Monday, March 08, 2010

Municipality puts out poison for strays - no notice

This is a re-print from the Animal Friends League's website. I heard of one of these cases recently. Be reeeeeeeeeeally careful while walking your dog. The Kuwait Municipality uses strychnine and without any notification. It would be nice if they would use it on some of the drivers. I’m just sayin…

"We have received numerous reports of pet dogs injesting poison and losing their lives. Below is some information with regard to symptoms related to poisoning and what you can do as the owner. Please do not forget to call the vet.

Strychnine, an extremely potent poison that has been used for the control of rodents, feral cats and stray dogs, produces some of the most dramatic and distressing symptoms imaginable. Ten minutes to two hours after swallowing strychnine the animal starts to lose control of its muscles. There may be vocalization with stiffness and nervousness that is exacerbated by touch and sound. The muscles begin to contract uncontrollably. The limbs become extended (extensor rigidity) and the back arched. The muscle of respiration are paralysed and eventual death is by asphyxiation.

During the early stages, if seizure isn't present, attempt to make the animal vomit. To do this force the animal to swallow Hydrogen Peroxide which is readily available at any drug store. Three percent hydrogen peroxide is quite effective in making dogs and cats vomit. You must be sure to use three percent peroxide and not hair coloring strength peroxide. The appropriate dose of hydrogen peroxide is one teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight. If you have an oral syringe, one teaspoon equals 5 cc or 5 ml. Once given, walk your dog around or gently shake the stomach area to mix the peroxide with the stomach contents. Vomiting should occur within 15 to 20 minutes. If no vomiting occurs, you can safely repeat the three percent hydrogen peroxide once. If it is still not effective, your dog may need to be seen by a veterinarian for stronger vomiting medication.

Once the hydrogen peroxide is given, it is important to watch your pet so that he does not re-ingest the substance. If there is concern about toxicity, collect and take a sample of the vomit to your veterinarian.

Make sure to contact your veterinarian for further advice. "


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