Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Animal Shelter vs Pet Shop: Factoids

The Man's kids have been going to walk the dogs at the RAH pretty regularly. AFL has needed dog-walkers to help with the animals moved up from their shelter. I'm very proud of these kids, who were previously afraid of dogs, but wanted to do something good. I stopped by yesterday to play with some doggies and to see how the Man-Children were doing.

Just the week before the fire, they called John to rescue a mother dog they had been feeding (Dusty now "Veronica") and her 5 puppies. It was a success. From what I've heard from his son, even The Man has chipped in and has walked Dusty, who is tagged as "aggressive" because she is very protective of her pups. After being beaten by people in their neighborhood, damn right she's aggressive. I would be too. I still can't believe The Man walked her. That's great. (Hmmm.... he never liked being bitten before, and yet he risked it for that bitch.)

So anyhoooo, I had a chat with some of the AFL volunteers as they waited for people going to adopt animals. I learned some things that I didn't know; like how there needs to be some public education hereabouts on the difference between a pet shop and a shelter. Why? Because people go to AFL to adopt cats or dogs and ask the animal's gender. Why? Because they want to breed them to sell them at places like the Friday market; creating even more creatures that AFL needs to rescue later. Or, folks go in and ask why AFL doesn't have Siamese or Persian cats. One guy last night even had the nerve to say, "Why do you just have these street cats?" Duuuuh.

Firstoff, AFL spays and neuters all their animals before they re-home them. That means, dumbasses, that they can't make babies. Get it? It doesn't matter if the dog is a male or a female: they won't procreate. Get it. So.... You can't sell puppies as products.

Next, AFL rescues STREET ANIMALS. That's what they do. They help all animals.

Something else I have learned about the Friday market is that there is a guy (or several guys) who sell puppies out of their vans. If anyone can catch a photo of a license plate, send it to me and I'll forward it to the appropriate people.

What many people in Kuwait don't know is that there is a high rate of distemper here; meaning that if you buy a puppy out of a van or from the Friday market and the seller does not have vet papers showing that the dog has been vaccinated at an early age (8 weeks), then you might take it home and it might die right away. You have no recourse. Also, if the animal does not have registration papers, then it is NOT a purebred. "Yes yes. Pure German..." And, a puppy should not be taken away from its mother earlier than 8 weeks to make sure that it is healthy. It should not be weaned off the mother until around that age.

The other news is that I hope, I hope, I pray, I hope, that my friend, Maria, has found her dog, Spike. Someone found a dog resembling Spike in Mishref several months ago, when Spike went missing in Kabd (previous post). They surrendered the dog to AFL and sent a notification also to PAWS. PAWS posted the notification on their website. AFL posted the dog's photo on their site (re-named "Macho"). Maria's kids have been tourmented by his loss and I hope (and please pray with me) that it is indeed the same dog and that they can be re-united. I can't think of anything worse than losing my dog here (if I had kids, that would be worse).

Monday, March 29, 2010


Question to youse people:

Do you know any good pulmonologist (better if its a pediatric pulmonologist) in kuwait who is working in a private hospital and can speak in english?

Why the HECK doesn't Kuwait have a referral service that is 1) advertised and 2) in English?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Animal Friends League Meeting - Shelter Rebuild Efforts

Friday I went to the AFL Rebuild the Shelter meeting at the Movenpick at Bidaa. I was hoping to see more people, but it was still a good turnout. The Movenpick management kindly provided the meeting room for free.

I get a lot of innocent (non-pervy) questions from people commenting about, "How do I meet a westerner...waaaaaaa" Dudes - VOLUNTEER. You meet so many nice people! The entire meeting was full of blondes on Friday. It was like a buffet of white chicks. C'mon people: Even if you don't like animals, you can still go down and do manly construction work at the shelter. If you walk in with a refrigerator or an AC unit, you'll be a hero!

How many of you are dismantling your camps this week? Do you have old stuff that you need to throw away? Send it to the shelter.

