Tuesday, June 21, 2016

K9 Massacre in Kuwait

This has been all over social media and the written press is just starting to take a look at it.  It happened on June 17, 2016,  at a facility in/near Mina Abdullah that had a contract with KNPC.  According to the story and various sources, supposedly 24 dogs (but as many as 40)  were killed when the company lost it's contract - apparently in a form of revenge.

There are still 91 dogs at the facility and everyone is very concerned for them.

Kuwait Animal Rescue Unit Q8 can be found on Instagram KARUQ8 if you wish to follow their progress.

Articles (Local and International):

Ladies Who Do Lunch Blog posted HERE.

Arab Times:  Outrage as Dogs Culled Article HERE.

Al-Qabas Article HERE:

The president of the company has been in trouble before:  CorpWatch Article

Mission K-9 Rescue Article 

Retired Military Working Dogs Article

Facebook site HERE.

Kuwait Times HERE.   KNPC Clarifies

Daily Express (UK) HERE.

I am saddened, sickened, and distressed by this. I go home and look at my own German Shepherd and wonder how anyone could be so evil and cold-hearted to such wonderful creatures.  They will do anything for you for just a little love.

To all of you working to help in this case, God Bless You and keep up the good fight.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Blame and shame

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was good enough to repost. I don't know the original source. Hate and negativity is infectious these days. Good to take a minute to think. Where has the compassion in our society gone?


Copied from another site:

Copied from another post -

Parents, I beg of you, stop blaming and shaming other parents.

35 years ago, a mom shopping in a Sears department store went to go look at lamps, and left her six year old with another group of boys, who were all trying out the new Atari game at a kiosk. That boy’s name was Adam Walsh.

30 years ago, an 18 month old toddler playing in her aunt’s backyard fell into a well. Rescuers worked nonstop for 58 hours, finally freeing “Baby Jessica” from the well.

In both cases a tragedy happened, an unforeseen tragic accident took place which left Adam  dead, and a toddler fighting for her life deep underground. But they also has something else in common; they had an entire  country of moms and dads supporting the grieving parents.


No questions asked, not one single “Where were the parents?” comment. Just a country of other moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas watching in horror as a set of parents, one of their own, went through the unthinkable. Adam was our son. Jessica was our baby daughter.


Flash forward to 2016, the year of THE PERFECT PARENT.

Yesterday, a two year old boy, splashing in the magical lakefront waters of a Disney Resort, succumbed to the wilds of mother nature. An aggressive alligator scooped him out of the water, right under the watch of his father, who attempted to fight with the alligator to free his baby son. Pure horror. Sheer Terror. Parents who actually had to watch their baby be taken from them, as if they were in some African nature documentary.

A tragic and unforeseeable accident. An accident.

I weep for this mother and father. I am sick with anguish for the pain, agony, misery, and regret pulsating through their viens this very second. And I bet you are too.

But not everyone is.

You see, we now live in a time where accidents are not allowed happen. You heard me. Accidents, of any form, in any way, and at any time, well, they just don’t happen anymore.

Why? Because BLAME and SHAME.

Because we have become a nation of BLAMERS and SHAMERS.

And how are accidents allowed to happen if we can’t blame someone? Surly, they can’t, right? I mean, random acts of nature, unpreventable tragedies, and fateful life changing events that take place in a matter of nanoseconds cannot possibly take place if everyone is being a responsible parent, right? NOPE.

They can’t,  because this country and its population of perfect pitchfork carrying mothers and fathers sitting behind keyboards needs to accuse. They NEED TO BLAME, to disparage, to criticize in every damn way and at every damn corner, the parenting of another.

And when do they really get to lick their blaming chops? When a tragic accident happens.  That’s when the pouncing is at its freshest, when raw emotion and ignorance collide, and they dig their word claws in, and take hold of whatever grace these grieving mothers and fathers have left in their souls.

And then they tear it out.

Listen to me very clearly perfect parents, VERY CLEARLY.


 I’ve had enough of scrolling through comment threads and seeing over and over again questions like “Where were the parents?” and thoughts like, “This is what happens when you don’t watch your kids.”

I have simply HAD ENOUGH.

I have one question for the blaming and shaming moms and dads. You know the ones who immediately  blame the parents, the ones who go on the internet and type comments like, “This is nothing but neglect by the parents,” and  “They should have known better. Who was watching that little boy?”  and my favorite, “I would never let that happen to my kid.”

