Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I miss my daddy

(Me and my dad)

Today is my father's birthday.  I think about him often and I believe that he is happy in Heaven, watching over us.  When he passed away, I didn't believe that I had any regrets about him.  I hope that I treated him with respect and kindness.  I regret now not getting to know him better and documenting more about his life.   I don't remember him as the old guy he was at the end.  I remember him when he was younger and vibrant and full of life and fun; holding my hand walking down a beach somewhere.  I miss you, daddy.  I hope that you are dancing to jazz and eating seafood up in Heaven with all your friends and pets that you loved.  I think this is how he wants me to remember him.

Tony & Guy Salon, Kuwait

This salon is both for men and women (although you must be clipped by someone of the same gender or else it is considered prostitution in Kuwait), but this post is mostly for the girls.

As you long-term loyal devoted readers (yup, there is ONE) know, I am always struggling to get good blonde highlights.  I thought I had found my hair soulmate - AND, as an extra added bonus, she also read coffee cups which I'm totally into (fortune telling) (for free BTW).  I really liked her.  She always had good gossip and funny stories.  We laughed, we cried, we drank coffee, I got my hair done.  I got so many compliments on my hair - even from the women in Kuwait Customs at the airport (which was a real shocker since I am used to people not talking to me).  I loved my hair.

That is, until I started wondering why it felt so thin.  Why did it look so dark all of a sudden.  Heeyyyyy ... where did all the blonde highlights go... oh SH&T!!  They're not there!!! WTF!

A blonde girl's worst nightmare come true.  I inspected and every chunk of blonde highlight that she had done was missing - from about 2" off my head.  Holy SNAP!  (Thank God, you couldn't tell unless you got up close and started pawing through it, but still.)

Lawsuit material where I come from....

Long-story-short, Sally overprocessed.  I called her.  "You went swimming in the sea. Salt water makes it fall out."  Uh nooooooo.  I haven't been in the sea in over a year..  I'm like dudette, I hate to break it to you, but you left it in too long, or used volume that was too high (like using 40 volume on caucasian hair that isn't black to begin with).  Some stylists like using higher volumes because they are lazy - it takes much less time to process, but it does much more damage.

Went to the States and I had it done  by the galpal my sister goes to, Shannon.  She doesn' talk much to me, but then later, my sister tells me all her gossip.  "Shannon said your hair was fried to sh&t when you walked in there."  Oh, nice compliment.  Anyways, she fixed what she could and I bought about $200 worth of hair care product (Rene Furterer - my new best friend) to bring back to Kuwait with me. (They have Furterer here, but not the entire product line.)

I am ready to go out into highlight world again....

So, where to go, where to go?  I don't really want to go back to the other 2 places I've been:  Strands and Cutting Edge.  I always feel like a dog with its tail between its legs; going back to a salon that you have cheated on for another.  The whole self-made-guilt aspect is a big turnoff for me.  I'm sure that they wouldn't even remember me at The Cutting Edge now; it has been bought by someone else and the new owner doesn't know me or refer to me by the term of endearment that the old owner did:  "Trailer Trash".  Not very nice (at 70+ KD per month).  Anyhooo...

So I have been hearing whispers about Tony & Guy in Kuwait at the Corniche Club. I had to do a background check to verify that they are indeed THE Tony & Guy of London (they are - I think the other salon with the same name in Kuwait is a knock-off/Kuwaiti brand theft, but I might be wrong).  I called the old one and they said they were not affiliated with the one at Corniche Club, so to me that can only mean they are not original.

Here's what I have learned about Tony & Guy in Corniche Club:  Their colorists' name is Emma and she worked at the Tony & Guy salon in London for 10 years (did you have a breakdown, honey, and decide to move to Kuwait???).  They have other ladies who do cuts (and are priced depending on who does you - 23/26/29 KD). Foil highlights are 58-58 KD for a full set; 37-47 KD for a partial.  So, I made an appointment for highlights (I don't have a fancy-schmancy short/trendy/technical haircut so I am opting out on that).