Moving house and want to donate? Send stuff to the shelter.

The items that AFL needs for rebuilding can be found HERE. Donate!

Before the rebuild can happen, the tear-down needs to take place. That means they need some good, strong men (you can be weak too and fake it - not a problem).

Ayesha seems overwhelmed and I don't blame her. Poor girl probably hasn't had any sleep at all and I am praying for her. She let the volunteer coordinator, Olivia, do most of the talking. At one point, even Olivia almost started crying. The of the few things Ayesha did say was, "If you know me, you know that my greatest fear is a fire at the shelter." She must just be wrecked. If anyone out there is a grief counselor, write to Ayesha . Even the strong need good support and I think she is grieving badly.

Another thing she said is that she and the other volunteers feel awful when people ask about specific pets that they have brought in, are they ok or did they die? That would be so hard to have to go through every day. [I found Rocky (from previous posts) and his new name is "Enar" . He's fine and happy.] AFL has placed the names of the surviving pets on their website - all others have perished. It is hard to know which pet is which because when you bring them in as I did with Rocky, they immediately change the animal's name. The Man brought in Dusty who is now "Veronica". Why change the names?

The cause of the fire has been determined to be an electrical surge from the main line. Ayesha pleads with any home owner or company to have a building surge supressor (transient voltage arrestor) installed outside of the home/office for this very reason. Buildings in Kuwait are not required to have such equipment for building codes. (Most of us in Kuwait have friends who have had their home appliances ruined in Kuwait by power surges/voltage spikes.)

The new shelter will have a sprinkler system and surge suppressor installed.

AFL has repeatedly made their gratitude clear: to people who have come forward offering support; to their volunteers; to the phone calls and letters; and to the firemen in Wafra who, although some were afraid of dogs, put on their breathing gear, went into the fire, and opened all the cage doors to let the animals out to safety. Good for you, guys!!!! I just loooooooove firemen!

If you are a US organization and would like to make donations to receive a tax deduction, check HERE.

Pass it along.

Note: I have heard from friends on facebook and through comments here on the blog about people who are "animal lovers" and would "do anything for the animals" - and then have done nothing to assist in this effort. Know what? I don't want to hear from hypocrits. If you love animals, help in this effort. Put your money where your mouth is. There are only 2 rescue organizations in Kuwait: AFL and PAWS. There is an astonishing amount of animal cruelty and neglect in this little country; Some of it so bad it would make most people cry to hear about. Both PAWS and AFL work towards the same goals; however, some seem to believe that there are teams and you must side with one or the other; either you are for them or against them. It's not a contest!!! I find that disgusting and personally offensive. Strength of character is revealed through adversity. You don't have to sit on an opposite side of the fence pointing blame while doing nothing.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

AFL Volunteer Meeting - Open to Public

There will be an Animal Friends League volunteers meeting at the Movenpick, Bidaa on Friday, 26 March from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.
It is an open meeting for anyone to attend to see how they can assist in the shelter rebuild efforts.

Please help.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

4 years since my dad passed away

On March 29, 2006, I was in the middle of a terrible argument with The Man. I rarely cry. Even more rare that I would cry during an argument. I'm not a girlie girl; I enjoy the "challenge". On that day, at that time, I was sobbing and crying my eyes out on my sofa. It wasn't the most horrible argument. It wasn't so awful. I suddenly had a premonition and turned to him and said, 'Your uncle is sick. Which one? He is really sick.... I think he may pass away. You need to talk to him.' It was totally random; out of nowhere. He said that none of his uncles was sick - everyone was fine. We finished arguing. I stopped crying. He went home. And he thought about it; No one was sick.

That was the exact time and day that my father died. I didn't know it at the time. Neither did my family.

My Dad was a lonely old guy at the end of his life - and quite stubborn. If my sister (who lived 5 minutes away) didn't go to visit him often enough (by his estimate), he would stop answering the phone and wouldn't return her messages until she got in her car and went over there to visit him.

