Monday, March 31, 2014

Sample DG FAQs and Local Activities

Reader Mike wrote to me and asked me some questions. I often get asked these types of questions and I'm happy to provide my (NON-PAID-FOR) recommendations.  Maybe they can help some of youse (?).  This is just a simple samplin'.  For more detailed information, please browse through some of my previous posts and see "DG Index - " for categories.

Kuwait Times or Al Watan Daily (I read the Arab Times, but I also read the National Inquirer...)

(I'm going to recommend my favorite Kuwaiti restaurant because we're in Kuwait....)
Kuwaiti restaurant:  Shateya Watiya in the Behbehani complex downtown. 

Kuwaiti food delivery online - see:  Or my review:

The best beaches are in Khiran, approximately 45 minutes South of Kuwait City.  Take the Khiran Resort exit from 40 until you see a bridge and water towers.  Make the U turn.  Take the next right (road goes to Zoor).  Park next to any of the chalets under construction.  Walk over berms to the beaches.  Completely isolated and very clean.  There are many inlets - just pick one.

Ideally, if you can get out to Khubar or Um Al Moradim islands, they are awesome.  Al Boom Dive Center will take you there.  Mr. Reyadh Al- Bannow, Tel:(+965) 24613445/6/7/8, Fax:(+965) 24613449, Email:

Night Out
Depends on what you want.  Movies?  Dinner?  Maybe a twilight boat cruise around the bay?  Night life in Kuwait centers around coffee shops because there are no bars.  Make Kuwaiti friends; get invited to parties..  In the summer time, at the chalets (beach houses) or yachts; in the winter in tents.


Call Yousef  at Amwaj Boat Trips, 6688-7475, E:, Instagram: @amwajboattrips

Diving/Snorkeling/Island Trips
NAUI Middle East service Center – Al Boom Marine, Reyadh Al-Bannow, Tel:  (+965) 2461 3445/6/7/8, Fax:  (+965) 246 13449, Email:  Diving trips (for certified divers – equipment rentals), dive courses, snorkeling and trips to Kuwait’s Southern Islands; Garoh and Um Al-Moradim (from Khiran).

Week-End Resort
Seashells or El Joan in Julai’ia.  Bring a marriage certificate because most resorts/hotels won’t rent to singles.  (They  also won’t validate certificates... just sayin.)

Spa Aquatonic, The Missouni Hotel, Corniche Club

The BEST/oldest is Mubarakia in downtown Kuwait.  They have souqs within the souq:  gold, fish, meat, clothing, spices, perfumes, household goods, cosmetics, Bedouin weavings, antiques, etc.

Eat at Sheesha King (outdoors in front of the mosque).  Order fresh grilled meat, fresh fish, or hameesa shrimp.

Art Gallery/Museum

Local Tours of Kuwait
Ali or Fran at Morqab Tours, 6510-0772 (Will tailor for smaller groups/individuals).  Ali is Kuwaiti and his dad was a ship-builder.  He is VERY proud of his Kuwaiti heritage and offers truly unique and wonderful tours of the country he loves.  I highly recommend them.
            Nuzha Tours,  25755825/35 Web: (Require minimum #s)



Anonymous said...

Thank you kindly for posting this, desert girl. Schlumberger boy is back in kuwait with his team soon, and we have printed out this list of fun things to do (in absence of beer, hahahaha!)
Schlumberger boy

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of the information you provide here.

Do you have any updates for hair salons; cuts/ treatments etc.

Thank you so much

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 2:41 - Please see‎

Other than that - no info. Ashlee is no longer with Strands.

Nivin said...

Which spa would you suggest that I go for - Spa Aquatonic or Six Senses? A 3 hour package costs KWD 60 and KWD 80 respectively. I'm planning on gifting a spa day for my wife .


Desert Girl said...

Nevin - I have only seen the outside of 6th Senses, but my friends say it is very nice. I have been to Spa Aquatonic, however, and it is gorgeous and the treatments are wonderful. They have one that is a combo of scrub, massage, and hot tub treatments. It is all done in one beautiful suite. I would recommend that one.