Tony & Guy's phone number is 6617-8889 and their website is:

Pity Party Warning:  I am totally down on my appearance at the moment because of the eye thing and the distinct lack of blondeness.  I need some serious pampering and I will let you know how it goes at T&G  (she'd better use 10-20 volume or else.)  Once again... am I vain?... HELL YES.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Security Clearances to Obtain Kuwait Residency Visas

Residency issues in Kuwait are a pain in the butt.  The new police clearance requirements are the biggest headache.  I got a forwarded e-mail today through the American Business Council from the Consul General at the US Embassy in Kuwait which stated:

"...The Ministry (of Foreign Affairs) requested the meeting in order to inform the U.S. Embassy that the Government of Kuwait will no longer accept police clearances under the sworn statement of the embassy as part of its residency requirements. As some of you may recall, we developed the procedure of affixing the sworn statement to the police clearance in response to a residency requirement change on August 1, 2009.

This recent decision appears to be the result of internal Kuwaiti Government discussions. In place of document that we have been providing to your employees seeking residency permits, the Government of Kuwait will require that residency applicants obtain a police clearance from their U.S. state of residence or from the FBI prior to their arrival to Kuwait. This clearance must be authenticated by the state where the clearance was issued, by the U.S. Secretary of State, and finally, by the Embassy of Kuwait to the United States in Washington, DC. A full description of the procedure is included here:    I do not know how quickly the Kuwaitis will implement this change, although I anticipate that it will be swift."

Yes, and it is a major pain - depending on your home State and their timeliness on expediting the process.  And guess what - it is even more of a pain if you are already in Kuwait.  There is a company that will process security clearances for you:


4301 Connecticut Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20008-2345
(202) 337-2442

Even companies like ours who provide sponsorship services (to companies with contracts in Kuwait) often have to scramble to find out what the most recent rules are (as they change on a whim).
The above is obviously for Americans, but people of other nationalities must go through similar procedures. CIBT has offices in other countries as well.
Why all these pesky security measures?  I guess it is in order to keep peodophiles from becoming pediatricians in Kuwait (yes, that has happened here before...) and similar circumstances.  You may ask, "OMG, WHAT is next?  Drug testing?"   They should....  They should start with bus and taxi drivers....  Wait, shouldn't there be an IQ test first as a prerequisite?

Senseless Teddy Bear Murder

This is some funny sh*t!   This is exactly why Kuwait needs more activities for youth.  An idle mind is the devil's workshop (ask me - I should know!).  I don't know what is funnier - the guys who pulled the prank or the idiots that crashed because of it.  "Look at the dead guy ..... " CRASH.

Thanks, Arab Times, for continuing to amuse and delight!

My God!  What do you think the teddy bear did that was so wrong?!  Why kill an innocent bear?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pink Eye Sucks Bigtime (The "Just Shoot Me" Post)

I've lost a lot of work (yawn) because of the stupid eye infections (viral conjunctivitus) I can only blame on the miserable weather and freakish particles (of thousand year old camel dung) we have floating around in Kuwait's poor quality of air (or lack thereof).  (Go ahead - kill anohter tree whydon'tcha?)   Whatever it is, it has turned my blue eyes pink, itchy and watery.  There are little slits where my eyes used to be and eyedocman said that it temporarily affected one of my corneas.  Oh - and it is contageous.... funnnnn.  Ya want some of dis?

When eyedocman read me my "punishment," he might as well have handed me a loaded gun and told me to shoot myself:  NO make-up for 10 days and no contact lenses. I guess the last time that happened, I was 11 years old.   Now, if dude had told me to stop wearing high heels and a push-up bra, I would have had a heart attack right there and then.  Just end me now.  WTF.  My life is over.  Bring on the support hose and false teeth (which may be next if I don't actually GO to the dentist).

Dude actually had the nerve to tell me to (I shiver to write this) to... to... to....  throw out all my eye make-up.  Oh, the pain. What woman would ever want to hear those words???  (I'm sure you guys just won't get it.)  Thow out my eye make-up... oh, the horror.  I've been calling friends and they're asking me if I can't just cut around parts of it?  Wouldn't it kind of like be a viral petri dish?  My $65 tub of Cle de Peau dark blue solid eye liner (love it) went into the trash; as did everything that I have touched for the past 2 months - eye shadow, mascara, eye liner - all of it.  Just - kill - me.  Some of it came from the States and I'll have to wait to buy it when I get there.  My Make-Up Consultant and Spiritual Advisor (The Romanian) immediately stated, "Lips and eyebrows.  That needs to be your concentration."  Good solid advice (especially because the space between my nose and my eyebrows is pretty much missing right now).