That day was one of them. He was (for an American term) "playing possum". She just thought that he was doing the same thing he always did; until she and her husband went there to see him and saw the newspapers at the doorstep. My dad was a routine guy. He put his coffee on, went to the bathroom, and got the newspaper - every morning. He would never miss a paper. There were several on his doorstep.

So now, it is year 4 since he died. I still stop and think to myself, 'Shoot! It has been a long time since I've talked to Dad. I'd better call him!' and go to pick up the phone.

When I went to Animal Friends League today and played with the puppies and helped them out (a little), I thought about my dad and how I am sure he was right there with me. He loved all creatures, but especially dogs. He befriended the ugliest and smelliest of them and adored them like princes and princesses.

I might not ever have kids of my own. Today I spent the day with one I am very proud of: a 10 year old Kuwaiti boy - The Man's son, Abdullah - who wanted to do something to help the animals. He worked really hard; surprisingly hard; cleaning/moving things and then helping to walk the dogs and play with ("socialize") the extremely exhuberant puppies. I hope that I can pass along to someone younger than I am just a tiny amount of what my parents have always taught me: compassion for all living creatures and especially those in need. I think that Abdullah got a taste of it and I am hoping that it will be contageous. Maybe he can pass it along to some of his young relatives.

I miss you, Dad. I hope that your Heaven is full of all the creatures who you have loved and have loved you. I know you are with me and that you will never really go away.

Animal Friends League Shelter Fire

Copied from Mark's blog and I believe it is from AFL:

There has been a second much more devastating fire at Animal Friends. This fire was in the main building and 39 animals perished. Several more are struggling to hold on.

Two fire investigations have shown that the fires were caused by a surge of electricity from the main lines. After the first fire, an inspection of the shelter elecrical system was conducted and smoke detectors and fire extinguishers were puchased and donated enmasse. Despite these precautions, a massive surge occured to the now weakened main electrical lines. All staff were sleeping nearby when the fire started. The fire was not discovered until aerosol cans near the source of the fire began to explode. At this point, the fire was fully involved and too dangerous for anyone but the fire department to fight. Our shelter staff acted herroically to save as many animals as possible, and the fire rescue team also showed great courage as they entered the building to release the dogs from their firey prisons while the fire was still burning. Despite these acts of bravery, at least ten animals died in the fire and many were so badly injured that the arriving shelter staff had to work frantically and desperately to triage them and provide euthanasia where necessary. Thus far, the fire has cost the lives of 8 dogs and 31 cats.
One whole section of the shelter is completely destroyed the entire building will require extensive repairs from smoke and fire damage. Animal Friends and the animals we care for have never needed your help more. Animal Friends simply will not survive without help from all of you. Below is a list of things we need in order of priority.

1. CASH! The rebuilding is going to cost KD50,000. Please donate what you can, hold small fundraisers and get as many people involved as possible. Checks should be made payable to: Ayeshah Waleed Al-Humaidhi and below is our bank information for a direct transfer. If you need further information please call 97377867 or e-mail info@animalfriendskuwait.org.
Bank Name: Bank of Kuwait and the Middle East (BKME)Branch: South SurraName: Ayeshah Waleed Al-HumaidhiAddress Line 1: P.O.Box 71, Safat 13001Address Line 2: KuwaitAccount: 42043311SWIFT: BKMEKWKW

2. Foster Homes. We have no shelter and currently have the animals housed at the Royal Animal Hospital and in outdoor enclosures at the shelter. These are obviously temporary fixes. The construction is going to take about 3 months and we are appealing to all of you to house an animal until it can be adopted or returned to the rebuilt shelter. If you are able to foster an animal please call 66187301 or e-mail anna_mitchell@shaw.ca.

3. Volunteers. We need help with clean-up and helping care for the animals. We need to salvage anything and everything we can from the building before the demolition starts. This weekend, Friday-Saturday (26-27) are going to be huge clean-up days. Your help would be hugely appreciated. The map will be uploaded to the website shortly.

