Desert Girl Policy on Advertising and Reviews

Advertising:  I don’t do it.  I may in the future.   I don’t do it now.  Sorry.  “But you should...  you could... blah blah blah.”  Yeah, I know.  I don’t accept advertising right now.  Please refer to “Keep it Real” Clause to follow.


1.       People who write to me in a demanding manner will never get a review. Bada bing.  Aint gonna happen.  You don’t score points for being rude.  I don’t owe you squat.  Don’t act like I do.

2.       This also applies to those who send vouchers and no explanation of why they are sending them to me.  Ok, I get it, but send a nice cover letter. 

3.       “Keep it Real” Clause - I don’t review products or services that I don’t like.  You can ask me to try your services out – and I’m usually happy to if the invitation is welcoming – but ultimately, if I don’t like something, I’m not going to write about it.  I’m ethical and I hope I have some credibility out there (if not, then I certainly do to myself and the voices inside my head - don't judge.)

 Payment for reviews/posts: 

1.       I do not accept payment for reviews.   I won’t in the future.  If I like something and write about it,  send me some pink roses out of gratitude, not out of obligation.  (Unless you are The Soor Center, and then I will accept help because I need it and it is good for society at large.) 
  • If I do review something that you have kindly and courteously asked me to, don't get all bitchy and expect me to write about it if I didn't like it.

2.       Say what you mean, mean what you say” clause:  Many people say they are going to send me pink roses, but suddenly “forget” that there are flower services in Kuwait (I’ve even provide links on the blog site).  I don’t like rude.  I don’t like ungrateful. God don’t like ugly. 

 Thank you for considering me for your faaaaaaaabulous advertising opportunities.  Keep reading!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year DesertGirl. You are awesome with a double douse of awwwww : P : )

Unknown said...

Dear Desert Girl,

Are you still feeding the hungry in Kuwait. I am with St. Paul;s in Ahmadi and we have collected a lot of dry food for the needy.

Any ideas on distribution would be appreciated.