Saturday, April 28, 2007

Teleban Tactics in Kuwait?

Everyone wonders why there is no foreign investment in Kuwait. Everyone wonders why Kuwait is lightyears behind Qatar, UAE, Bahrain. So much for the most democratic press in the Gulf. Some local newspapers wouldn't even publish this story. What is next? Is the Teleban moving in? Bring back Saud Nasser Al-Sabah to the Ministry of Information!!!! Give someone a chance to move the country FORWARD.

Virgin Megastore shut down by (Dis) Information Ministry
Kuwait Times Published Date: April 28, 2007 By Nawara Fattahova, Staff Writer

KUWAIT: The Virgin Megastore at Marina Mall was shut down late Thursday by inspectors from the Ministry of Information. Fistfights also broke out between teenagers gathered around the store to witness its closure. Officials charged that "it is not only the small stores that do not respect the ministry's rules and regulations, but even big, renowned stores are resorting to breaking and openly flouting the laws". The inspectors pasted red stickers of the ministry stating that it cannot be reopened unless approved by the Ministry of Information on all entrances and exits of the store.

Along with the stickers, a copy of the resolution detailing the reasons for closing down the store was also pasted on one of the showroom's windows. People surrounded the place from 9:30 pm till about 11:00 pm, until after the inspectors left. Curious onlookers were heard asking the inspectors the reasons for the closure of the store and for how long would it be closed. Unsavoury rumours were also beginning to circulate over why the store was shuttered.
Hussein, one of the inspectors, explained that the reason for the closure was due to the store breaching the regulations of the Ministry of Information and not cooperating with them. "They keep selling banned items like magazines and CDs here," he said. He added that they were given several warnings and reminders in the past, but they went unheeded. "We are here to enforce the law, as it must be applied on all," he told the Kuwait Times.

The period of the closure is still not known yet. "We are not sure till when the store would be closed. They will definitely have to pay fines and all illegal items they were selling will be confiscated. They have to communicate with us, even though they are an internationally renowned store. Everybody must respect the rules," Hussein asserted.

On why did they chose Thursday night for the closure, although it is a government holiday, and whether they did it on purpose to attract the attention of the large number of people who were present, the inspector smiled broadly (phucking typical) but was noncommittal.

Write to Richard Branson! Tell him to come to Kuwait and face these guys. or


forzaq8 said...

and what will Richard Branson do ?

go on a fist fight with them ?
take them to court ( the law on their side not his )

Purgatory said...

Ah Richard, funny, if he was smart he would have not opened a store in Kuwait in the first place.

Desert Girl said...

Purg - very true. Why bother?

Purgatory said...

You know Alwatan says he was in kuwait yesterday, though I doubt it, maybe someone read your post and made the story up :)

Desert Girl said...

You know I like to mix it, right?

Do you think that if they close the H&M store that Madonna will come to Kuwait?

Carly said...

My understanding was that they closed the store temporarily due to the fact that they continued to sell pirated tapes.

Carly said...

scratch that first comment. i just read otherwise....i'm waiting for a borders or barnes and noble :)

Texan in Kuwait said...

Holy hell. I didn't know about that.

GAH. This place blows sometimes.