Thursday, June 10, 2010

WTF is up with the weather?!

I knew it was going to be a hot summer, but this is just BS.  Hot, dry, dusty - and whatever is in all that crap that is floating around is making me SICK.

I have had a stomach flu literally on/off for over 2 weeks (maybe 3?).  I've been back and forth to the doctor, popped meds like M&Ms.  Do you know that the ENTIRE COUNTRY of Kuwait is out of stock of Immodium?  The country?  Really?  People - that should tell  you something.  I'm thinking of having a wide screen installed on my bathroom wall.  Desert Dawg comes in and tilts her head to the side like, "Mommy, there is something seriously wrong with you."  Yuh.  I've been eating tea and I'm pretty sure that I'll grow tea sprouts soon.  Eating tea as a home-remedy usually works for me - better than Immodium - but not this time.  Dayam.

(What other girl with a pink blog do you know who writes about this kind of stuff??)

The Southern Region has been a major dilema; however, the weather is now affecting the Northern Region:  My eyes.  I saw one of those e-mail horrible movie clips about a woman who goes to the doctor complaining of eye pain, only to discover she has a full sized grub worm that has grown behind her eyeball.   THAT is what it feels like.  Either a grub worm or little pieces of glass.

Could be glass.  I got glass in my eyes in my 2003 car accident in which a boy driving a rental Pajero rammed into my car, shattering the driver's side window.  Had glass in my eyes and glass down my panties (how both places, you ask?  I went forward on impact, was wearing jeans and bada bing!  Glass in the pants...)  NOT fun.  I still can't collect for the accident because he's in JAIL serving a drug sentence unrelated to my accident (I KNEW he was high!!!!).  His father was a former MP.  I digress....

If only the International Clinic sold stock.... 

I tried to make an appointment with their eye doctor and he's booked solid, so I'm going to my GP who is like a shade-tree mechanic; she can fix just about anything (except for man troubles - I know because I have asked her).

Speaking of man troubles...

I was followed by an old guy in an old car and dude was relentless.  I went to the co-op, circled back, went down several streets - all the time  feeling God-awful because my eye is hurting and the make-up I tried to apply to look better had just teared off and made me look like a racoon (wore my sunglasses).  Anyways, dude wouldn't stop and I was in no mood to have him follow me down the highway, so I pulled over to take his number just to get rid of  him.  Baba-ohd make a move to get out of his car! Nooo, he so must not live in my area. So I just tell him, I have to go and to give me the number.  Guess what; Baba-ohd can't remember his own phone number (in either Arabic or English!).  WTF!   He struggled over it several times and could.not.remember.   You follow a woman all over and then you can't remember your number?  I peeled out so fast that he didn't have a chance to follow me.  Dude!

Why don't handsome men in nice cars follow me when I feel GOOD?? 

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Stani said...

the old looser could have used up a pick up line just there, " I was so lost in your beauty, that i even forgot my own number " could i have your's instead ??? . I think he uses his pee wee to think. :-)