Saturday, April 28, 2007

Teleban Tactics in Kuwait?

Everyone wonders why there is no foreign investment in Kuwait. Everyone wonders why Kuwait is lightyears behind Qatar, UAE, Bahrain. So much for the most democratic press in the Gulf. Some local newspapers wouldn't even publish this story. What is next? Is the Teleban moving in? Bring back Saud Nasser Al-Sabah to the Ministry of Information!!!! Give someone a chance to move the country FORWARD.

Virgin Megastore shut down by (Dis) Information Ministry
Kuwait Times Published Date: April 28, 2007 By Nawara Fattahova, Staff Writer

KUWAIT: The Virgin Megastore at Marina Mall was shut down late Thursday by inspectors from the Ministry of Information. Fistfights also broke out between teenagers gathered around the store to witness its closure. Officials charged that "it is not only the small stores that do not respect the ministry's rules and regulations, but even big, renowned stores are resorting to breaking and openly flouting the laws". The inspectors pasted red stickers of the ministry stating that it cannot be reopened unless approved by the Ministry of Information on all entrances and exits of the store.

Along with the stickers, a copy of the resolution detailing the reasons for closing down the store was also pasted on one of the showroom's windows. People surrounded the place from 9:30 pm till about 11:00 pm, until after the inspectors left. Curious onlookers were heard asking the inspectors the reasons for the closure of the store and for how long would it be closed. Unsavoury rumours were also beginning to circulate over why the store was shuttered.
Hussein, one of the inspectors, explained that the reason for the closure was due to the store breaching the regulations of the Ministry of Information and not cooperating with them. "They keep selling banned items like magazines and CDs here," he said. He added that they were given several warnings and reminders in the past, but they went unheeded. "We are here to enforce the law, as it must be applied on all," he told the Kuwait Times.

The period of the closure is still not known yet. "We are not sure till when the store would be closed. They will definitely have to pay fines and all illegal items they were selling will be confiscated. They have to communicate with us, even though they are an internationally renowned store. Everybody must respect the rules," Hussein asserted.

On why did they chose Thursday night for the closure, although it is a government holiday, and whether they did it on purpose to attract the attention of the large number of people who were present, the inspector smiled broadly (phucking typical) but was noncommittal.

Write to Richard Branson! Tell him to come to Kuwait and face these guys. or

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I learn a lot from CSI. For example, the other night I watched CSI Miami and I learned about a “pornbomb” or “pornado”. This has led to all other kinds of things (like me calling my girlfriends up in the middle of the night, giggling, just to be able to call them a “whorenado”; leading to lots of name calling like “whoricane” and “whorecano” etc.). A pornbomb or pornado, by-the-by, is when someone sends someone else an e-mail that explodes with erotic photos all over your screen. When you try to get rid of it or start deleting them, it only makes it worse. Very interesting.

CSI fascinates me. When I go to the US and there is a CSI marathon (for example) on the Spike Channel (which is supposedly a guys channel, so therefore I must be a guy), I sit in front of the TV in my boxers scratching my balls… no… wait a minute…. I sit there in my make-up (lots of lip gloss) and my hair done, wearing my Victoria’s Secret deep-plunge-something lingerie with plenty of feather pillows nearby just incase one of my girlfriends drops by and we get into a fight. Yeah. That’s it.

Who says girls can’t be into (perceived) guy things? Huh? Who said? I’ll beat the crap out of them.

Which reminds me of something – I have a friend who is so mad at his boss (with good reason – the guy is a butthole) that he called me to tell me that he and one of his equally warped friends are going to buy abayas and niqab to wear when they either beat-the-crap-out-of or scare-the-crap-out-of his boss. That cracked me up. The thought of two big men in abayas bitch-slapping some unaware white dude just makes me giggle. They are too chicken shit to do it, but regardless, it is funny.

My right eye has been blinking for 2 days (which is supposed to mean that good news is coming). As if it isn’t already bad enough around here – I’m pretty sure men are thinking I am trying to pick them up now because of the constant winking. WTF. Why do these things only happen to me?