4. In Kind Donations. We will be putting together an extensive list of items we need in the next few days and will send it out to the list as well as post to our website.

Thank you in advance for your help and support and we hope to rise out of the ashes bigger and better.


I went there today to aid in the clean up. I brought The Man's 10-year-old son, Abdullah, who was AMAZING at cleaning, playing with the puppies, and walking some of the older dogs. There is so much more work to be done there. There is heavy soot throughout the entire shelter; on the walls, on the tile floors, on everything everywhere. Bring rubber gloves and old towels.

If you can get out there this weekend: GO!

If you can help at Royal Animal Hospital with some of the animals temporarily housed there, please help.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Fire at the AFL Shelter

There was another big fire at the AFL shelter last night. DAMN contractors in Kuwait!!!! AFL had an electrician look at the wiring after the first fire - he said it was fine - and a second fire started last night which was larger; this time, killing animals. That is all the info that I have now.

AFL is asking for volunteers who can assist in the clean up (and rebuild) of the shelter.
I just heard about this and I will keep you posted - and I hope you will do the same as you receive more information.

Please contact Animal Friends League at

Ayesha Al-Humaidi and John Peeveler

Address: P.O.Box 26122 Safat 13122, Kuwait

Telephone: 965.6700.1622

Fax: 965.2523.4179

Website: http://www.animalfriendskuwait.org/

Donations can be made to AFL at:

Bank Name: Bank of Kuwait and the Middle East (BKME),

Branch: South Surra,

Name: Ayeshah Waleed Al-Humaidhi,

Address Line 1: P.O.Box 71, Safat 13001,

Address Line 2: Kuwait.

Account: 42043311,


Also check Mark's post on same.

AFL may not be answering their posted phone numbers for the next few days. You can contact Olivia at 97377867 fo find out how you can help.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sheesha Place Picks

Gautam Raj asked me for my recommendations on nice sheesha places. While I don't sheesh, I go to a lot of nice places with my friends who do. I also have problems breathing where there is poor ventilation, so my picks are based on places with good air circulation.

Here are the Desert Girl picks. Please feel free to recommend your own. Help a sister out and recommend places where incredibly handsome/sexy men frequent, please! And note: I'm not looking to go to gins thaleth ("3rd gender")/transvestite hang-outs! Keep that info for somebody else's blog, k? (I gots my own drama and it doesn't come in that package.)

Movenpick Bidaa. Tree-lined outdoor terrace facing the sea. Really good buffet.

Crowne Plaza: Ayam Zaman. Good for indoor sheesha when it is too hot to smoke outside. Terraces provide good privacy. Good ventillation.

Movenpick FTZ: Nice outdoor garden and tents.

Awtar Libnan at Marina Mall. Nice outdoor terrace and good, inexpensive food.

Valdez Palace, Humood Tower, downtown Kuwait. Nice outdoor terrace and large indoor area.

Hilton. Several nice outdoor areas facing the sea (but sheesha is expensive from what I hear). They have tents on the beach with buffet/sheesha.

Ruby Tuesdays next to Kuwait Towers has sheesha outside. I like this as I can get an actual REAL crabcake and sit next to the sea.

Ibis Hotel Salmiya. Italian/continental restaurant has a large outdoor terrace facing the Gulf Road/Sea.

I don't know if they still serve sheesha, but the Rotana Al-Manshar rooftop used to and it is GORGEOUS.

Although I haven't been there yet (invitations accepted), I have heard that 7 Bars rooftop is really nice.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Animal Friends League does it again!

The Man has been telling me about a stray dog and her puppies who live around his house in Abdullah Mubarak. He has been feeding them and trying to keep them safe; the neighbors have been beating all the dogs when he isn't there to keep them away.

