Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm high at work

Not my fault.  Not my fault.  Not my fault.

We have glue fumes in my office today. I'm wondering how many brain cells have just been destroyed.  (I have so few remaining.)  Where the F is OSHA when you need them?    Sigh... I went to HR to complain. They think I'm freaky anyways, so they just laughed.  (Do you think it might be the halo that I've been wearing around the office for Halloween?  'It's real.  It is NOT a costume!')

So anyhoooooo, last night I went to the US Embassy for United's 5th year in Kuwait anniversary.  You GO, United!  Rock on wi'yo bad self.  I had such a great time.  You know sometimes the energy in the room is just right; the weather was perfect; there were lots of happy people about.  It was just a good time. They had jalepeno poppers which should bring me joy, but I don't like jalepenos.  However, they did bring joy to others.  The dessert shooters made me happy.  Well okay, I think they weren't cool enough and they used to be chocolate mousse and red berry thingies.  Pour moi, they were dessert shooters, and the fruity ones were too!  healthy.

I met some REALLY cool new friends (you know who you are).  One new pal in particular,  I shall deem (okay, via her suggestion, but it fits) The Fabulous One (no, sadly, she isn't the original Fabulous One, Mr. George Timothy Clooney).  TFO and I hit it off right away; as she said, sometimes you just connect with people and you don't know why.  Girl, it's all part of The Plan.

And now for a bit of psychobabble....

Have you ever seen that movie with John Travolta, Phenomenon?  I love that movie... At the end when he knows he is going to die, he says that he will still be around - that we are all energy and we are all connected.

I believe that everything is energy.  Everything.  We are conceived as energy and we die and our energy goes someplace.  We all have light.  Maybe you don't know why you like someone when you do (or don't).  I think that there is a reason for everything; we don't always have to know what it is; it is what it is.  I believe that we are all a lot more connected than we think we are.  I think we are all really the same.  Energy. As I get older, I believe this to be more of a truth.

Is it because I'm high, or is it because I am having a lightbulb moment (or both).  Pass me the Dorito-M&M sandwiches and find out...

Stella isn't in the office today (to enjoy the high); nor was she at the event last night.  (I am SO going to make something up about how she did this... more along the lines of my Untrue Trivia antics...)  She sprained her neck.  Well, she pinched a nerve (and I've been telling people today that it is close to her brain stem and/or her spine when in reality, I have not a clue.  At this point, she should have scored at least a few fruit baskets and several bouquets of flowers if I've done my job right.)  She has been feeling like vertigo - dizzy and nautious (kind of like me, right now, after deep-breathing Patex...)  She got onto heavy muscle relaxers (legally distributed bien sur - she's no pillbilly).

Now, let's have a fun contest to guess how she sprained her neck...  Stella pinched a nerve and/or sprained her brainstem by:

a)  Circus Sex
b)  Reverse Circus Sex
c)  Upside Down Circus Sex with a Twist
d)  The "Helicopter Maneuver"
e)  Laying neked on a table
f)  Bending over to tie her pumps
g)  None of the above.

Technically, it was "E".  She had a seemingly innocent massage at Helga's House of Pain (not the correct name.  She got the massage at a reputable spa) and someone twisted her nerve. I don't know if she was wearing PVC and a pair of stellettos at the time or not - I don't judge.  Not my place to say. I do know, however, that she was with her mother at the time....

So, how are you people today?  Are you having a happy Halloween?  Whatup?  Howz tricks?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bubba Boat Test- Triumph Boats

I love companies like this!  Someone sent me a link to their "Bubba Boat Test".  Unfortunately, I can't embed it here, but  you can check it out by clicking below.  I would buy one of these boats and I seriously want to slam it into a tree.  Talk about STRESS RELIEF!   Very cool!

Go Bubba, it's your birthday.  We're gonna party like it's your birthday.... gonna drink Jim Bean like it's your birthday... and you know we don't give a nut cause it's your birthday...

Did it rain last night in Salmiya? Oh.... that wasn't rain....

... I seem to be on a theme of bodily functions these days.  My apologies to the faint of heart...

I can't make this stuff up.  This is what makes news here and why I love, love, love the Arab Times "Kuwait Crime" section! 

"Handle every Stressful situation like a dog.
If you can't eat it or play with it,
Pee on it and walk away."

