Monday, March 17, 2014

Kuwait's Tent Market

I went to the tent market last night to have a canvas cover made for my gate door which leads into my yard.  I've had one on there for several years so that the neighbor's kids can't see in and discover I have dogs and start playing with them (or worse).  The kids thought they owned the place when I first moved in, and the canvas cover has really helped. Before I came up with the canvas idea, I debated a lot of options from building a screen to putting up accordian exterior doors (KD 500 - 3000 depending on materials).  For KD 5 at the tent market, it was a no-brainer (and something that I can easily replace and won't do any structural change to the house).

Anyhoo, I love this market and I've never seen a Westerner there.  The above is a crappy picture taken from the car.  I need to go back there and take more photos during the day.

If you're even remotely thinking about camping next year, the summer is the time to buy a tent at the market.  you can bargain and they have all kinds and sizes (they even have some small enough for me to put in my back terrace - It would be a great idea for kids.  They also sell the fabric for shading (as above) if you have a yard or patio you want to shade from the sun this summer (it really helps - especially as the plants tend to burn).  Or covers for outdoor furniture, or whatever.  Tent dudes sew on-site.  They also sell the traditional Egyptian tent fabric (which I wish they would sell more of in Kuwait in different colors - so cool!)

The tent market is behind LuLu Hypermarket (off 4th Ring Road and 55 in Rai) and down the little road from the Friday Market (and close to The Avenues if you need a major landmark).  If you aren't terribly adventurous, you can drive through it to check it out.

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