Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How you can help women in need in Kuwait

Betcha didn't know the Salvation Army helps people in Kuwait?  They try to keep low-key and work under the radar, but they're here and they need help.

Dear Friends,

We provide food, shelter and basic necessities to the ladies in a shelter in Kuwait since 2009. These ladies are mostly runaway maids awaiting their papers from their respective embassies to return back home. Our goal is not only to shelter these unfortunate ladies but to recognize their natural talents and educate them so as to restore their self esteem and assist them to a better future.  Every effort is made to see that the ladies start a new life with confidence when they leave from the Shelter.
Besides that we make on-site visits to teach trades to other embassy shelters. We also help families with clothes, finance and ration and help out in their case by case needs.

As part of the winter initiative, the Salvation Army would like to reach out to the less fortunate in Kuwait by presenting them with food boxes. Each box will have:
·         2 kg of Rice
·         1 kg Oil
·         1 Kg Sugar
·         Tomato paste
·         Tea bags
·         Body Soap
·         Razor      
      Sanitary Napkins 

A new initiative will be a trip on Wednesday November 30 to a camp of 100 Ethiopian ladies working for a cleaning company. The SA will cover the major expense of this but donations of support would be greatly appreciated Donations of one or more items or any monetary help towards these expenses would be appreciated, however small the amount. It will go a long way in forwarding our cause.

We will need all donations latest by Sunday, November 27 2011 so as to give us time to pack them in individual bags.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for considering our request.

Programs/Fund Raising
The Salvation Army – Kuwait


Kenneth D Aston Jr. said...

I have some items I would like to donate to the Salvation Army in Kuwait do you have contact information?

Desert Girl said...

Yes, just get in contact with the e-mail on the blog post.