Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Bedoon/Stateless Charity Organizations in Kuwait?

Does anyone know of any charity organizations (in Kuwait or outside) that provide assistance to the Bedoon/Stateless people in Kuwait? For example, donations for scholarships, schools, tuition, home assistance (food, furniture, etc), for Bedoon children, legal fees, etc? Please pass this along and help me answer this question as it is a humanitarian effort and important for companies (CSR) and individuals to become involved with. 

I have a list of the Bedoon rights groups, but I'm not coming up with anything for charity and I'm being asked by caring individuals.

Don't make it about the politics.  Make it about the people.

This is Taima, Kuwait (yes, this is Kuwait), where many Bedoon people live.  They are basically squatters (for decades) and the government can make the determination at any time to bulldoze the area (there have been discussions over the years about "relocating" the Bedoon in Taima, but to where?)


Chirp said...

I do not know of any organizations, but there are women who work individually to collect money and requirements for people in need in Kuwait.

Anonymous said...

I only know of bait Zakaat