Drunk ‘party-goer’ urinates on police officers

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 29: Police arrested two men, including a senior officer in the military intelligence wing, for indulging in immoral acts with two girls in a flat in Salmiya and for insulting policemen, reports Al-Rai daily.  Securitymen had rushed to the flat after neighbors complained of disturbances, but nobody answered the door. Securitymen then decided to wait at the entrance of the building, but to their utter shock and disgust, a person standing in the balcony of the said flat started urinating on them besides flinging empty alcohol bottles at them. Armed with a warrant issued by the Public Prosecution, securitymen then raided the flat, arrested the two couples and referred them to authorities.

... I think I know this guy...
Isn't "military intelligence" an oxymoron?
Why are the police peeing on the police?  Police-on police golden shower?  They are supposed to be brothers.

I can hear them up there, all drunk and thinking it's hilarious:  "Wait.. this is gonna be really funny.  Lookit what I'm gonna do..."  This is more fun than watchin a bunch of rednecks at a hootinany!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

You can't kill a sheep at home anymore: It's about time!!!

Photo Credit:  John Peaveler, K'sPATH

‘ME nations agree to end home slaughter of Australian sheep’ Deal with Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar comes before Eid

SYDNEY, Oct 26, (RTRS): Australia’s live sheep export industry has reached an agreement with three key Middle East markets to prevent the slaughter of these animals at homes, an executive of the Sheepmeat Council of Asutralia said on Wednesday.

The agreement with governments and livestock industries in Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait, comes ahead of the Islamic religious festival Eid al Adha between Nov 6 and 9 when Muslims are required to sacrifice animals as an act of obedience to Allah.

Ahead of the festival, individual sheep are often bought from holding feed lots after arriving in Middle East countries, tossed in a car boot and taken home for slaughter — a practice which animal welfare agencies claim is cruel.

“Key to assuring the welfare of Australian sheep is the implementation by importers and importing governments of a ‘no private sales’ policy to unknown slaughter points in these markets,” the council’s chairman Kate Joseph said.

Individual buyers of sheep will be required to use slaughter facilities that comply with global animal welfare standards.

Earlier this year, Australia banned live cattle exports to Indonesia for a month, after television footage showed cattle being beaten, whipped and maimed prior to slaughter in some Indonesian abattoirs.
The sheep meat council’s chief executive, Ron Cullen, said the plan was being implemented ahead of a new framework to be put in force next year to ensure Australian animals were only exported to audited supply chains which meet global animal welfare standards.

“The plan is very much in line with recommendations by the government (announced last week) but we’re bringing the time-line forward ahead of Eid al Adha,” said Cullen.

Cullen said as part of the plan there would be observers on the ground to ensure that individuals did not buy sheep for home slaughter as well as advertising and the continuation of education programs.
Australia, the world’s largest exporter of live animals, shipped 2.9 million sheep valued at A$343.5 million ($358.9 million) to Middle Eastern markets in 2010/11.

Grip it and rip it

Before I get to the main part of this post, I would just like to formally thank Spanx for my education of cool and savy slang terms that I continue to pass along to my friends and loved ones.  Without you, girl, I would never know what terms like "assgina" refer to; nor would I know the appropriate manner in which to use the phrase, "grip it and rip it" in conversation.  You rock.

So, it was also Spanx who turned me on to "poop tea".  I cocked my head to one side the first time she mentioned it.  It is a dieters tea that she tried, then Butterfly tried, then I tried and OH MY GOD... be prepared.... eeeek.   I got mad at Butterfly who couldn't make it to a dinner at my house because she had to stay close to her bathroom.  I'm like, 'SERIOUSLY?!!!  How BAD can it be???'  ... and then I tried some. (I am so sorry I ever doubted you girl!!!)   If you are ever backed up, my friends (and as we all know - there are a wHOLE lot of people in Kuwait who seem to be constipated - I'm just sayin), you might want to go out and git yerself suma dis.

This is a mild brand.  I stopped into an Arabic grocery store in the States (Medina Market - shout out - heeeeey) and bough another brand; that seemed to be turbo-charged.  I'll add a photo of that later.

They sell this at Sultan Center incase you're interested.

This is the US stuff

(I apologize for the vulgarity, but I've been working on a snoozefest of a proposal for 2 days and I needed some low-class entertainment.)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

An Exceptional Year

Gratitude is a wonderful and powerful thing.  I have a lot to be thankful for this past year.