So, here it is, almost a week since I went to the opthamologist and I still can't see well at all.  What happens if I geez ugly guys thinking that they're cute??  My prescription glasses seem to be the wrong prescription (although 2 doctors now insist that it is correct).  I am suffering from some kind of dry-eye that I never had before; and all of a sudden, I am "borderline" for glaucoma.  Oh.. my... God.  Is this what happens when you get old?  I'm falling part.  I haven't had to wear glasses... since when?  I can't recall.  Why the F didn't I have laser surgery?  Why must I be such a chicken in some ways (and yet so bossy and aggressive in others)?? 

One lady at work actually said to me, "Desert Girl!  When did you start wearing specs?"  Okay, now I know she's from India and all that where they might actually use the word "specs" and not have it relate to a 90 year old woman, but I am not in agreement to the term.  Desert Girl in "spectacles" - no, no, no.  I'm not havin it.  (Now, if you said, "Desert Girl is a spectacle," that might be correct.)

Am I vain?  HELL YES!

As evasive action, I am wearing much cuter, higher heels and am paying closer attention to my hair and nails. I dug out a red wonderbra (GREAT for attitude adjustment - if not altitude adjustment).  I think it is important to keep your perspective when your health is failing.  And let's keep a positive attitude:  My driving has also improved (you have to go much slower when you can't see the other cars). And - a refined gentleman (aka "old dude") offered to pay our bill when we went out for coffee a few days ago.  Maybe I look more dignified in specs?  Or maybe I just look like the naughty librarian.  Yeah baybeeeee.  Slapperella says that you get back the vibes that you give out.  Hmmm.  Slutty lawyer? tee hee.

Hey - at least I have my sense of humor. All my other senses (not all, obviously) are going to Hell.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm sure I'm brain dead

It is so F-ing hot and F-ing humid that I am sure that all my brain cells have died.  I can't remember things. I'm lethargic.  I'm dizzy.  I'm absent-minded.  Oh, and let's not even mention what the weather has done to my appearance.  First of all, I have some kind of weird eye infections that won't go away, and I look like Bozo.  I guess with the red eyes and frizzy hair, I must look like some kind of frenzied drug addict and I probably scare children;  Best to stay inside with the AC on.

I just bought new glasses, but I'm still too damn vain to wear them.  I've been wearing contacts since I was 14.  About a year ago, I decided that my 10KD frames could probably use an upgrade, so I went to a store and tried on pairs upwards of 100KD (suckerrrrrrrrr).  The ones I chose were Escada with little diamond thingies on the side.  So cute AND they came in a pink case!  ALL the salesmen said how great they looked on me.  Fast forward to summer vacation.  I go down to watch TV with the family and my sister - who is painfully honest - looks at me and says, "Huh.  Where'd you get the glasses?"  'I just bought them? You like?' (Weird look.)  Me (indignantly) 'Well, ALL the sales people said that I looked beautiful in them!'  Sistah, "They LIED."  That sucks.  I got pulled in.  I know it.  They were all probably giggling about me in the back room. So, back to the original store with the 10KD frames that have lasted me what - 11 years.  'Show me the cheapest frames you have.' (Which is what I did 11 years ago - ergo the perfectly good, nice-looking 10KD frames.) and I got a cute pair.  We'll see how my sister likes them. 

The Romanian went with me this time to the shop and we were playing, "Sexy Librarian" - much to the delight of the old sales dude behind the counter.  'Okay so now imagine me in a Catholic school girl uniform...'  I know - perverse, right?  You gotta do SOMETHING to keep entertained in this country!  Especially when it is 150-holyshitthat'shot-degrees and your brain is no longer firing.

I'm feeling extreeeeeeemely mischievious lately, but I just can't work up the energy to do anything about it.  I don't even want to leave home.  As soon as I'm at work, I'm thinking about my pillow again.  Somebody put a spell on me - fer sure.  Yesterday, I broke a glass and one of the pieces had a hole in the middle that looked like an eye (evil eye).  I didn't even used to believe in that crap until I came here and got the stink eye.  It happens.

32 more days until my annual leave....  Yes, that's right... sadly, I will miss Ramadan.  Forgive me if I don't cry.  I hate Eid; it is the single expat's worst nightmare. Everyone else in the country is celebrating with family and you are stuck inside listening to the little bastards outside with the salutes (fireworks) because you have nowhere to go and no one to do it with.  It is like Christmas for 3 days and you aren't invited.   I used to scoff when The Man said to my whining, "I'm your family."  Oh yeah?  Let's go to your aunt's house and visit her on Eid... What time should I be at lunch?  Nice in fantasy; doesn't really amount to anything in reality.  I think my leave ends before Eid; come to think of it.  Must make travel arrangements now....