Here is my question,

Have you ever been to a child’s funeral before?

I have.

The funeral of a child is an event in life that you never, ever want to experience.

Now let me ask you another question.

In the coming week these parents will fly back to their home in Nebraska without one of their children. They will leave a vacation resort, packing up his Buzz Lightyear pajamas and his favorite blanket, and they will make an excruciatingly difficult journey home. A journey that they never in a million years thought they would be making.

They will meet with a funeral director, pick out a tiny casket, a tiny burial suit, and surrounded by family,  they will bury their baby boy.

And they will suffer every single day for the rest of their life.

At the funeral for this two year boy who died in front of his parents, can you do me a favor? Can you walk up to the mother and say the words that you just typed out last week? Can you? Can you greet her, hug her, shake the father’s hand and then say, “ Who was watching that little boy? You should have known better. I would never let that happen to MY child.”

Can you do that for me? I mean, you felt those words so deeply in your heart and soul that you typed them for a million people to read. Certainly you can say it straight to the faces of  the people you meant it for, right?

Here, let me help you.

Put away your pitchfork for a moment and try this.

To the mother and father who went for a walk on vacation for the last time with their little boy yesterday, I am deeply sorry that you had to experience the worst kind of tragedy possible, an accident. I grieve with you. Your baby was my baby. Your son was my son. I have nothing but love for you,  love to help you get though the pain yesterday, today, and for what is gonna seem like a thousand tomorrows. I wrap my thoughts  and prayers around your aching heart and soul. May the God of this universe in some miraculous  way bring peace to you and your family.

That is what you say. THAT. And just THAT.

Stop the blaming.

Stop the shaming.

In their darkest hours, can we please just LOVE other parents. Please?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New Facebook Group

Facebook ate my Desert Girl account and all its contents about a year ago.  I just started a new public Facebook Group called Desert Girl on Kuwait.  So please join and add info!

Desert Girl on Kuwait

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Devil Children

So yesterday, I was with a friend and we took his yacht (shut up - I am NOT making this up) to a secluded area with no people around to enjoy a PEACEFUL day swimming.  We had some music playing and we were just swimming around with no boats around.  There were some jet skiis far away, but most of them didn't come close to the boat... except for one ashhole kid who circled around the boat and got within feet of us, only to spray us with water. He was so close that he could have hit either one of us.   He had this angry, evil look on his face.

The stories you hear lately out of Kuwait about "children" (demons) torturing animals and stabbing people and harassing women in malls...  WTF!

I was in Mahboula (aka "New Jack City") the other day and witnessed an almost-accident between a gentleman-looking Kuwaiti in an Escallade and (get this shit) at 11-12 year old driving a mini-van.  The "driver" of the mini van was waving for the Escallade (in the right) to back up.  Holy snap!  With attitude too???  Thankfully, the Kuwaiti man was responsible and stopped the boy.  I was secretly hoping that he was an undercover cop!

What is wrong with people?  Are they raising demons?  Is no one taking responsibility for these horrible small people?  It is infuriating.  And guess what - if you raise an asshole, you are going to get an asshole adult who does terrible things to YOU, the parent, not just the community.   Karma, biotches!

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

#‎Speakout: A message from Kuwait Child's Rights Society @kcrsgroup

#‎Speakout.. if you see a child being abused in front of you.. #speakout if a child tells you she's been beaten and asks for your help.. #speakout if you have a bad feeling that something is wrong.. #speakout because if you don't.. if you say it's none of my business.. your silence might cost a child's precious life.
A message from Kuwait Child's Rights Society @kcrsgroup
Here are the Kuwait National Child Protection Program's Ministry of Health SCAN team hotlines:

Sabah health area 98010172
Hawalli health area 98010173
Ahmadi health area 98010174
Capital health area 98010175
Farwaniya health area 98010176

Jahra health area 98010177

DG Random Thoughts on Friendship: 2016 Version

Buckle up, buttercup.  Why am I being so philosophical lately?  Is there something in the stars?  Whutup?  Well... whatever... here it is...

A real friend stopped by last night.  I have known him for about 15 years.  He's a good and decent person and reminds me of what that means exactly.  He also elevates me - which is what a real friend should do (not bring you down).   He IS the kind of person I could call in the middle of the night with a problem (even though he's married and has kids and an incredibly demanding job - one of the most demanding in the country, no joke).  He's That Guy.