Last year, four days after I returned from my summer vacation to DC, I was called into my former HR manager's office.  With a big smile on his face, he handed me my termination letter.  I can't say that I wasn't surprised or terribly upset.  I knew for quite some time that they were trying to find a way to get me to resign. I just didn't think that they would terminate me immediately when I returned from vacation but hey whatever. I was in a good mood and I did a big, "Woooo hoooooo" as I walked out his door...  I don't like "yes" men anyways.  Weak. 

(Oh dayam.... gratitude:  Yes, I'm grateful I was there for a few years, learned a LOT, did a lot of work, and and occassionally got paid on time.  I'm grateful I didn't whack anyone.  I'm grateful I'm not at all like some of the management there;  I'm grateful I'm a better person and can sleep at night knowing that I didn't harm people.  I'm grateful that I met a few quality people there like MC and CK. I'm grateful I had several excellent opportunities to travel and meet people in the defense industry.  I'm grateful that the experience enriched my life.)

So, let me set the record straight:  my new employer found me directly long before we ever met in person.  It is a great story of how Stella and I met:  we were waiting outside of an AUSA event (18 +/- months prior) for the valet to bring our cars and struck up a conversation/exchanged e-mails.  She later learned (through her friend- and now my friend - Ev, who I forgot to mention here yesterday when I wrote this; my bad, sorry) that I was looking for a job (shortly after being terminated). Ev suggested to Stella that she should interview me.  It was a great "interview":   4 hours of dinner and giggles.  I went to work for Stella a few weeks later.  (Everything went so smoothly that the HR people must have thought I was "challenged" because I sat there, staring, with my mouth open; waiting for something to drop on my head.)

I went from a big kushy office with a big comfy sofa to no office, no desk, no phone (no toilet seats...).  But it was all good.  We moved into a bigger space a few months later.

I have been mistaken in the past and I owe Stella an apology; I usually introduce her to people as "my boss." That is wrong.  I should just introduce her as, "my friend."  Yes, I work for her.  Yes, she is the one who holds the key to my way-cool lifestyle and means of living, but she is way more than that - she has been such an amazing friend. The word "boss" isn't sufficient nor is it the correct term.

She probably doesn't realize this but I have been working for her for an entire year now - as of October 17th.  It feels like just the other day that I started working at this job.  What a wonderful experience it has been.

I'm working with people who have decency and integrity:  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  It is a simple concept that always translates into good business.  Always.  After all, not all business is good and the bad kind usually comes back to bite you in the ass...

As someone who has had to sell, yet values integrity (transparency/honesty), it has been a double-edged sword at times.  There have been cases in the past when I've had to spout marketing about how great an employer-company is, yet know in my heart that it hasn't been true.  When you have that knowledge, and are yourself someone who CARES, I believe that it eats at your soul.  I state facts and I'm not deceitful.  When in doubt, I drop the '...We conduct due diligence.  I think you should too...'

I work with honest and sincere people, selling an honest service.  It is transparent.  There aren't hidden agendas and no one is out to deceive anyone - including employees.  The first month I came here (and every month thereafter), I received my salary on time.  I was in such a state that I sent the CFO and HR payroll people thank-you notes (they offered to pay me late if it would have made me feel more comfortable). 

I knew nothing of the new industry that I have gone into;  I have made no excuses.  I do know my job and I am so incredibly grateful that I have had a mentor who has taught me an tremendous amount in a short period of time. I'm also grateful that we have such a solid team of quality people.  I'm terrible with math (again, no excuses - I suck at math.  I'm a right-hemisphere girl.  I see the world in pictures.); we have an outstanding accountant who translates Stella's words and my visuals into numbers.  We have a great military Ops Manager who makes my job seemless.  My office mate, another Ops Manager in a different department, is a quiet and dependable friend who I can ask anything of (and who feeds me cookies when we are draggin at 11:30 am).   We have an excellent and responsive IT team.  Our HR Manager is amiable and respectful and always puts me at ease (em... cause I have a tendancy to kinda go OTT).  Oh, and I have a company mobile phone (in your FACE former employers who wrote it into my contract and then never gave it to me) and an underground parking space.  Little things mean a lot. 