I don't know why people are relucatant to call AFL or PAWS. Rescuers are always busy in Kuwait, but they do get there. They might not be able to get there right away, but you don't give up with one phone call or an SMS; you keep calling and eventually someone will come to help.

John was able to get there and pick up the mother and 5 puppies today. Thanks John and AFL! You help to make Kuwait a better place for all creatures. I am sure there is a special place in Heaven for you and all the other volunteers!

Make a donation to AFL - you can do it right now from your desk. Bank details can be found on
at the AFL website (LINK HERE).

General Sunday Stuff

Almost every weekend, Slapperella and I can be found at the Muhallab Restaurant at The Palms Hotel, dining on a bigfat subaiti. It is our new favorite place.

This weekend, I first noticed the potholder. I asked the waiter to bring us cognac since they were advertising it. Sadly, we received the usual response. Sigh.

I watched something on YouTube about Kuwait and then checked out the Red Bull freestyle dancers. Kuwait got talent, baby. I've known Kuwaitis who are great dancers. Some of the guys in parliament used to be seen in clubs dancing until the wee hours of the morning (you KNOW who you are!) It is so sad that no one can dance here. We live in such a rigid society. Let looooooose. Git jiggy wi it!

I sent Dr. Sexy D.D.S. a message this weekend, "Question: If I agree to pay your 500KD off-site/out-of-office fee, will you have coffee with me outside?" No response. Whaaaaaa - am I too pushy? C'mon; you know it had to give him a giggle.

I logged onto KFH online today. They crack me up. "Hight" school and "Above University". I'm not even going to get into the capitalization rules.... That just drives me nuts.

I am bored and I am dangerous when I'm bored. No one is safe. Take cover.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I fell in love with a dentist

Do you know how it feels to see someone for the first time and immediately have passionate feelings for them? Its almost primeval in its intensity. You get short of breath and everything else in the room fades away? Your heart starts to palpitate and your palms start to sweat? Your knees get weak and you feel slightly faint?

I don't.


But then last night. Sigh.............

I need grill work. I have been on the Grand Tour de Dental Clinics lately. I am a dental-phobe. I get in the chair and start hyperventalating. I shake. I sweat. I speak jibberish. It isn't pretty. So, I have been to 4 dentists now trying to find the one that I feel most comfortable with that won't cost me a fortune (and that might take my company-provided insurance).

I also want to be OUT. General Anes-please-ya: I don't care if it is the kind of dental work that makes your ass hurt when you wake up. Please, fondle at will. I don't care. I just don't want to hear a drill or feel anything pain-related in the Northern Region. (The Southern Region I can deal with at my own pace.)

So, my dental travels have taken me far and wide and last night, I went to two. I called in my wastah at the MOH. I don't drop da wastah very often; it has to be for a very good reason. Wastahman sent me to a government clinic, a very nice Syrian dentist who then referred me to a private clinic where I could be treated under general.

I'm talkin Doctor 90210....

The office was in a posh location with a posh view and posh cars downstairs. I'm not going to mention the type of car that I saw (because it would be a dead give-away as to Dr. Sexy's identity and SORRY, but I'm not sharing him), but it is one of the MOST high-end exotics. The clinic lobby is also posh: All the furniture is Italian white leather with seafoam green pillows and home accessories. There is lots of glass and marble. And sitting on those posh leather seats were literally a dozen women - NO MEN. I'm thinkin - whatup with THAT?

I sat down to fill out the new-patient form. Date of birth (as always): April 16, I LIE, Marital Status: Maybe. "Do visits to the dentist make you nervous?" Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. (Sometimes they have a space for "Nickname" or "What name would you like to be called" and I always write: Princess or Gorgeous.)

Pushy nurse lady wanted her form back. Then I had to pay the 10 KD fee just to see Him. SO worth it as it turned out.

I just wasn't expecting it. I had no idea. I didn't brush my hair or put on new make up or go home, take a shower/change out of my work clothes first. My manicure was stale and I didn't put on any perfume. I had tired eyes. I wasn't even wearing lipstick (and I feel NEKID without lipstick!) It was the after-work-grunge look.