I have other friends that I can count on like that.  Bunny, for example.  And then there's Creed Man. And Kaz, of course.  KAC Girl and Ms. New York.  They call out of the blue just to check on me. Not because they need something, but because of a genuine interest in how I'm doing. (I love you guys by the way.)

Fair Weather Friends

Friendship is a 2-way street. So is loyalty (of all kinds).   I don't drop friends at the closure  of an opportunity period and I  expect them not to drop me, but it happens and I feel like I'm on the receiving end; sometimes after years of supporting the needy and drama-ridden.

And I really must learn (after all these years inside my own head) to listen to my inner voice.  If you don't think that someone genuinely likes you (or isn't sincere with you)  they probably don't/aren't. Takers are always going to take.  Givers are always going to give.  We're all different.  Know when to walk away from the takers.  This has been a difficult lesson for me to learn, but I have started by identifying who they are and then learning to cease the giving.  Of time.  Of resources. Of attention. Of thoughts. Of energy.

Sidebar:  I haven't been able to read tarot cards in almost a year because of all the negative energy around me.  I have been through a cleansing process/reflection/meditation and I'm finally getting back to ME.

It's karma, bitches

I learned this from my sister
(who has helped MANY)
Here is my personal belief/creed:  You do the best you can for people; whatever it takes.  Give of your time, of yourself, and whatever you can spare. Know that you've done the right thing to the best of your ability.  Some of my friends over the years have eluded to the "doormat" theory; that maybe I'm "too nice" or give too much.  F that. (And it has taken me a long time to be able to say that with confidence;  without questioning if I am too nice/soft or not.)   I feel good about myself and I'm an EFNJ so it makes me happy when I can help. I am who I am and I am happy with who I am. (As my dad said, "Follow your heart and you will never go wrong.")  IF I get taken advantage of by people who don't share the same values as I do, that is between them and their God, their karma.  I have been blessed in SO MANY ways and I know it. I know that it is coming back around.


I also believe in the power of gratitude.  To me, showing gratitude isn't about that one person. You're not necessarily giving thanks only to the person or people who have done you a kindness; but you're thanking God in the process.  Gratitude is a powerful thing and I think my mother instilled that in me at an early age ("Always write a thank you note.")  It has stayed with me.  "You don't need to thank me, it's just my job."  Uh yeah, I do too need to thank you.  It isn't about just you.  It goes into the Universe as love.  Flowers, thank you notes, blog posts to recommend people who have given me great services.  It all goes into the same pot:  Gratitude.

So why do some people find it so hard to do?  Why do they feel like they have to get one over on you?  No one should do something for the reason of receiving gratitude.  But when it doesn't come after you've really tried hard to sincerely make someone happy or comfortable, it is painful.

I love entertaining.  I used to have gatherings at my home (big place in Rumaithiya).  Went on for years every Friday night - "Desert Girl Diwaniya";  and every Saturday morning, I was alone with a mess to clean up and no one to help me. I invited all kinds of people, friends, friends of friends, people I didn't know.  Different Fridays; different types of people.  Some were not very nice to me; sometimes just walking in without even bothering to introduce themselves. Some were not nice to my dog ("koshing offense" leading to being kicked out of my home).    How many invitations did I receive in return: Maybe over the course of 3 years: 3 invitations.  And not by the people I considered my "real friends" from my inner circle who frequented the gatherings the most.  You know - the ones who drank all my refreshments and never returned the favor;   Those ones.  Where are all those people now?  Oh, the refreshments ran out and apparently so did the "friendships."  I invite very few people into my home now - and they better be good, sincere friends from the heart or they're not welcome (including those who don't like my dog).

If people are trying to bring you down, it only means that you're above them

Recently, bad-friend-trend has been to try to belittle me or elevate themselves somehow to show me up. Yes yes, you are so much more important, have so much more professional experience and knowledge. Education.  Money.  Whatever.  You are so much "better" than me in so many ways.  . Good luck with all that.  I don't care.  I honestly don't.  Good for you.  I'm happy for  you.  I wish you the best.  However, my advice would be:  Just don't forget to be grateful to the people who have helped you move to the next step in your journey.  Don't turn your back because you never know what might be coming up later behind you.  It all comes back around.  And sincere people will always be able to spot fakers.

"I'm busy" isn't an excuse with me. I'm busy too.  I'm not too busy for real friends. And real friends are never too busy for me.  And guess what?  The next time you call me for something, fair-weather friend, I am probably too busy to talk to you.  I'm far too important to my self worth.