I just wanted to publicly express my gratitude to Stella for this past 12 months.  I'm honored to work with you and I can't thank you enough for your friendship, kindness, and quirky intelligent perspective.  Thank you for taking a chance on me when I really needed to have my faith restored.  Thanks for a great year, my friend!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Good Times in Germany and DC

Disclaimer:  I went to Germany and DC on BUSINESS.  Let's just keep it straight from the beginning:  Business.  We were in Germany to see what operations at Ramstein Air Force Base were like and how similar processes could be used for us.  The main purpose of our trip was to go to the Association of the US Army annual convention in Washington, DC.  This was NOT a pleasure trip.  (End of Disclaimer)

Pagan symbol in stone at the castle
Yo!  My trip was DA BOMB.  We had such a great time.  I went with Stella and a colleague, ChE. ChE has become more like a brother through this trip and I'm glad I got to see more than his "business face."

Stella has a house just outside of Ramstein in Landstuhl.  I had never visited Germany before.  It is gorgeous and a lot like Virginia.  Very clean and green.

I liked Frankfurt airport this time.  Last time I was there (the only time) on a layover, I saw 2 men (American and German) get into a fist fight and they called security guards who ran over with machine guns.  Shaweeet.  The ugly American started it.  Je was not impressed.   This time, everyone was so friendly (including the Americans) and the cafe where we had breakfast was really nice.  The whole place smelled like fresh coffee and bread.  Yummmm

We were met at Frankfurt airport by my Irish cousin who I hope to see a lot more of in the future.  I felt immediately comfortable with him - my type of guy with the kind of humor that is so quick that sometimes you miss it and get it a few minutes later; making whatever even funnier. 

Walking into Stella's house felt like going to visit a close family member.  If my sister or I had a house in Germany, it would be very much like Stella's with the same peaceful/tranquil/artsy/quality vibe.  It just felt like I had been there before and had just been away for a while.  We met some of her friends and I immediately liked them - especially B Bear who I hope will come to visit us in Kuwait someday.

(I also discovered lavendar scented PineSol while at Stella's.  OMG - got to get me some here.  Makes the house smell wonderful.)

Germany wasn't at all what I expected it to be. I really had never had a desire to go there, but now that I have, I hope I get to go back.  People are very kind.  I loved Landstuhl village.  The Nanstein castle at the top of the village is amazing. Built somewhere around 1152, the castle is one of the coolest places I've ever visited.  There were all kinds of pagan symbols carved into stone and I've googled the place and discovered that there has been paranormal activity at the castle.  No wonder I felt so drawn to it.  I love that kinda stuff.

Ramstein was amazing.  Stella said that it is like a small city and it is.  The PX is about as large as Marina Mall (without the weird hair styles and hoochies). The base is the largest outside of the US.  It's really a huge operation.  I'm glad I got to see it. We ate lunch at the PX and ChE had sausages that were white and looked quite rude.  I'm glad I didn't get that.  I'm not so sure that I like German food.  Maybe I'm just jaded by machboos - dunno. I can deal with one or two sausages now and again, but there is just too many of them in Germany (NEVER thought I would be saying that!)

I don't know what I expected of Landstuhl village.  It turned out to be a lot like one of the places where I grew up - Wickford, Rhode Island.  It had that small, quaint feel to it.  The kind of place where everyone knows who you are and stop to say hello.  I can see why Stella would love it there.

(And again, why the hell are both of us here??)

So, we hopped on another plane to DC where all the leaves are now changing.  Spent the entire next day sight-seeing (more sight-seeing in one day than I have done in DC in probably my whole life).  Went to all the usual places:  (close to) the White House, Monument, Capitol, National Mall/museums, Jefferson Memorial, Vietnam Vets Memorial, Tital Basin, and then took a tour of Arlington Cemetery (where I had never been before). Ate some American hotdogs (they are NOT sausages) off a truck. ... All followed by dinner at my family's house. 

I knew that when my family met Stella, they would feel as if she were a distant cousin who had just come home for a visit, but it was better than I anticipated.  ChE was such big stah that night that I swearaGod, if I hear, "He's such a lovely person," just one more time....  (It is quite rare for my sister to use that adjective by the way.)  I have a new perspective of ChE and he is definitely a person of fine character (if he never reminds me of the Kung Fu Panda incident again.)  My nephew said, "Why can't he be American?"  Guess they had plans for him.  It couldn't have been better.  Everybody had a good time over dinner/copious amounts of wine.

