for a small army.  I'll have leftovers for a week, but that's fine.  It's comfort food.  We also did a barbecue the other night and OMG - let me tell you about a new butcher I found!!!

It was Friday, so we went to my favorite butcher, Pinar in Shuwaikh.  Pero alas, it was Friday and it was closed.  The butchers next to it (why the same shops always got to be right next to each other???) only had Chinese beef.  Who tha fuuu eats meat from China?  Whyyyyyy?  What is the Kuwait food ministry (or whatever) thinking???   Not this girl.

The Romanian suggested a butcher at City Centre in Salmiya.  Something with "Sabah" in the name.  It's right next to the veggie market.  I got Brazilian beef for 4kd a kilo and it ROCKED.  It was like butter.  You can cut it with a spoon.  Shity Centre is really close to where I live, so this is a remarkable discovery for me.  (I just wish I never had to navigate the Circle of Death, Bidaa Roundabout.  Can't someone build a bridge directly over it from Rumaithiya to Salmiya?  That goes on my wish list.)

Brazilian beef (you could tell it was Brazilian because it was wearing a thong and had feathers on its head) marinated in Jack Daniel's marinade bags (from the PX) and some fresh pineapple et voila...

.... so then back to the sofa....where my ass has worn a groove into the cushion to the right; Southern Bedu's groove is to the left.

One whole day we didn't get off the sofa.  I didn't wash my hair for 2 days.  Je ne giveashit pas.  Different friends dropped by to say hi and we never got up.  It was pathetic.  Hey, they know where stuff is in my place.  It is an "American household."  Make yourself at home, dudes.

And now I'm "well rested", right? Well, you know when you get too much sleep and then  you feel twice as groggy?  That's me.

Seriously, don't any of my readers want to donate a health club membership for promotional consideration on my blog?  Maybe that would motivate me...I dunno.  If you can get me to lose weight, I will keep a running journal (with promotion for your club/spa).  Bring it on.

I couldn't be a housewife.  I would buy a moomoo and stop bathing completely.  I would gain 400lbs (but become a great cook).  No one would respect me; not even myself.

Dayam, I had so many things I was going to do during this holiday. What happened?  I need more TIME.  Oh, I did manage to get Desert Dawg's teeth cleaned.  Cost for her teeth cleaning:  80KD.  Cost for my teeth cleaning:  Around 25.  I also got her hair cut.  She's set. I'm not.  I need a manicure and my roots done.  Pathetic!

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Anonymous said...

Yes it was a fantastically long holiday. I love meide too and it is called whitebait in Europe. BTW I must admit that I didn't wash my hair for one week!!!