When you introduce your friend to a friend and then they become friends and forget you

Mean girls suck. 
I've written about this before:  Introducing friends to friends who then become close friends and forget you.  It has happened throughout the course of my blogging journey.  I introduce people (statistically, those who I have met through the blog with people in my "real" life) and then they get along great; which I am very happy about until.... they forget me in the process.  My thought process on this one:  I assign the same importance to friendships that I would in a love relationship:  If you are cheating on me with her and have to make a decision between both of us; choose her, because if I was really that important to you, there wouldn't be a decision and you would still be calling me or hanging with me.  Just don't expect me to be there for you later. 'I'm too busy.'

I bet you think this post is about you

Now, what I said in my previous post about not being able to write about the juicy stuff because too many friends and acquaintances know who I am:  The people I am depicting in this story are "too busy or too important" to bother with me or my little blog,  I'm sure. (Ironically, that is how I met several friends as I've said.)  In the off chance that they do read this - great!   If we had spoken like mature adults (or wait - actual friends), they would already understand the way I feel and wouldn't be reading about it here.

The moral of this story is   

We all go through this process in our lives.  I think women more often than men because we over-analyze everything and tend to be more emotional about our relationships.  At least, that is what I think from a female-biased perspective.  (Maybe not in the Arab world... ha.)  If you are in the middle of a reflection process, you're not alone.  Others go through the same thing.

I was just talking to my handsome friend about this last night.  It seems like the older we get, the more important decent, kind, sincere friends become to us.   Those are the ones to hang onto when our circles get smaller.  To keep in touch with.  Not everyone is going to stay on your ride with you.

In gratitude, thank you for reading down this far and helping me with my therapy.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Desert Girl Kuwait Dating Update

I haven't posted anything personal in a while because... well... too many of my close friends and associates know who I am and it is hard to tell a really good story these days.

I will throw out a few little tidbits.

I have taken a hiatus from dating.  I have become really tired of the goods ("the odds are good, but the goods are odd.")  I'm just not impressed anymore.  Well, let me rephrase that - no one has taken the effort to impress me.  Maybe I'm just wiser and more jaded.  I dunno.

Maybe the world has changed too much too fast.  I'm not into "hooking up."  I'm not into manboys who invite themselves to MY home.  If I do agree - even on a friendship basis - they come empty handed.  There's no honor, no etiquette.  No steps towards a healthy relationship.

The closest I've come to real dating (like dinners and a movie or other activities) lately is with real friends (great steaks, Bunny!) and that's it.  Plus romantic moonlit walks with my dog (who I actually prefer the company of these days...).

So on to the anecdotal Kuwait dating stories...

Bachelor #1.  Drop dead gorgeous.  I had seen him over the course of maybe a year and a half. I always thought he was married;  He has that air about him.  I never asked even though he knows many of my friends.  He finally made a move and on my birthday (well, the days following) invited me to his farm and bought me a birthday cake.  I really like the guy (to this day - wish things could be different).  But.... after a romantic evening of cake and farm (and NOT in the sitting area where cake should be served - nothing happened.  Cake served only.)  stopped calling and relinquished me to the friend zone.  Huh?  What was that all about?  Tried again when we both were in Dubai (separately) and the only time he could see me was after 1 am.  Uh... Hel-luuur.  There are plenty of Russian prostitutes in Dubai that are actually active at that time of night, but that does not apply to me.  I was at a comfortable hotel with a pillow menu.  I wasn't going anywhere.

Bachelor #2.  Long conversations first online and then over the phone.  I would prefer to get to know someone first before meeting. Saves time and trouble.  In this case, it was a wise choice. Invited himself to my house.  'Sorry but no.'  Told me that "when we are girlfriend and boyfriend, I insist to help you with expenses.  It is just the way I am."  I'm thinking, honorable, but not quite the stuff phone conversations are made of.  Plus - I don't need anyone's money and it makes me feel like someone else is trying to control me.  Awk-ward.  He insisted on coming over to meet me "just for 5 minutes." followed by, "The holy month is coming up and we won't be able to see each other very often."   What?!  Nuh uh. (Sounds like we are already IN a relationshit...)  Anyhooser, continued the conversations.  I offered to meet him somewhere for coffee or dinner.  "Sure.  When we are in Dubai or anywhere outside of Kuwait."  Oh.No.He.Di.Int.  So basically homeboy wants to keep me in the house (MY hosue), pay my rent, and not be seen in public with me.  He he.  Good one. If I wanted to be a kept woman I would never have worked to begin with.  Buh byyyyye.  (And I thought I was the girl in the relationship.)  If it is that way, please go ask mommy to find you a wife; more expensive, perhaps, but at least you can both go out in daylight together.