The AUSA convention was 40% larger than it was in previous years.  There was also an anti-war demonstration going on at the same time, which was kinda cool;  got to see both perspectives.  The opening ceremony of the convention is always the best part.  They had several singers from the military with amazing voices; one sang "An American Soldier" and they showed scenes of 9/11.  Stella and I both lost it.  I don't think we were alone.  It was so quiet in the room full of several hundred people and when the song ended, the group erupted in applause.

It is interesting that foreign militaries are getting in on the act; some just to show that they have militaries I guess.  This year, the UAE had an enormous booth - complete with a Bedouin tent and a desk for information on tourism.  They weren't there selling anything, but showcasing their military's presidential guard. 

When we went past the Israeli military's booth, I got several scornful looks - I guess perhaps because of the Kuwait/America lapel pin that I wore.  Don't care; I grabbed some of their marketing candy and an Israel book bag for my nephew (it was a joke). I don't think he'll be toting it around school.  He's not exactly fond of their politics.

You can tell how the US economy is going by the types of marketing gifts that defense contractors give away.  For example, in 2009, all you got was candy (and the cheap kind).  This year, it was slightly better:  candy, stress balls, pens, and lots and lots of book bags.  The coolest items I got:  a flashlight pen and a flashing luggage tag.  One year, I got a tank simulator software game.  That was pretty cool.

Stella's mom met her in DC, arriving from Panama.  She arrived past midnight at Dulles and the immigration officer asked her why she has a US passport.  She said because she's a US citizen.  Then dude asked her why she doesn't have a green card if she doesn't live in the US.  WTF???!!  What kind of people are they hiring in the States?  OMG. Elementary kids:  apply now!

Anyhoo, for their last night in the States, we went on a river boat dinner trip on the Dandy.  I haven't been on their boats since the 80's, and I don't think they've changed the carpeting since then.  Unfortunately, it rained and was very misty.  My mother got kind of sea sick.  The music was so loud that we had to shout at each other (even though the boat was only 1/4 full).  They didn't even pass any of the monuments they were supposed to because the river was too high and they couldn't get under the bridges.  OMG - you would think that they would announce that prior to the trip, right?  It sucked.  When we got back, the streets were flooded because the river had overflowed (as it usually does in Old Towne, Alexandria).  If you want to go on a nice dinner cruise while in DC, try the other guys, the Oddessey.

ChE stayed an additional day and I took him to Leesburg to see the buildings that my ancestors either built or lived in.  I also took him to see my Dad's grave. My mom says that you can tell a lot about a country by how they bury their dead.  ChE said he was honored - which made me feel honored.

It was kind of depressing when Stella, her mom, and ChE all left.  I took an additional week off with the family which was great - although it rained a lot. I spend my days with my mommy driving along and chirping to each other (as if I never left) searching for the perfect pair of boots - which I never found.  I also tried on the entire new collection of Jennifer Lopez's fashions (which don't fit me very well).  Her shoes are all like 8" platforms.  Not for me.  Evenings I spend with my sister, bro-in-law, nephew and the dogs.  We all eat dinner together at 6 - that's the routine.  I got to experience some cool  weather and Cait made a fire in the fireplace.  She's an amazing person.  She cooks every night after coming home from work and always makes everyone (especially me) feel so welcome.  I miss her the minute I get out of her car at Dulles.  I wish that our two worlds were closer.  Sniffle.

I got to talk to Pretty Girl for around 3 hours on the phone.  She's loving life in California and I am so happy for her.  She sounds a leetle like a valley girl now.  I love that.  I also love that she can talk to me; asking me what a few of the more vulgar peer slang means (you know - stuff that you can't ask your host parents).  Through the program, she gets to go to school at a private college prep school and I am praying that she'll get a university scholarship.  I just adore that girl and I hope she'll always be in my life.

So that's how it was and now I'm here.

Southern Bedu picked me up at the airport (I trained him well).  He looks well rested.  He had some stuff going on at work and I think things will be much better now.  He just seems more relaxed.  We're hoping to go to Virginia at Christmas.  We keep joking that we're going to fly to Vegas and get married by Elvis.  Who knows.  I know my family is going to love him.  They'll probably all gang up against me.  That's how it goes.

As for worrying about him not being around the night before I left - maybe he learned something about that too.  Maybe he just didn't know how to deal with me leaving.  I don't know/don't care.  Bygones.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Arab Times - Irking me from Afar

I've been really really lazy about blogging lately and I hereby apologize to those of you who don't have a life and are looking to me for entertainment. (ha ha).