Oh, I got "invited" to Sharm by a new acquaintance.  "Tomorrow be ready and we'll go to the travel agency.  We'll stay at the blah blab blah and do blah blah blah..... (yada, didn't hear the rest until...) you pay for your ticket and I'll pay for mine."  What does "invite" mean?  Then, I saw  him in the Mall with my girlfriend and he stared at her butt.  Slimy!  Where have all the real men gone?  I pay for myself, but don't "invite" me if that's not what your intentions are. (Like this week when I was "invited" to a friend's house for dinner and then told to bring KFC!  WTF.)

What is it with extremely wealthy men being extremely cheap?  I don't get it.  I know a Chairman.  I've posted about him before; Chairman of a large company, vice chairman of a BANK.   He was after me for a looooong time and I finally agreed to have coffee with him.  He brought me a gift.  I couldn't see very well (eye problems -rrrrr!) and didn't notice the wrapping.  Do you know what the Chairhole brought me?  A re-gifted corporate gift that somebody probably brought to his office!  Does he not KNOW the rules of re-gifting?  You have to take it OUT of its original wrapping if the end-user is able to determine that you are re-gifting.  What a jerk.  I re-re-gifted it and gave it to my secretary (who is used to getting my corporate gifts from salespeople).  C'mon, rich dude - at least a flower.  Be original. It isn't the price of the gift, it is the thought.  (His "gift" was like the anti-thought.)  Now he's begging to see me again.  Yuk. 

I tried the dignified approach first, 'Mr. Chairhole, I'm not a 20-something, starry-eyed girl who is going to love you for your money and your position; I have what I need and I can get what I want.  If that's what you are looking for, there are a lot of little girls around here who you can talk to.  I'm looking for a man to respect me...'

That didn't work.

I will use the sure-fire way to get rid of a Kuwaiti man:  ask him for money. Not a loan, flat out say you either want money or a big gift (like a piece of expensive jewelry or a car). Tell him you went to Salhiya, put something on hold, and want him to go pay for it and pick it up for you.   Do NOT giggle while you're stating it.  Poker face!  It works immediately and without exception.  I would never do it for real (I don't need a man to take care of me), but to serve my purposes of imminent separation, it works every time like a charm. I know, it seems whorish and doesn't feel at all right, but it works. You will never hear from him again.  I'm doing it to the Chairhole.  So far, it is working...

(Disclaimer for those who will write in and say, "Not ALL Kuwaiti men are like that, Desert Girl.":  Not all Kuwaiti men are like that.  Happy?)
I guess if he gives it to me, I'm in trouble, but then I can always throw it in his face and tell him what a pig he is for getting me something so expensive that it is indecent!   Tee hee.  (There is always a way!)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

American Express in Kuwait

I have an Amex card from the States and I love it.  It keeps me in check (most of the time) because I have to pay it off every month.  No big interest balances and none of the accumulated debt.  I have a other cards, but I leave them at home (for fear of shoe shopping!)

When I first came to Kuwait, not a lot of places accepted Amex.  Then, more shops opened and services got better et voila!  American Express was received at most outlets.

Fast forward to 2010... wait... backtrack... many places that used to accept Amex aren't anymore.  That INCLUDES many of the big American fast food restaurants like T.G.I.Fridays and Ruby Tuesdays.  How really un-patriotic! 

I know Amex charges business owners a higher percentage, but c'mon!

I am also glad that my Amex hails from the US of Hey and not a local/regional office.  A dear friend had a case of fraud where he was in Kuwait and charges were made on his Amex in another country.  He disputed it (usually, American Express is outstanding when you question charges).  He went on his merry way.  He travelled.  He had a nightmare when he was blacklisted coming back into Kuwait by who?  You guessed it - American Express Kuwait.  He had to clear the bill before he was allowed back in.  They were ready to put him on a plane back to where he had come from - in Asia!

Personally, I have had problems reaching Amex in Kuwait and it usually ends by a call to their regional office in Bahrain.  Lots of times, you can't get anyone on the phone in Kuwait and then they just don't get it.

Kuwait: Infidelity in the Age of Technology

This from the Arab Times Local Section today.  Lovin it!