Bachelor #3.  Asked me for 120 KD to get his car fixed.  Ha ha. That's a good one.  Made pay-my-rent dude look semi-normal.

Bachelor #4.    Bachelor #4 and I were getting along ok, but for some reason, I decided to dump him and since my BFF who keeps all my dating notes was outside of Kuwait, I couldn't ask her what happened.  (If you ever piss me off,  you need to make friends with my BFF because I can't remember shit and she keeps track of all my dirt.  She usually reminds me because my memory is so bad).  Anyhooser, I couldn't remember what it was about him that made me so angry. I do remember we had a nice meal together... he had a nice car... Oh yeah... but there it was:  ARROGANCE.  He knows everything AND he doesn't like dogs (deal breaker.  Find your own way to the door!). Furthermore, I don't like people who think that I have no opinion on Kuwait.  Why talk trash about fellow Kuwaitis? "Bedouins are ruining this country.  Shiites are trying to take over.... Yada yada.  shutthefuckup!  Racism within a country that is the size of New Jersey.  Sigh.   Plus - he had been dating a friend of mine in the interim and went into detail about her and I can't tell her and feel bad about it.  Anyways, the ONE time I invite him over (and he arrives empty handed, of course!) he calls just prior to arrival and says, "Is your dog going to be there? (WTF of COURSE - he lives there!!!) Would you put him somewhere?"  How bout I put YOU somewhere?  (like on the curb.)

(If you're read down this far, just know that 1-5 didn't all happen in a matter of a month.  I'm spreading this out over the past year plus for effect, ok?).

Bachelor #5.  Nice dinner.  Smelled good.  A little on the small side for a man, but I am not as picky as I used to be.  Good job as a banker.  Very polite....  until..... Dick pic.  WHYYYY????  Another female blogger sums it up HERE and speaks very nicely for the masses who have been on the receiving end of such a "gift" as a wonder worm.  As she says, "...But let me make one thing clear: seeing a digitized image of your dork does about as much for me sexually as watching my cat vomit and then eat it."  I don't need to go into further detail.  Some girls get second dates;  Some girls get penis photos.  (Why are mild-mannered bankers always the freaky ones?!)

Speaking of bankers....

This didn't happen recently (maybe almost 2 years ago), but I will tell you the story anyways because it is funny.  Chairman of a Bank:  I've known dude for years and he always calls to say he's coming over because he "misses me" - code...  Ok whatever.  Don't judge.  It happens.  So, he would always come empty-handed.  I got sick of this.  Can we not have a meal together? WTF?!  Bring me one of those Mr. Baker trays or something.  A girl gets hungry.  So, I finally broke it to him that if he wanted to continue to see me, he needed to do something about that.  (What?  I didn't specify.)  So he shows up with a little bag - a gift.  I thought it was really sweet.... I waited until the next morning to open it.  And then I called him.  (Sans salutations)  'What the F is THIS?!  It's a corporate gift from Wataniya Airlines!  They don't even exist anymore!  What - did you have it in your desk at work and just decide to bring it to me?? You couldn't have brought sandwiches or maybe chocolate?!'  That was the end of that.

All walks of life.  Doesn't matter.  What ever happened to dinner and flowers?  My 21 year old nephew says that sending flowers to a girl is "gay."  My sister chimed in on that one and said, "Oh my God!  Where have you been?  They don't do that anymore!  They text!"  Yup.  That's what's happened.  Let me tell you, nephew:  Send even ONE girl that you really like some flowers with a note saying you would like to take her to dinner.  SEE what happens.  Do just a test with an inexpensive arrangement.  Watch and learn.

Sigh.  The new world sucks.  I used to get diamond earrings and stuff (thanks, Schmed - you know who you are!)

Ok so yes - I meet a lot of men; often through the dog groups that I frequent.  The problem with the dog guys is they respect me.  Because I am good friends with one of the group leaders.  El Chapo.   I have heard several times, "I can't approach her!  She is close friends with (Mr. X)...."  It's almost like I'm a mafia wife and the rest of the men won't even talk to me.  Mr. X (JUST a friend) would be thrilled to hear this, I'm sure!  I think it is kind of funny, but at the same time, not so cool because he's blockin my action.  "I respect you...."  Ok FINE.  Respect me AND....