I'm in DC and having a great time.  I'll have to write more about that later - fer SURE because it has been such an awesome trip and I've been having so much fun.

Until then... this is so stupid. I check in on the Arab Times online to find out what's been going on in Kuwait and here it is... the "big news"...

Couples Making Love Shock Sharq Beachgoers
KUWAIT CITY, Oct 17: Two young couples openly made love (kissing and hugging each other) on a beach in Sharq to the surprise of beachgoers, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.  The daily added it is strange there were no policemen in the area to safety and security of beachgoers.
Yo, so first and foremost, do people really consider kissing to be such a shocking offense?  Dudes in Kuwait do it all the time.  

Second, check out the 2nd sentence which is just plain bad Engleeezi:  " safety and security of beachgoers."  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  

And C:  Is it really an issue of public safety and security?  I mean WTF - it would be more deadly and dangerous for people to cross a street in Kuwait to GET to the beach to see the display of  kissing and hugging.  (Personally, I don't cross big streets in Kuwait.  Never have.  I get in my car and drive over there.  I don't care if it seems like it is just 10 feet away.  I don't want to die and early death at the hands of some 12 year old, cigarette-smoking, on-his-phone, Ferrari-driving entitled teenager.... Which brings me to another point - why can't they just build walk-overs on Gulf Road?)

People people people!!!  Public kissing and hugging is the least of our problems (not that I consider either of those to be problems - spread the love).

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Why do you want to upset me before I travel??

The Man used to do this to me almost every time I travelled.  He probably had no clue that it upset me so much, but damn - did it ever.  It just hurts....

I leave today to go to visit Stella in Germany for a few days and visit Ramstein air force base.  Then heading to DC for the AUSA convention, followed by some quality time with the family. Two weeks in total.

Last night, Sothern Bedu calls to tell me he is in "a black mood" and doesn't want me to see him like that.  Goes on about troubles at work.  Yada.  Ok fine. I'm almost biting and almost giving him a pass.... and then he drops the, "... so I'm going out to the guys for sheesha." (and near my house!)   Really?  Seriously?  The night before I leave? Guess you can plan on having intimate relations with your buddies too too cause it aint on with me.

Dayam boy, you do know how to phuck up, don't you?

(Irish/American Indian temper genes set in.   I'm not havin it.

He starts explaining (don't you KNOW when to stop???), "... nobody's perfect.  I have flaws."


Here is my philosophy on love relationshits and one partner travelling:  He/she should want to spend as much time with the traveller before they leave as possible... IF you love each other.  And for a few days following his/her return, maybe the same.  Why wouldn't the person that  you love want to be with you?  I don't get it.  Not that I'm clingy or anything (seriously I'm not a clingon).

The Man practically used to drop me off curbside at my house before running away.  Wrong wrong wrong:  and see where we are now.

I'm tired.  Really tired.  I need to recharge.  I feel like I have a cloud above my head at the moment.

Leeeeee-vin on a jet plane....

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

What part of me are you calling "Sir"??

I've been in Kuwait HOW long and I still get referred to as "Sir".  There really isn't anything masculine about my voice.  There certainly isn't anything masculine about my breasteseses.  Why the Sir?  Je ne get it pas.

I have devised a new routine when people start calling me, "Sir".  I simply call them either "Madame" (if it is a guy) or "Sir" (if it is a female). 

I totally messed with the PizzaSlut guy today.  He called me "Sir" a whole lotta times and I kept calling him, "Maam" and "Madame" and messin with his head.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Dumb blondes

I love Dolly Parton.  You go, girl.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my hairstylist, Ashlee at Strands Fanar, for "adjusting" my roots  match the rest of my hair again this weekend.  You rock.

Wait... I'm having a WTF moment...

Arab times
3 October 2011

‘Obey husband’ - Go home, woman told
KUWAIT CITY, Oct 1: The Appeals Court upheld a ruling by a lower court that ordered a Kuwaiti woman to return to her matrimonial home, after leaving the husband without any legal backing or justification. The court asked the woman to be submissive to the husband.

Case files indicate that the woman left her matrimonial home on 30/08/2010 without having any conflict or problems with the husband. Representing the spouse, lawyer Faisal Al-Otaibi said the wife ignored all entreaties by the husband to return home, which he said is lack of respect to the bond of love between them.