"Woman reports 'unfaithful' husband with video proof

Kuwait City, June 16:  A Kuwaiti woman reported her husband's infidelity with a Filipina at the Mubarak al-Kabeer Police Station Tuesday evening, and supporded her claim with video evidence. (You GO GIRL!)

The woman told polcie officers that she became suspicious anytime she went to work, so she decided to erect a video camera inside the house.  The woman went ahead to show the video tape to police, which involved the entire scenario of her husband and his Filipina concubine (who the F uses that word??) engaging in (an) indecent act.  Police have registered the case for further investigation."  (WHAT further investigation?  Giflfriend got it on TAPE.)

I bet that the husband is going to blame it on the wife - asking why she put up a camera.  I wonder if it was the maid.  It sounds like it.  I hope this comes as a warning to other cheating husbands.  Dudes - at least don't sh&t in your own back yard!

I hope she saved a copy for YouTube and to pass around his diwaniya.  I would have made stills and sent them to KUNA.  (She's probably way nicer/less vindictive than I am.)

Nannycam Kuwait!

This particular model is online for $60! 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Talent Search in Kuwait... Got skills?

Posting for a friend.  Let me know if you audition.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Transport Company run by American Woman

I met an American  lady recently who owns/operates a transport company.  She uses drivers se habla englis and have been with her for 5 years; driving Landcruisers.  Although obviously good for either gender, it is a female-friendly, safe alternative to local taxis and guaranteed to understand where you want to go.

For those need transport to work, to shopping, every now and then don't want to do the driving by yourself, give Brenda a call at Flare sErvices, 9491-1915 or e-mail

(Special shout out to Simply Stinni for reminding me that I should really promote Flare.)

Flare says:

  • Professional US-Trained Drivers
  • English Speaking Staff/drivers
  • Knowledgeable of Kuwaiti Highways/Rural Areas
  • Safe, Reliable and Insured Service
  • US-Managed Company/American owned

Cool looking apartment

I have driven by this house about a million times and LOVE the design.  The top floor is round with surround windows.   It is in Rumaithiya Block 6 on Shaheen Al-Ghanim Street between the English Playgroup (I think? Pre-school) and Bidaa Round About / Rumaithiya 24-hour satellite co-op.  If anyone is looking for location and a cool place to live, here ya go.  I don't know any details - sorry.    Phone is 9902-5194

Monday, June 14, 2010

Treatment of Employees in the Service Industry

I got an email from a new western employee at (an unnamed coffee shop chain) who has been observing lately.  She writes:

"I cannot believe how many people bitch and moan in store - about NOTHING! I can understand if you have some feedback to give but really, most of these people are just stupid and THEY make mistakes or they twist it to become the staff's fault!

One guy bitched at the manager because he ordered 3 drinks (one was a double shot) and then he queried the bill.  He tried to add it up in his head and got it wrong.  The manager apologises (why I don't know) and the guy says "YOU SHOULD BE SORRY". Is that really necessary?

The other day some western women came in; older ladies probably in their 50s and not quite right. they hummed and hawed about what to order to eat and were hanging around for AGES. they then paid separately and one of them sat down at the table with me when she saw my starbucks card and started chatting. she was nice enough but a bit strange. we chatted about general stuff. then one of the other women in her group turned to her and said - starbucks are supposed to give you a free cup of coffee when you buy a mug. the lady beside me said "really, I didn't know that" and the other one said, "well these guys arent' giving me one". so the lady with me asked me if that was right. before i could even open my mouth the women said "DON'T ASK HER SHE DOESN'T KNOW SHE'S NEW". wtf?

I have always been aware that our staff are under pressure with the customers both in the fashion stores and in restaurants or starbucks stores. It's the clientele in kuwait; but what i'm surprised is at how offensive they are.

Thought you might like to write something on your blog from the staff perspective and a plight to be nice to staff and/or at least constructive if there's something negative to offer."

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kuwait is Shavin Heads and Takin Names!

I frickin LOVE that they are shaving heads again in Kuwait!  The po-po used to do that in the 80's here and then stopped.  My question is - how can anyone tell the difference between "eve teasers" and those young men who are enrolled in the police academy?  Both groups are young, male, (most likely) skinny, with shaved heads?  I advocate shaving "eve teasers'" heads and then using a permanent marker to make some kind of sign on the back of their heads.  Kinda like a scarlet letter.  Or - shave all the hair on their heads - including eyebrows.