Is there no middle ground?

And one more thing before I end my rant (therapy):  We can not be friends.  Friends are there for each other.  Can I call you if I need your help and will you come?  Be honest.  If I already know the answer to that question is "No" then we aren't friends; we are acquaintances.  I know who my friends are.  They are the ones that volunteer to take me to the doctor when I'm sick.  Or help me with car problems.  Or that call me or who I call (even if it has been months) to either check on each other or to seek support and advice.  Or just want to drop by to see me just because it has been too long.


Got a (stupid) question? Check out Kuwikipedia

Link:  http://kuwikipedia.com

There was one on here, "Where do I buy weed?" but apparently the admin removed it.  There is no moderation so I am wondering how far you could go.... hmmmm.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Compassion towards animals

I wrote this today on my “real name” Facebook account and got a very nice response from a friend, so I am publishing.

My post:

It is the week before Ramadan when "God-fearing" people dump animals so that their house guests or inhabitants will be more comfortable knowing that there is no pet in the house. I don't believe that God will hear their prayers. In fact, if you read the Quran and are a believer, you would never be cruel or neglectful of an animal; on the contrary. God teaches us all kindness and compassion in any religion. Pay attention. Donate to local animal shelters.

Her response:

We all learned this story when we were children and  it's all over Muslims books by prophet Mohammad.

“A woman was tormented because of a cat which she had confined until it died and she had to get into Hell. She did not allow it either to eat or drink as it was confined, nor did she free it so that it might eat the insects of the earth”. (Sahih Muslim)

In addition, over two hundred verses in the Quran deal with animals and six chapters of the Quran are named after animals; including but not limited to Ant, Bee, camel, cow, dog, elephant , horse & lion & many more you can google it.

In Quran there is a verse that says "And there is no animal that walks upon the earth nor a bird that flies with its two wings but (they are) genera like yourselves; We have not neglected anything in the Book, then to their Lord shall they be gathered."

In Islam, the Quran strongly enjoins Muslims to treat animals with compassion and not to abuse them. All creatures are believed to praise God, even if this praise is not expressed in human language.

Prophet Mohammad blessings be upon him, said, “Once a man suffered from thirst while he was walking on a journey. When he found a well, he climbed down into it and drank from it. Then he came out and saw a dog lolling its tongue from thirst and licking the ground. The man said: This dog has suffered thirst just as I have suffered from it. He climbed down into the well, filled his shoe with water, and caught it in his mouth as he climbed up. Then he gave the dog a drink. Allah appreciated this deed, so he forgave him.” It was said, “O Messenger of Allah, is there a reward for charity even for the animals?” The Prophet said, “In every living being there is a reward for charity.”

The time I walked into the wrong house: A Ramadan Story

This is a true story in the true spirit of Ramadan.  It is funny and you can laugh at my foibles (because Lord knows - I do!) but it is also a story that will stay with me for the rest of my life because it has such a great moral.

My friend, Um Salah, (former parliamentarian Rola Dashti's mother and a long-time friend)  invited me to ftour at her house during Ramadan.  I hadn't been to their house in over a year and wasn't really sure if I remembered the way.  She told me, "If you get lost, you'll see my son's Pajero parked in front."

(Clue #1:  Everyone in Kuwait owns a Pajero.) 

So, off I went before sunset.

I went to the house and low and behold:  a Pajero was parked outside.  I rang the front bell and a housekeeper answered.  I asked if it was the Dashti house.  She said yes and brought me into the house and I sat in the living room.

One by one, family members appeared and asked the same polite questions.  "Salam alaykum." 'Alaykum salam.'  "Mubarak alayk shahar..." "How are you?  How is your family?" 'I'm fine thank you.  How have you been?  How is your family?' and so on...

So this went on and on with family members I didn't recognize.  But - that's not unusual in Kuwait because it is Ramadan and family members are visiting and people are coming and going.

(Should have been Clue #2:  but... notsomuch)

As I sat there, I admired Um Salah's new furniture.

(Clue #3)

So finally, a very nice young lady about my age comes down.  She's super friendly and I immediately like her (do I know her?  Have we met?  Is she a sister or cousin?  Dunno.)  She goes through the polite questions (as above).  And then says,

"Habibti.  I think you're in the wrong house."  Completely kindly and with total grace and hospitality.

