Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Just in a foul mood lately

You can tell when I'm in a shetty mood when I only post about stuff that's in the newspaper that I need to vent about.  Yeah, that's me lately.  I've just been in a funk.  It happens.  I'll snap out of it fer sure, but now it is just like one big pity party.

I just got back from vacation and I need a vacation.  Unprofessional people have been really getting under my skin.  Yeah, I know.  Like - where do I live?  Right?  I should be used to it by now, but recently I've had to interact directly with peolple who are irking me to all ends.

Hmmm... where to begin....

Well, my day started off pretty bad.  When I moved into my apartment in the house, the landlady said that they would start painting the house, "soon."  Now, 4 years later, and without 24 hours notice, they have started.  The new building hariss stopped at 10pm, by to ask me my wi-fi password .... and to OH... let me know that the painting would begin in the morning and that I should move things.  Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!  At 5:30 this morning, they started putting up the painting scaffolding (that I'm pretty sure were the ones used on
the Pyramids).  They still use hemp rope and wood planks in this part of the world.  A tiny car full of Egyptians in gallabiyas (man-dresses) showed up, made tea (somehow?  With water from my outdoor hose), stouted at eachother... and so a MONTH will go by (at least) they say before it is finished.   April 1, I'm moving with the guys back to the farm in Kabd.  F that.  I'm not waking up to people shouting at 5:30 am on a weekend. Someone will DIE.  I sent my landlady an SMS:  "What's up with the NO notice on the painters?!  NOT nice."   I think I've been too nice.  I pay my rent early.  There's going to be some late-rent mischief this month.

KFH has been very professional lately and the caliber of service has risen to new levels.  Having said that, I just got a new credit card from them and canceled it within 10 days.  They never explained the full terms and conditions; and never provided anything in English that might help me (that's right - a foreigner who doesn't read Arabic).  Now, while I understand that KFH has been historically considered a "local" bank, doing business in Arabic; guess what?  All banks are in competition and 2/3 of the work force is foreign.  Anyhoo, after they deducted 250KD to secure the credit card (which I had not been informed about), I cancelled it.  And guess what (again)?  There was a KD25 fee to cancel it.  What Tha Phuck.

Bimbos:  I have been in contact with bimbos lately.  I try to limit my exposure to bimbos as often as possible. Its like a form of cooties that I don't want.  I've had several bimbo-related incidents lately that have made my jaw drop. I think I'm equally shocked at my own reaction to them because... well... you know... I used to BE a bimbo myself.  It is kind of a jolt for me to realize that I'm so far beyond all that tight-jeans-wearing (to work), gum chewing, OTT dressing,  kind of stuff.

[Katherine Stellock of Chevy Chase, Maryland:  My former boss at Woodward and Lothrop.  If you are out there, I sing your praises ALL the time.  You taught me so much about business etiquette and composure. You'll never know.   Mrs. Stellock (as I was only allowed to call her) always came to work in pristine, elegant clothes - mostly black - with pearls.  She walked with a straight back and head held high.  She never gossiped.  She would look at me from head to toe with a watchful eye and say, "Mmmm hmmm..." (distastefully)  and walk away. I learned more from what I perceived as her meanness than any other business education.  She led by example and I worship her skills in hindsight.]
I'm not writing about anything work-related because hey - I have been told to keep it positive.  Perky, perky, perky!  Yes.  Everything is beautiful and wonderful and happy.  However, I just went to get a motivational speech from the one guy who I know is positive (and told me to be) and he totally brought me down.  There should have been some of that "music to commit suicide to" sappy stuff playing in the background.

I need a Xanax weekend.

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