Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kuwait: Infidelity in the Age of Technology

This from the Arab Times Local Section today.  Lovin it!

"Woman reports 'unfaithful' husband with video proof

Kuwait City, June 16:  A Kuwaiti woman reported her husband's infidelity with a Filipina at the Mubarak al-Kabeer Police Station Tuesday evening, and supporded her claim with video evidence. (You GO GIRL!)

The woman told polcie officers that she became suspicious anytime she went to work, so she decided to erect a video camera inside the house.  The woman went ahead to show the video tape to police, which involved the entire scenario of her husband and his Filipina concubine (who the F uses that word??) engaging in (an) indecent act.  Police have registered the case for further investigation."  (WHAT further investigation?  Giflfriend got it on TAPE.)

I bet that the husband is going to blame it on the wife - asking why she put up a camera.  I wonder if it was the maid.  It sounds like it.  I hope this comes as a warning to other cheating husbands.  Dudes - at least don't sh&t in your own back yard!

I hope she saved a copy for YouTube and to pass around his diwaniya.  I would have made stills and sent them to KUNA.  (She's probably way nicer/less vindictive than I am.)

Nannycam Kuwait!

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Kal said...

yeah, i read that the other day, the bastard deserves it, and loved the way you played with the word "erect" and definitely who uses the word "concubine"!

daggero said...


I think even if she got it on tape it will not be accepted by the court as evidence because it was done without a court warrant , it happened many times before with recordings of a spouse cheating on their partner but again it was not acceptable .

Anyhow she the newspaper today said she did not press charges ???

Do you think there is a Linda Bobbitt in the making ??

Desert Girl said...

Kal - I re-read it and did not the "erect"! :) tee hee. I'm glad there are people out there of a similar mindset... tee hee

Daggero - I was discussing this with a lawyer friend this weekend an dhe said the same thing. I think it will, however, set a prescident for other women in similar circumstances and I can't WAIT for all of that!

Lorena Bobbitt. From Northern Virginia. Where I'm from....

There is no need to cut it completely off, BTW. Superglue does amazing things for fidelity.

Anonymous said...

If the 'concubine' (only in Kuwait... rolls eyes)in question had been a Kuwaiti woman, I'd be all for whatever level of embarrassment or shame the wife could inflict. Rather unfortunately, it is likely the Filipina concubine who is going to bear the brunt of everyone's wrath and embarrassment. That's not funny at all.