Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cool looking apartment

I have driven by this house about a million times and LOVE the design.  The top floor is round with surround windows.   It is in Rumaithiya Block 6 on Shaheen Al-Ghanim Street between the English Playgroup (I think? Pre-school) and Bidaa Round About / Rumaithiya 24-hour satellite co-op.  If anyone is looking for location and a cool place to live, here ya go.  I don't know any details - sorry.    Phone is 9902-5194

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Anonymous said...

Yes I have passed by that apartment and have wondered what it looked like inside. I know of several other homes in my area (Hatteen) that are pretty impressive and one of them I almost moved into..There are many beautiful homes and Apartments in Kuwait. Peace * Nofa