Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pink Eye Sucks Bigtime (The "Just Shoot Me" Post)

I've lost a lot of work (yawn) because of the stupid eye infections (viral conjunctivitus) I can only blame on the miserable weather and freakish particles (of thousand year old camel dung) we have floating around in Kuwait's poor quality of air (or lack thereof).  (Go ahead - kill anohter tree whydon'tcha?)   Whatever it is, it has turned my blue eyes pink, itchy and watery.  There are little slits where my eyes used to be and eyedocman said that it temporarily affected one of my corneas.  Oh - and it is contageous.... funnnnn.  Ya want some of dis?

When eyedocman read me my "punishment," he might as well have handed me a loaded gun and told me to shoot myself:  NO make-up for 10 days and no contact lenses. I guess the last time that happened, I was 11 years old.   Now, if dude had told me to stop wearing high heels and a push-up bra, I would have had a heart attack right there and then.  Just end me now.  WTF.  My life is over.  Bring on the support hose and false teeth (which may be next if I don't actually GO to the dentist).

Dude actually had the nerve to tell me to (I shiver to write this) to... to... to....  throw out all my eye make-up.  Oh, the pain. What woman would ever want to hear those words???  (I'm sure you guys just won't get it.)  Thow out my eye make-up... oh, the horror.  I've been calling friends and they're asking me if I can't just cut around parts of it?  Wouldn't it kind of like be a viral petri dish?  My $65 tub of Cle de Peau dark blue solid eye liner (love it) went into the trash; as did everything that I have touched for the past 2 months - eye shadow, mascara, eye liner - all of it.  Just - kill - me.  Some of it came from the States and I'll have to wait to buy it when I get there.  My Make-Up Consultant and Spiritual Advisor (The Romanian) immediately stated, "Lips and eyebrows.  That needs to be your concentration."  Good solid advice (especially because the space between my nose and my eyebrows is pretty much missing right now).

So, here it is, almost a week since I went to the opthamologist and I still can't see well at all.  What happens if I geez ugly guys thinking that they're cute??  My prescription glasses seem to be the wrong prescription (although 2 doctors now insist that it is correct).  I am suffering from some kind of dry-eye that I never had before; and all of a sudden, I am "borderline" for glaucoma.  Oh.. my... God.  Is this what happens when you get old?  I'm falling part.  I haven't had to wear glasses... since when?  I can't recall.  Why the F didn't I have laser surgery?  Why must I be such a chicken in some ways (and yet so bossy and aggressive in others)?? 

One lady at work actually said to me, "Desert Girl!  When did you start wearing specs?"  Okay, now I know she's from India and all that where they might actually use the word "specs" and not have it relate to a 90 year old woman, but I am not in agreement to the term.  Desert Girl in "spectacles" - no, no, no.  I'm not havin it.  (Now, if you said, "Desert Girl is a spectacle," that might be correct.)

Am I vain?  HELL YES!

As evasive action, I am wearing much cuter, higher heels and am paying closer attention to my hair and nails. I dug out a red wonderbra (GREAT for attitude adjustment - if not altitude adjustment).  I think it is important to keep your perspective when your health is failing.  And let's keep a positive attitude:  My driving has also improved (you have to go much slower when you can't see the other cars). And - a refined gentleman (aka "old dude") offered to pay our bill when we went out for coffee a few days ago.  Maybe I look more dignified in specs?  Or maybe I just look like the naughty librarian.  Yeah baybeeeee.  Slapperella says that you get back the vibes that you give out.  Hmmm.  Slutty lawyer? tee hee.

Hey - at least I have my sense of humor. All my other senses (not all, obviously) are going to Hell.


Expat and the City said...

What a nightmare! That sucks :( I hope your baby blues are back to normal ASAP. Hilarious post ~ as usual...teeheehee!

I was just told I need to give up coffee & chocolate because of the caffeine! Now I'm ready to jump off the Kuwaiti Towers!

Butterfly on the Wall said...

My condolences on having to discard your makeup :-(
When you're healed call me for your full tilt girlie day. XOXOX

Anonymous said...

It doesn't help either that you have a majority of the population of Kuwait with pink eye and they will not see a doctor for it and it spreads like a forest fire. I never had pink eye in my life until I came to Kuwait

Anonymous said...

I hear bud is great for glaucoma..

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 11:32:

I think that the concept of hygiene is different. If you've ever been to a doctor here and had the kid next to you sneeze in your direction with his mother/father looking on, you'll know that. I usually turn around and sneeze in the direction of the parents (but that's just me).

LWDLIK said...

Oh DG sad to hear you've had to be make-up less (ok also not nice having borderline glaucoma but at least you could go out LOL.. with a stick and a dog). Thought you were quiet on FB very unlike you :O) MWAHH get better soon sweety xxx

Um Abdulrahman said...

And good news is there s a way how to deal with it :-)
For 4-5 days lenses and make up are off limits of course.
This is a shortcut:
1.antihistamine medicine 3 times a day i go for telefast 180 mg
2. Chloramphenicol ointment 5% 3 times a day
3. antialergic eye drops as per need
4.solcoceryl eye gel as per need
It seems that year is something in the weather, so keep watching for all next week- the veins in your eyes shouldnt be enlarged and redish, check up the morning eye discharge, if any immediately start meds

Desert Girl said...

Um Abdulrahman -

I've been to 3 doctors, 5 times. I have been on a lot of meds since it started the first week of June. I'm not doing Vigamox (moxifloxacin Hydrochloride) drops 3x per day and ointment at night (for the next week).

Prior to this, I was doing 2 different types of drops 3 and 4 times a day and ointment at night and in the morning.

All this with tear eye drops in between.

I don't self-medicate when it comes to eyes. This is some scary sh*t that isn't going away; it has affected the cornea in my left eye and I aint playin.

I normally pop Claratin like they are tic-tacs.

Top Secret said...

I had the same viral eye infection in 2004 and I agree that it was a miserable experience. I went to the opthamologist at the international clinic 2 or 3 times a week for about 3 weeks. I forget the doctors name but I was on Cipro antibiotic eye drops for about 10 days and also a steroid eye ointment. The doctor said the virus actually attacks the cornea and white spots were visible on my cornea, which is an indication that the immune system is trying to fight off the infection.

My vision was messed up for almost a year as a result of the infection. I finally went back to the US to be fitted for a new pair of RPG conact lenses.

If things don't get better, I'd recommend going back to the US to see an opthamologist.

Desert Girl said...

Top Secret -

OMG!!! That sounds a lot like what I have, but I'm not on Cipro yet. I had 3 white spots on my cornea (that have cleared up since). It does seem to be getting better and every day my eyes are becoming more normal (bigger).

The doctor I have been going to at International Clinic, Dr. Abdelsamat, is probably the same one you went to. I saw him for another problem in 2003.

Did you have soft contact lenses before you got the RPGs? I have astigmatism in one eye and maybe RPGs are the way to go(?). I'll definately check into it when I go back to DC in August.

I hope you can see okay now.

Thanks for your comment - really got me thinking.