I’m hungry. For some reason, The Romanian and I have been on a pineapple fried rice binge for the past several weeks. We went to Abu Dhabi – we searched for pineapple fried rice; all we found were STRONG mixed cocktails (thanks to my new bartender friend at the Hilton) and pad Thai. We got back here, we searched for pineapple fried rice (no cocktails, but good PFR at the Oriental Cuisine restaurant in Dasman). Nobody around these parts really knows how to make good PFR anyhoo. It is supposed to be served IN a pineapple. Don’t they know that?

Abu Dhabi was da bomb (lots of bombs in this post, eh?). I had a lot of work to do there, but lots of good times too. If you are ever in Abu Dhabi, the Emirates Palace is awesome. Even if you just go for coffee, it is amazing. Abu Dhabi is nice, but kind of backwards in a way. You hardly see any women driving and almost none out at night. Everybody thought we were Russian hookers; Even the Indian and Egyptian guys were trying. The Romanian can put any man to shame cursing in Arabic and she let them have it. We’re not hookers, but damn if we can’t swear like them! I would have thown my shoes, but I like my shoes too much. In reference to the male Emiratis: The Emirati mens down there are kind of cold. Sorry to say it, but it is true. Quite unable to approach. It is a very bad place to go for geezing. No Bluetooth. No sideways glances and direct-eye-contact smiles. We got geezed just getting off of the plane in Kuwait and both of us sighed with relief that we were back home where the men are men and the sheep are scared.

I have business in Qatar next. I have a whole LOT of friends there who I haven't seen in decades. I can get into trouble in any Gulf country - why limit myself?

My phone bill last month was 200 KD. That is a personal record. I can’t even blame it on business calls. It was the 4 hour phone calls to my new best friend (even though we hung up and took turns calling each other – I guess her phone bill must have been equally as high). Did I say 4 hours? Yes, I did. Even when I was a teenaged girl, I never talked to anyone that long. I had some marathon phone calls to boyz, but never for 4 hours. Let’s just say that we have had a lot to talk about. I am totally in love with this new friend. I never thought in a million years that I would like her so much – or that we would have so many things in common – or that we would make each other laugh until it hurts. I know, sick individuals like Purgy are going to read something sexual into it. Au contraire. Sometimes you just meet people that you feel like you have missed your whole life and didn’t know it. I call her “Sheherazade” because every night is another story and I am totally hooked: maybe the phone calls will stop after 1001 nights!

Anyways, things could have been so different if we had met each other before. Our lives would have been affected in different ways: probably for the better. It would have positively affected several other lives as well. Honesty and communication are the keys to healthy relationships and thats all it would have taken. But you know – everything happens for a reason. God has a plan. Maybe you only meet X to help Y. One never knows, do one?

By the way, I had a great time on my birthday. (I haven’t had too much time to write about all the stuff I should.) Bobarino arranged the whole thing at Sakura (of COURSE). They were so nice to me there with a big “Happy Birthday (Desert Girl)” banner and flowers and martini glasses filled with red water with candles in them that looked like cosmos! Who was there? Slapperella and Zaitoon, Bunny, Romanian and some guy (she met when she got arrested at the airport for not paying her MTC bill on our way to Abu Dhabi), The Sheikha, the 2 Brazillians, their husbands, E&D, my Blondie friend, and a Nasser friend (not Naz – as he and Mrs. Naz were suspiciously absent). Fishgirl had just returned from a trip, so she wasn’t there either. I invited Sheherazade and her friend, but they couldn’t make it. I also had a little hook-up with the Psychic Bedu, but he dissed me right before the Abu Dhabi trip and so he wasn’t invited to the gala. Alas, the hook-up pretty much ruined a great friendship. I should have waited until after my birthday. Duuuh. I’ve never been good about timing. Maybe we can be friends later. Dunno.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Me and my Inner Bitch

My life is a drama of historical proportion. I can’t really write about my latest drama because

A. No one would believe me
2. Someone might be reading this and find out too much about it (I can certainly elude to it, though can’t I?)
C. I don’t want additional drama (or DO I?)

