Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Murse Hits Kuwait

I really don't have a lot of fascinating things to say today, but I had my oatmeal for breakfast and I thought I would throw around some random thoughts.

Kuwaiti men have started carrying man-purses and I don't think I like it.  I have a few friends who pack toiletry bags full of their stuff and carry them around with them.  They seem to believe this is masculine.  I think it is .... well.... an excuse to carry a purse.  First off, it is a toiletries kit and I always wonder if they are going to whip out some after shave and a razor.  (Or just wonder if they're there for the night?  Come to my house carrying a toiletries bag and my mind does tend to wander.)  But no... it is the "fashion" in Kuwait (and Kuwait always has their own "fashion") for guys to carry around their 4 cell phones (tablets, padlets, 007 decoder phones whateverthefucktheyare), 2 packs of cigarettes, lighter/s, a pen and paper, and perhaps some cologne in their murse.  Yes, that's right - I would have almost the same stuff in mine but with a lipstick too.  (I'm not asking them about that.)  Wouldn't it be far more masculine to don a tool belt?  Or cargo pants with pockets?  Or maybe leave half your crap in your car?  What's up with the murse?

The other night, a friend (who shall remain nameless as to guard his masculinity) came over and put his murse on the counter near my purse.  I have a Swarovski pen which is black on one end and full of tiny crystals on the other end.  It was sitting on the counter.  He looked at it strangely for a while and then retrieved the same pen from his murse and showed it to me.  Em..... that was going too far:  We have the same stuff in our purses.  I'm looking at him differently now (can't help it). 

Man up, Kuwait!!!


Traveler said...

In Europe I carried a small bag because I had to deal with multiple currencies (Pre Euro) and IDs. Since then, if it dont fit in my pockets I dont need it.

Anonymous said...

No normal men do any if what is described. You must hang out with weirdos !

Kk284 said...

haha...was talkin' about this with my kuwaiti buddies a few weeks back...You know I've seen them walk around with LV murses and other high end its now on a list of things you carry to advertise the size of your disposable income : )...SUPER UNMANLY!

Sara said...

They really do that now? @@ o.O 😳😳

I need to go out more..