Me: 'Oh, I asked your maid if this was the Dashti house and she said yes.'
Her:  "She's an idiot.  Um Salah lives behind us.  Would you like to join us for ftour?"

OMG!  How incredibly kind!  THAT is the true spirit of Ramadan.  Welcoming people to join in breaking fast together.  I really was overwhelmed (not by my own stupidity or the situation I was in, but by blind kindness!).  THAT is the Kuwait I know and love.  THOSE are my people!

I turned around and the entire group had come down and everyone was smiling and welcoming me.  You know - God sends you angels.  I should have gotten the name of their family.  Maybe one of them will read this and remember.  I remember them distinctly - every Ramadan and occasionally other times like now.

I sent them flowers the next day to thank them.  I love this Ramadan story.  I am hopeful that there are more people out there like them.

Blondeness Side Note:

This was not the first time I walked into the wrong house.  My first job was as a housekeeper.  (yes me - scrubbing toilets and washing floors).  My mother made me get a job to teach me the value of money. It worked.  I'm grateful.   I worked on a street where most of the houses looked the same.  I usually started my work in the basement, ironing shirts in their laundry room and then working up to the top floor (with a stop in the kitchen because I was 14 years old and of course I was going to raid their refrigerator!).  So, I did what I normally did:  Let myself in and started ironing shirts.  It took me a while to figure out that things were slightly different and I was in the wrong place.  They got several shirts ironed for free (with starch - I was gooood at ironing).  I dashed off to the right house before I got caught.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Royal Kennel, Kuwait

This is Royal Kennel in Kabd. It belongs to my friend, Yasser. I had the pleasure of a tour the other day and I am thoroughly impressed. 


The dome shaped objects in the background of the video are dog houses that open into grassed pens for play time. The indoor kennels are tiled, clean, and air conditioned. Their services include daily walks, daycare, socialization and dog training and they have a large staff of compassionate helpers.

I took Mikey and he got to play/socialize with one of Yasser's sassier female German Shepherds.  He had a great time and was finally worn out when I got home.

Indoor Kennel

Visitor Area

See @royal.kennel.q8 for more details, photos and videos.  Make sure to book in advance of your summer vacation. Phone 6969 6929

Helping to promote a friend's cosmetic line: Mistique

My friend, Tiffani, is a hairstylist and make-up artist. She's a soft-spoken Jamaican woman who I met when I was trying to give away excess clothing and household stuff;  and she came over to take whatever I had to give to various charities she works with in Kuwait.  I immediately liked her.

Tiffani specializes in African-American and mixed girls' hair.  She also does eyelash extensions.  Lately, she has been promoting her Canadian cosmetics line, Mistique.  She sent me over this pretty little make-up case which included some of her new cosmetics.  I've gotta say - after meeting me only once - she aced my colors.  And - she included the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara which I have been wanting to try.

I loved all of it and I also loved how it is not tested on animals.  That's very important to me.  If you are looking for a new line for your shop or salon - here it is.  The make up is also a great idea for gifts.  (I know I liked being on the receiving end!)

Thank you, Tiffani, for becoming a fast friend and for the lovely gifts.  I wish you much success!

2 Million Page Views!

Holy snap!  You people actually read this stuff?  2 million views?  Whutuuuup?  WOW.   This is a great excuse for CAKE!

When I started the blog back in 2004, I was just doing it to let out some anonymous frustration about everything in general (cheaper than therapy).  I have tried to remain as anonymous as possible over the years, but unfortunately people actually talk and word has gotten around.  That makes it more difficult to write all the juicy stuff that I would love to write about.  Well, I do write about it, but there are some stories that I just don't publish and maybe I will do that someday.  It makes for interesting reading.

I've really tried not to offend anyone. I don't use real names.  My anonymity doesn't give me the right to trash people on the internet (so I believe) so I don't (even though there are some that are really really really deserving).   Some of the stories are so "interesting" that I have to omit details or bend it a little, but I always try to keep it real.  Nothing is untruthful.  Everything is based on my own personal opinion, so it is a 1-sided perspective.  I can't make this shyt up.  It is what it is.

Thank you all for stalking me throughout the years.  This has been, and will continue to be, fun for me!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mirror Mirror....

(... don't even go there.  It's not me.  It's the name of a salon.)

Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Jabriya, there lived a fair princess who opened a salon.  But then, the Wicked Witch of the East moved in a few buildings down and decided to jack the name, calling her salon the same thing.  So just in case you get confused, we  (and by "we", I mean the voices in my head) are referring within this post to the ORIGINAL Mirror Mirror salon next to Organica and behind the Royal Hyatt Hospital.  Different logo. (The correct one is above.)