And then He walked in.

Tall, dark, handsome, gorgeous smile, good firm handshake, enticing cologne, good hair and just beginning to grey at the temples. He was wearing dark blue, V-neck hospital scrubs which he managed to make look like something from Milan. Yummmmmmmmmmm

I got in the chair (because that's what you're supposed to do at the dentists right?). He said, "Before we begin, tell me about you." Dayam! I don't even get that on DATES. Oh, but this guy is classy. We talked about all kinds of stuff - about how I came to Kuwait; about what I do; about family and friends here. I asked him if - by any chance - that beautiful car downstairs was his. He humbly said that it was. (Of COURSE it was, it completed The Package!) (If I had a car like that, I probably wouldn't be humble - at all - I would be like, 'Damn RIGHT it is! Isn't it beautiful? yada'). He made me laugh - great sense of humor. It was like 100 times better than most dates.

He totally made me forget that I was in a dentists office with drills and probes and Evil Things. He cast some kind of a spell on me. I was enchanted and totally at the mercy of His sorcery....

Then, the teeth business: Dude was 4" from my face.... (he's a dentist, ok?). I could smell his cologne... (Little voice.... 'Desert Girl... hellooooo.... there is a nurse in the room.....') It was all I could do not to look into those big brown eyes and bring out Extremely-Dangerous-Sexy-Blue-Lusty-Eyes (you should only aim a weapon if you are planning to use it , I say. The Big Guns are usually reserved for intent-to-kill.) I had to turn away; to look at the ceiling; to look at Nurse Ratshit... I have NEVER wanted to grab a dentist and pull him into the chair before. Never had the occassion. This is totally new to me.. and I'm LOVIN IT!

He told me what I already knew about my teeth. I knew something was up when he mentioned zirconia fillings. Hmmmm... sounds like 'xpensive... And then gave me the quotation. OUCH. Distinct lack of novacaine in the payment department. I guess he does have to cover his car installments, right?

I walked out just as 3 women were walking in. (They don't know him like I do.....)

So I don't want to be his patient anymore. I wouldn't want to break any ethical code between patient and doctor with my Plans. I (like all the other dozens of women in and out of his waiting room) am convinced that after I "catch" him, He can do all my dental work for free (preferably on the lanai of our summer cottage in Tuscany with a really great glass of wine and Andrea Bocelli playing softly in the background... and no Nurse Ratshit.)

Meantime, I'm back to my Wastahman who said (like I'm IN-sane), "Why did you GO there?! (Like I did something dirty - not that I wasn't thinkin about it....) THOSE people are a ripoff! Let me make some calls..."

But but but... I was sorcerized....

If I never hear from Dr. Sexy anymore (he has my mobile number, I have his), I will be hurt, but this has opened up a whole new Desert Girl Fantasy World; and yes! WITH rides! I can always go back for teeth cleaning, right? And next time, I am going to buy a new outfit (maybe something short cause I really do have great legs and they'll look good in the chair), going to the salon for hair/make-up/nails, perfume... and I WILL bring out the Big Guns once I'm totally prepped.

...and NO! I'm not giving referrals. Don't even ask. Slaps, I thought about it and even you can't go - as much as I love you.... This is just too good to share.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

National Geographic's Locked Up Abroad: Kuwait

The Howling

So I'm watching Slaps' puppy, Max, for a few days while she's on business travel. It's like having a baby in the house. I don't think I can EVER have a kid now. I'm just too old and too cranky to put up with it. Night-before-last, it was whining; every 1.5 hours all. night. long. Last night, it was the HOWLING. Like a wolf. (My neighbors are going to think that I'm havin circus sex - again... and it wasn't ME.) Desert Dawg was so frightened that she borrowed in under the covers next to me (she never does that - she's not a spooner at night. Prefers her personal space; she growls if I invade it.)

