Fascinating Desert Girl Factoids

My favorite color is black.
I have 2 sisters. No brothers.
I was born in Washington, DC.
Everyone in my family has a dog.
My favorite food is sushi.  My favorite drink is tequila.
I've been in Kuwait since 1996.  The first time I came here was 1993.
I've known Kuwaiti friends since I was 13.
I am almost a certified auto mechanic.  (Never finished the course.)  I know how to hotwire cars.
My favorite movies are romantic comedies.
I was born with platinum blonde hair.  It is almost back now.
My IQ is 165 - which coincidentally is the same number as my height (not weight).  I have done nothing with my IQ.
Pink roses will get you everywhere.
I scored 96% in the US Air Force entry exam and almost became a pilot.
I can shoot guns.  My thumb on my right hand is injured from shooting a Magnum 44.
I was a tomboy when I was a kid; I climbed trees and caught frogs.  I refused to wear dresses.
I snore. Bad.
Escalators frighten me (down, not up).
I like the desert and the sea (sand)
I got suspended in the 6th grade for bringing a beer to school.
I don’t like beer.
If I don’t get gifts on Valentine’s Day or my birthday, I become evil.
My favorite ice cream is pralines & cream.  I think toppings are sacrilegious.
My biggest unjustifiable fear is rats on elevators.

I beat up a kid once for hitting a dog (I was a kid too),
I don't like politics or talking about religion.  I believe true religion is love.
Thunderstorms make me laugh.
I was electrocuted when I was 5 by sticking my fingers inside the refrigerator door.
I hate the dentist.
I’ve never been arrested and I don’t do drugs.
I used to have a pony named Ebony who was 30 years old.
I buy self help books and read them, but never follow their advice; They just make me feel better about my life knowing other people are so confused.
I have a linear scar above my left knee. I climbed onto a roof when I was 6 and cut it on a drain pipe.
I have no tattoos.  Really.
I learned how to ride horses at summer camp when I was 5.  I can still ride horses, but it hurts more now.
I try not to judge people and don’t ask a lot of questions.  If someone wants to tell me, they will.