And ok, "eve teasers"... don't even get me started about that stupid phrase.  If you didn't live in Kuwait and hadn't already asked somebody what the hell that term means, you wouldn't know it is used to dsecribe sexual harassment of women here.  (Maybe the word "sexual" is too sexual?)
Check out the Wikipedia definition HERE.  "Eve teasing is a euphemism used in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan for public sexual harassment, street harassment or molestation of women by men, with Eve being a reference to the biblical Eve."

Thursday, June 10, 2010

WTF is up with the weather?!

I knew it was going to be a hot summer, but this is just BS.  Hot, dry, dusty - and whatever is in all that crap that is floating around is making me SICK.

I have had a stomach flu literally on/off for over 2 weeks (maybe 3?).  I've been back and forth to the doctor, popped meds like M&Ms.  Do you know that the ENTIRE COUNTRY of Kuwait is out of stock of Immodium?  The country?  Really?  People - that should tell  you something.  I'm thinking of having a wide screen installed on my bathroom wall.  Desert Dawg comes in and tilts her head to the side like, "Mommy, there is something seriously wrong with you."  Yuh.  I've been eating tea and I'm pretty sure that I'll grow tea sprouts soon.  Eating tea as a home-remedy usually works for me - better than Immodium - but not this time.  Dayam.

(What other girl with a pink blog do you know who writes about this kind of stuff??)

The Southern Region has been a major dilema; however, the weather is now affecting the Northern Region:  My eyes.  I saw one of those e-mail horrible movie clips about a woman who goes to the doctor complaining of eye pain, only to discover she has a full sized grub worm that has grown behind her eyeball.   THAT is what it feels like.  Either a grub worm or little pieces of glass.

Could be glass.  I got glass in my eyes in my 2003 car accident in which a boy driving a rental Pajero rammed into my car, shattering the driver's side window.  Had glass in my eyes and glass down my panties (how both places, you ask?  I went forward on impact, was wearing jeans and bada bing!  Glass in the pants...)  NOT fun.  I still can't collect for the accident because he's in JAIL serving a drug sentence unrelated to my accident (I KNEW he was high!!!!).  His father was a former MP.  I digress....

If only the International Clinic sold stock.... 

I tried to make an appointment with their eye doctor and he's booked solid, so I'm going to my GP who is like a shade-tree mechanic; she can fix just about anything (except for man troubles - I know because I have asked her).

Speaking of man troubles...

I was followed by an old guy in an old car and dude was relentless.  I went to the co-op, circled back, went down several streets - all the time  feeling God-awful because my eye is hurting and the make-up I tried to apply to look better had just teared off and made me look like a racoon (wore my sunglasses).  Anyways, dude wouldn't stop and I was in no mood to have him follow me down the highway, so I pulled over to take his number just to get rid of  him.  Baba-ohd make a move to get out of his car! Nooo, he so must not live in my area. So I just tell him, I have to go and to give me the number.  Guess what; Baba-ohd can't remember his own phone number (in either Arabic or English!).  WTF!   He struggled over it several times and could.not.remember.   You follow a woman all over and then you can't remember your number?  I peeled out so fast that he didn't have a chance to follow me.  Dude!

Why don't handsome men in nice cars follow me when I feel GOOD?? 

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Got a Question for Ya

Do you work in Kuwait? How often are you paid late by your company? Is this a common occurrance? Yeah, there are laws against it, but what are the real stats.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

NBK Sucks

The company I work for deals with NBK. I don't - due to past problems with them. I have heard how some people just loooooove to deal with Camel Bank; however, I have never found them that wonderful. Especially now that I have found out my salary is going to be delayed by a WEEK because NBK decided to change all their account numbers from 12 digits to 10 and there is a huge jam. (Don't believe it?  Al-Sayer is having the same problem.)

I don't really care. I want my salary. On time.

Logo courtesy of my dear friend, Tatabotata from his T-shirt collection.

Hey - by the by - this is NOT how camels "do it".  I have seen the real thing and it freaked me out.  Camel dude's thing does all the work, snaking its way along.... there is no humping (ha ha) involved.  The snake characteristic gave me nightmares and I shiver even now just thinking of it (new meaning to "one-eyed-trouser-snake").  There is a Bedouin superstition that says that if a male camel knows you have seen him copulating, he will hunt you down  your whole life and eventually kill you.  This is probably because you have seen how nasteh the prized posession is.  So, in addition to all of my other worries, I have a camel demon looming.  (Just a little bit of trivia for ya there.)