I can only say that it is interesting and I hope to make it into a movie someday. Then again, refer to “A”.

I suppose, to a certain extent, I entertain the drama. I do. I don’t always welcome it, but once it is here, I am so intrigued by the various ways I could analyze it and decipher it that I begin to enjoy it. Varied perspectives fascinate me and I’m always looking for new ways to look at something or to see it from another point of view. I guess you could say, “We accept your drama as a gift.”

Well, in this case, I have seen the drama in question from a LOT of different perspectives now. I think I have a very good picture (3D even). I think that sometimes, if you are lucky and you are a good person, God shows you the light (so to speak). You see all kinds of things that relate to the truth of the matter.

Occasionally, my inner bitch gets the best of me. (Waaaaaa okeeey.... Perhaps a little more often than “occasionally”.) For the most part, I try to be a good person and do the right thing. Like this month – I helped several people find jobs and I am really happy about that (they are church-going folks who are actually praying for me and for that – I am very thankful because I need all the references I can get). I’m not a recruiter, but I know that I am good at resume writing. I also don’t do a lot of charitable things, so maybe this is a form of “giving back” or “paying it forward”. I try to help anybody who asks. It is a way of leashing the inner bitch from time to time.

It didn’t work yesterday; the inner bitch got out and blew up at every TCN nurse within the perimeter. I waited for a full hour at the International Clinic to see the Orthopedic doctor (to check on my slipped discs from the Circus Sex of 2006). I finally lost it. Unfortunately, Dr. Bones is located on the same floor with pediatrics and the OB/GYN. I had four very nasty little kids either touch me or sneeze/cough on me.

WTF do people think I like kids and want their brats climbing on me? I know I have one of those “nurturing” faces (which is fine when it comes to sex, but not to child bearing). I don’t really like kids all that much. The toddlers smell like poop and the smaller ones make noise all the time. Why would I want to be involved in all that? “Oh, Desert Girl… you will feel different when you have one of your own…. “ highly unlikely. I like the process, not the output. For the amount of practice at the process that I’ve had, I know that I would have the absolute best quality baby on Earth. It would come with its own ISO certification (hopefully for HAZMAT disposal). It would come with its own MS Project schedule on feedings, HAZMAT removal, and uptime/downtime.

Ok and while we are on the subject of kids (mine = perfect; yours = icky): Why don’t parents in this part of the world teach their obnoxious little poopers to cover their damn mouths/noses when they sneeze or cough? Why should THEY get offended when I cover my own mouth/nose (sometimes with the collar of my shirt) when their kids sneeze, cough, spew in my direction? Ick! I know I caught something yesterday; I couldn’t spray enough travel-sized disinfectant on me in the waiting room. I am susceptible to nasty germs and kids have the worst. People here THINK that living with a house pet is unsanitary, but I have NEVER seen anything come out of my dog like I’ve seen come out of some of the kids around here. And I don’t care how cute you dress them – if you haven’t taught your kids basic manners, they are just nasteh.

There are some kids that I can semi-stand; like my neighbors’ kids. When they first moved in, I had visions of things dropping on their heads after repeated door slamming and screaming fits in the hallway in front of my door (which must be made of paper). Whylie Coyote repeatedly blew them up in my fantasies. I tried taking myself to their level: when they screamed, I screamed back. When they had a crying fit in the hallway; I imitated them from the opposite side of the door. I sent my dog out into the hallway to bark. Nothing worked. Now, I have tried to reason with them and it is having a better affect. I speak to the six-year-old the same way I would speak to any of the men I date (again, like six-year-olds, but with a twist): “Bashar (neighbor kids’ name), you are a man. I respect you. You should respect others. Please don’t slam the door. I need to sleep because I am tired. Do you understand, honey?”

