Monday, March 29, 2010


Question to youse people:

Do you know any good pulmonologist (better if its a pediatric pulmonologist) in kuwait who is working in a private hospital and can speak in english?

Why the HECK doesn't Kuwait have a referral service that is 1) advertised and 2) in English?


Snow said...

Hi Desert Girl, I would go to Salam or New Mowasat Hospitals, as they are the best ones here. They can refer you to their in-house Pulmonologist...and they all speak English :)

Eco Friend said...

By pulmonologist i assume u mean respirologist? There are several good respirology doctors Dr.Nasser Behbehani being one, but i dont know of any pediatric respirologist. Usually the pediatrician deals with these cases, or you can contact ur local GP (at your polyclinic) and they will refer you to Al-Rashed Allergy Center, which deals with ALL respirology patients (i think they might have a ped.resp. there).