If you are looking for a Western salon, I highly recommend Mirror Mirror.  I get a lot of questions from readers about where to go for blondness - here ya go, my friends....

So I ventured to the Kingdom of Jabriya. (I do this only once or twice a year because I hate the traffic so much, but if you time it right, you can get in and out pretty easily.)  I was invited by the salon owner, the lovely Mrs. Wendy Al-Omani.

Now, I'm no hair cheater.  Y'alls know that I  have been going to Connie at Underground Hair and I love what she has done to my hair.  Alas, Connie has been in the States and gave me her approval to go to Mirror Mirror in her absence.  (Hell to the Yes I needed it! She's from Kentucky!!! Those girls don't play!)

I waited a respectable amount of time before phoning Wendy.  I didn't want to offend anyone.  And I finally visited her this weekend.

I love the place - for several reasons.  First of all, it feels like home.  It feels like a salon in a small town where everybody knows everybody.  It didn't hit me at first, but all the clients (that day) were American.  And I knew some of the names from yester-year.  And then I started remembering stylists and nail techs from back-in-the-day at Images.  You'll never guess who is at Mirror Mirror!!  The Queen of Ingrown Toenails, Gloria!  So cool. All my long-lost buddies in one place.

(I'm digressing a LOT this morning.  Probably because I took a pill to relax my back last night and then I had some coffee which has just made me loopy.  Back to our story....)

I love the decor.  It is so fresh and inviting.  But that blended with the mixture of people sitting around, relating stories made me feel like part of it all.  It was kind of like being reeled into a TV drama.  I seriously just want to go back to catch up on people's lives!  But of course, for their services as well.

Alexa did my hair.  She definitely could be the "fairest of them all."  She's so cute and what I like about her is that she isn't "switched off"; she is paying attention to the customer the entire time. We had a fun conversation and I came out with beautiful blondeness once again.

Mirror Mirror has a bouquet of services including nail treatment, massages, make up, and facials.  I'm going back for a sports/hot stone massage combo (not that I'm athletic, but it helps with sit-on-yer-ass-in-front-of-your-computer-all-day aches.  You know what I'm sayin.)

Thank you, ladies, for the wonderful afternoon.  I had a great time and I hope to see you again soon!

Price listing and services is below (it didn't come out well in color, so I had to scan in black and white.  You may have to download to see it clearly.  Try clicking on the image first.  Sorry.)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Brutal Sex Attack on European Woman in Spanish Villas, Salwa Block 10‏ - Update

Rape bid foiled – ‘Could not resist’
Arab Times

KUWAIT CITY, May 18: Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department have arrested a former Kuwaiti criminal for breaking into the apartment of a 38-year-old Bulgarian woman in Salwa and attempting to rape her, reports Al-Anba daily.

The arrest came after the victim filed a complaint with the Salwa Police Station accusing an unidentified person of breaking into her apartment armed with a knife, tearing off her clothes and attempting to rape her. However, he ran for his life after the woman screamed for help.

Investigations conducted by security men led to the arrest of the suspect. During interrogation he said he could not resist the woman because he saw her standing in the balcony of her home wearing see through clothes.

The complainant picked the suspect from a police legal line-up.


"Former Kuwaiti Criminal" - I'm sorry, but isn't attempted rape a crime also?  Maybe they meant, "A Kuwaiti who had committed past crimes."  Wonder what his previous record was?  Hmmmm.

And "... standing in the balcony of her home wearing see through clothes?"  Emmmm... Spanish Villas... You have to park your car, walk through an outside gate, through the complex, look around corners, pick your target....  It wasn't as if he was just waltzing down the street in Salwa, looked over at a temptress in transparent lingerie, and decided "Gee, I can't resist that.  I'm going to rape her."  yeah.  Good times.

Bulgarian girlfriend must be a strong cookie!  Good for her. It is humiliating enough to have to walk into ANY police station anywhere.  But then you have a language barrier.  And people staring at you with accusing eyes.  It just is NOT comfortable.  She probably just prevented future rapes.  You go, girl!  Thank you from your sisterhood community (the ones who choose to stand WITH her not against her.  Have you seen some of the ridiculous comments on Facebook made by WOMEN?  Where is the unity?  Sheeeeet - obviously they have no clue.)