I have learned that men, like six-year-olds, generally respond if you push your boobs a little forward and up and talk like a little girl. Most of them giggle just like six-year-olds and promise never to do (whatever) again. Until the next time something slams.... tee hee.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Ya Ma Owed

Have you ever really wanted to trash someone on your blog and you just couldn’t do it because you are too phuckin classy? That’s my problem.

Recently, I have been told that I’m ugly by someone I cared about dearly. But perhaps the person who calls a person ugly is ugly, n’est pas? So sayeth my sister who is a slayer of mean people everywhere. I have been running around trying to collect affirmations. Coming from anyone else, I am sure it wouldn’t have stung me, but I have also found that he has told other people that I am ugly too. Those of you who know me – do you think I’m ugly? Shut the F up - I am too self-confident, but no woman wants to hear this kind of crap from a man they love/d. And no - I'm not going to lower myself to saying anything herein regarding his physical SHORTcomings. I wouldn't do that. I'm way too phuckin classy.

Have you ever really wanted just to haul off and bitch-slap someone, but you know you couldn’t do it because you are too phuckin classy? That’s also my problem.

I don’t talk about people’s personal appearance (unless you have 3 boobs or something and then I can’t help myself) because my parents taught me better. In fact, I often don’t even remember what a person looked like beyond their eyes – because that is what I look at to determine what kind of a person they are. Do I miss things? Hell yes – and that is why I usually bring my girlfriends who will nit-pick a person to death starting with their shoes and girth of their fingers. Thank God – they have been my saving graces on a few occasions.

Anyhow, I know that a lot of things in life I just deserve because it is karma; what bad things I have done will eventually come around to bite me when I don’t expect it. Apparently, this is one of those occasions.

What I am really trying to say – Ya ma owed - Inta sh’aku?

Ok – on to another more pleasant subject: I got my new car. I lie. My sister “buys me” a new car every several years for me (her) to use during the one month of the year that I am there. I don’t even know if she’ll allow me to drive this one, however. It is big-bad-black Merc with the AMG package. I can smell the new-car-interior now….

I had the opportunity to hang out with Psychic Bedu recently. What a teddy bear. I just adore him. I want to hug him all the time. You know - sometimes God just brings you people to make you feel PRETTY. Sometimes God also brings you people who you just want to hug all the time.

Bunny has been really supportive lately. (He makes me feel PRETTY too.) He worries about me. He’s my knight on a white stallion (ok, Caprice). Like he says, “You are one of my flock and I feel like it is my duty to protect you.” I know – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww, right? Yup.

Did any of you see that cruel stunt in the Kuwait Times yesterday? BASTARDS. It was even funnier because one of my friends in the Emir’s office forwarded it to me before I heard about it in the paper. That is just SO WRONG. Here it is: ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT

Alcohol legal in Kuwait
Published Date: April 01, 2007

KUWAIT: In a surprise move aimed at fostering tourism, Kuwait's government announced yesterday that alcohol would be legalised in Kuwait starting May 25 after more than 40 years of prohibition. Alcohol will be available only in five star establishments or at state liquor outlets and sold only to non-Muslim expatriates holding a liquor-consuming ration cards. Each expatriate will be allowed five bottles of liquor or 100 bottles of beer per month at government regulated stores. Any Muslim caught buying or consuming alcohol will face stiff penalties.

In December 1964, Kuwait's government banned all liquor within its borders following a series of drunken driving fatalities, primarily of citizens. Prohibition triggered a flourishing underground bootlegging trade both in smuggled alcohol and bathtub gin.

This past week, international beverage firm Eastern Liquors has won the sole distribution license and will be partnering with local establishments for sales and marketing. EL is a regional leader in beverage distribution, with operations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha and Manama.

Sources within the security forces told Kuwait Times that a special squad of 225 local police have already undergone training in the United Arab Emirates and Britain for handling drunk drivers. Persons caught driving while intoxicated face up to five years in jail and a KD 10,000 fine.
Establishments that will be licensed to sell alcohol include ...

Continued on Page 8...

Happy April Fools’ Day
- Kuwait Times