--- Sounds more like a bond of servitude to me.

Upcoming Events

Tis the season to be busy.. fa la la la laaaaa....

If you're not a member of a group in Kuwait (and perhapsee are complaining that there is nothing to do) you should get involved.  A lot of the groups (like American Business Council, British Business Forum, Canadian Commercial Circle) have Thanksgiving and Christmas events.  There are also lots of pre-Christmas bazaars going on like these:

Arabian Nights Cultural Festival & Mini Exhibition
Friday, October 21, 2011, 3:00-8:00pm
AWARE Center located in Surra.
Admission to the general public will be Free
Information related to Expatriate Clubs and Social Activities, Arabian Gifts & Souvenirs
Carpets, Textiles, Leather Goods, Photo Cards, Books, Traditional Clothing, Wool Scarves, Handbags, Jewelry, Accessories, Perfumes, Incense, Henna Products, Islamic Art, Calligraphy, Handmade Jewelry, Arab Traditional Sweets.

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

I haven't been a very good friend lately

... and now... for a moment of reflection.

Let's start off with why I can't post about all my personal BS.  First, a lot of the friends I have, I have met through the blog.  Other friends I know read the blog.  I can't exactly talk openly about how I feel about things without hurting someone.  It is a continuing dilema. 

(I can't write about work for the very same reason - but hey - writing about work-related issues on the internet is never a good idear anyhoo.  Not that I would have much to say because Mashallah I really love my job and my boss.)

I've had some friend issues lately and has been really bothering me - in kind of a smoldering, low-burn that nags at me.  I have had the feeling that all the negativity just isn't the way I want to be/ live, and I've had a difficult time determining how I want to turn it around.

So I have had to change my attitude and look at the situation(s) from a totally different perspective.  Bada Bing:  I have it:  It's all about judgment.  I've been guilty of being overly judgmental and to one or two people, I have not been a very good friend when they need me the most.

I've got a friend who is really at the crossroads at the moment. He's had to make major life-altering decisions in a short period of time, and he's had to choose to do things - and not because he wants to.  I had dinner with him last night and talked some things through.  It made me realize that:  what kind of a person am I to turn my back on anyone when they need a helping hand?  Would I like it if the situation were reversed and I needed someone's help? You know who your true friends are when you are down and you need them the most.

Otay granted, dude has made several people very upset. People react differently to adverse situations. (And again, who am I to judge?)   But I don't believe that the answer is turning your back on him.  At the VERY least, those people should have a conversation (e-mail?) and explain why. Hash it out and move on.  I wouldn't want to be "shunned" by people I cared about without at least knowing why.  Passive aggressive doesn't do it and eventually - someone will turn around and be passive agressive right back atcha when you least expect it; or maybe need them the most.

Unrelated to Mr. Crossroads above, but directed at another friend who again - who has a very good heart...
I have other friends who casually drop the phrase, "gay."  Why the label?   Em... So?  Who cares?   I have never had a tolerance for intolerance.  I don't care what your sexual preference is and it is none of my damn business.  When you come to my home, I don't want there to be any negativity.  Bad energy shouldn't dwell there.  Gay, straight, American, Brit, Shiia, Sunna, Christian, Jewish, Hather, Bedu, .....(and other labels such as) snobby, offensive:  People come in different packages.  Get over yourself.  If you judge/label someone; how do they judge/label you??

I'm just not getting all the judgment that is going on in my personal life at the moment.  Friends seem to be taking sides, determining who should be shunned and excluded (and that includes me and Southern Bedu and WE don't know why),  and a whole lot of gossip.  That isn't me.  That isn't how I want to live.

I realize that sometimes you have to re-evaluate friendships and determine the next step.  God knows I've had my share of that in Kuwait and it has never been a pleasant experience.  Yet, am I being judgmental in judging those who are judgmental?  WTF.  Real dilema.  At the moment, I'm just riding the wave, seeing where it is going to take me. 

Should you have a wave to begin with if they are your true friends?  (Am I being overly judgmental?)

I wish I could be more like my dog.  She loves everyone unconditionally and is a bundle of pure happiness (Mashallah).  Can't we all just get along?    It is really good that I'm going to Germany and the US this week.  I need to take a break and have a refresher course on how to be a better person.  At the very least, recharge my positive energy over copious amounts of alcohol and maybe a visit to a non-denominational house of worship for some more reflection.