Slaps is always SO KIND when it comes to taking care of Desert Dawg while I'm travelling. I guess payback is a bitch, but what a BITCH. Jeez Louise.

No sleep - and it isn't even because I'm doing something FUN.

Max is as cute as they come - big, lanky puppy with a tail that flaps around like a bag in the wind. He always has a mischievious doggy-smile on his face and is full of energy, bounding around like he's on a sugar high. Very adorable - until the whining/howling begins. Oh - not to mention the interesting sense of purpose when it comes to a lack of house training. Why would ANYONE pee in front of a refrigerator? Late night boobie trap? And this experience has made me increasingly grateful that I have a small dog: Max manufactures elephant-sized mountains o'dog poop. Eeeeewwww. I don't know how Slaps deals; girlfriend can't even stand the sight of a dirty kleenex on the highway....

Come home, Slapperella, come hoooooooooome (said like you're howling)!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kuwait Circa 1969

When I was in Virginia, I went through my collection of old books on Kuwait and the Gulf and found a May 1969 copy of National Geographic with an article about Kuwait. Mark from 2:48 will scan it and post a good quality copy of the article in .pdf on his blog (will provide you with the link later). If you want a not-so great copy now, write to me and I'll send you one (6MB). It is around 34 pages.

Does anyone know where the Gazelle Club was? Kuwait can still be a great country AND have nightclubs! Were people "less religious" then??? Seems to me that God gives you a choice to walk into a house of worship or a nightclub.... Like in Qatar, Bahrain, UAE. Are the Moslems that live in those countries less religious than Kuwait? Just a thought.

A reader sent in this photo from Ahmadi I believe.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why do I only hear about a sale when it's over?

I guess the press is too afraid of reprecussions to print the actual technical terms for "genital toy". I am so shy and angelic that I won't either. (Giggles)

WHAT store was this? Please don't tell me I have been shopping there this entire time and just didn't know.... I don't think I would have missed them..... This is kinda like the guy who was growing marijuana in his front yard and his neighbors didn't know....

And just a little "genital toy" factoid, most "toys" sell for under $100 in the US. Ones without batteries - even less. Even less from internet direct from China. I mean, c'mon... you can get a rabbit for $49.99 on Adam and Eve .... (not that I would know). Not that I've ever been in the market, but I like to be knowledgeable about "trivia".

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Help find Spike!!

I don't know these people, but I read the story in the Arab Times today and it made me so sad. My heart goes out to them.

I don't know what I would do if something like this (God forbid) ever happened to me and Desert Dawg. I think I would probably have to go after the people who did it - regardless of who they were. I don't think even their great-grand-children would be safe from my wrath.

What the HELL is happening to this country when even the police are perpetrating what would be crimes other places in the world?

And speaking of injustices:

My former maid's sister-in-law (Indian) was just released from prison where she spent 23 days. Why? Because her EMPLOYER was involved in shady visa practices. The municipality raided the salon where she worked and took all the EMPLOYEES - NOT THE OWNER!!! - to jail. The woman, my friend, does nails for Gods sake! She is shy and quiet and God-fearing. During her time in prison, she was never able to take a cold shower, nor were they given anything hot to drink (only cold water and only 3 glasses per day).

Do I need to leave Kuwait? Is it just me? I think it is getting worse.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Municipality puts out poison for strays - no notice

This is a re-print from the Animal Friends League's website. I heard of one of these cases recently. Be reeeeeeeeeeally careful while walking your dog. The Kuwait Municipality uses strychnine and without any notification. It would be nice if they would use it on some of the drivers. I’m just sayin…

"We have received numerous reports of pet dogs injesting poison and losing their lives. Below is some information with regard to symptoms related to poisoning and what you can do as the owner. Please do not forget to call the vet.

