Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Kuwait Visa Article 18 Process

I get asked this a lot:  What are the requirements for obtaining an Article 18 visa?  Well, it changes almost on a daily basis and it depends where you are from and how much wastah your sponsoring company has.  A few years ago, I documented the process in flowcharts. Disclaimer:  things may have changed.  This is to give an overall "big picture" approach to what is required and approximate timeframes.  You'll still have to talk to people who are in the know officially (I'm not).  Companies like CIBT (www.cibt.com) can help.  They also expedite the security clearance attestments and offer other services.  You can also try to find out from the official applicable Kuwaiti Government department (ROFLMAO). 

So here is the unofficial version of the big picture for Western applicants:

If you have trouble viewing the diagrams and you want a better copy, write to me and I'll send you a file (amerab@gmail.com).  Sometimes photos don't upload so well to Blogger.

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