Strychnine, an extremely potent poison that has been used for the control of rodents, feral cats and stray dogs, produces some of the most dramatic and distressing symptoms imaginable. Ten minutes to two hours after swallowing strychnine the animal starts to lose control of its muscles. There may be vocalization with stiffness and nervousness that is exacerbated by touch and sound. The muscles begin to contract uncontrollably. The limbs become extended (extensor rigidity) and the back arched. The muscle of respiration are paralysed and eventual death is by asphyxiation.

During the early stages, if seizure isn't present, attempt to make the animal vomit. To do this force the animal to swallow Hydrogen Peroxide which is readily available at any drug store. Three percent hydrogen peroxide is quite effective in making dogs and cats vomit. You must be sure to use three percent peroxide and not hair coloring strength peroxide. The appropriate dose of hydrogen peroxide is one teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight. If you have an oral syringe, one teaspoon equals 5 cc or 5 ml. Once given, walk your dog around or gently shake the stomach area to mix the peroxide with the stomach contents. Vomiting should occur within 15 to 20 minutes. If no vomiting occurs, you can safely repeat the three percent hydrogen peroxide once. If it is still not effective, your dog may need to be seen by a veterinarian for stronger vomiting medication.

Once the hydrogen peroxide is given, it is important to watch your pet so that he does not re-ingest the substance. If there is concern about toxicity, collect and take a sample of the vomit to your veterinarian.

Make sure to contact your veterinarian for further advice. "

Thursday, March 04, 2010

DC - Lauderdale - DC - Kuwait

I'm baaaaaaaack. I had such a great time on my business trip. I went for the AUSA Winter Symposium in Ft. Lauderdale, but I stopped on the way/way back in Virginia to visit my family. The weather was great in both cities. There is still snow on the ground in Virginia and I had to dig the car out (when I say "I", I mean me, my nephew, and my sister). The weather overall was fantastic.

I really have a lot to be grateful for in my life. I complain a lot (trying to stop that), but how many people get opportunities like this? Way cool.

I saw my x-fiance (the 2nd one; which was actually more formal than the 1st) in the airport in Kuwait and didn't recognize him. He looks old - which, in turn, made me feel old. I guess 7 kids and 2 jobs will do that to you. He wasn't going to talk to me, but then he almost walked into me, so he kind of had to. I don't know why people are such weakling/cowards! We were together for a loooooooong time. He knows my whole family (they still ask about him; he has never asked about them). What makes people the way they are? Why are some people like that. So weird! I've known him since 1983 - give me a break! Anyways, he was on his way to a conference in Tampa and 5 young guys took him to the airport. They all managed to turn around and stare at me and my friend who was kind enough to offer me a ride to the airport and stayed to have coffee with me. It turned out that HIS x-fiance was on the plane with me and I said hello to her. She knew who I was and looks like me. Life is full of ironies, isn't it?

I was really surprised by my experience in/out of Kuwait airport. Has anyone else noticed or is it just me? They greeted me by name, were polite and even friendly. I was really really impressed. I also only saw one guy in uniform smoking this time ("smoke-free airport"). They went out of their way to be nice and it was a really nice change. To whoever is in charge - way to go, dudes!

By the sounds of things, I'm glad I was out of Kuwait for National/Liberation days. How were your experiences?

Anyhoo, I hate travelling alone and I'm sure I would have had a much better time if I went with someone. I was booked into a dive hotel and called my sister to tell her about it. She freaked out (way more than I did) and immediately got me a suite (shaweeeet) at the W Hotel. Am-maaaazing! Bless you, Cait!!! You ROCK!!! I am totally hooked on W's. I'm going to all of them. That is my new life goal (along with driving a huge bulldozer and flying a plane). It was still kinda cold in Florida (60F) and so I didn't go to the pool or the beach. I had dinner along the coastal road (A1A) at sunset and a giant margarita in a fish bowl. Happy, happy, happy.

My mommy was happy to see me. I miss her so much - every day. I love being there with my family. Yes, I'm back, but I am thinking of Virginia. I don't care much for the place, but I wish I was with my family.

So now it is back to the grind. I'm not really into it.