Sunday, September 25, 2011

Guided Tours of Kuwait: Narodna

A reader has asked me to post this.  GLADLY.  It is about someone created tour packages with reasonable prices and reasonable terms and conditions (like reasonable numbers of minimums).  Good on ya. 

Now, for the love of God, will someone please publish chalet and farm rentals in English with English speaking agents?

Unlike Nuzha Tours, these guys don't have a minimum number of people necessary to take the tours, so if you have someone visiting, they are really convenient.

"Are you fed up with the shopping malls and the same restaurants? Do you yearn to see a piece of the real Kuwait?

Guided tours can be arranged for your enjoyment with a bilingual guide and driver who can pick you up from your hotel/house/apartment and drop you back.

Option 1:
Dickson House, Sadu House, Kuwait National Museum, Harem Souk, Heritage Souk (include set menu traditional dinner)
12 KD per person

Option 2:
Kuwait Modern Art Museum, Kuwait National Museum, Gulf War Museum, shopping in Harem Souk and Heritage Souk (include set menu traditional dinner)
12 KD per person

Option 3:
Kuwait Modern Art Museum, Maritime Museum, traditional heritage café,(include set menu traditional dinner),shopping in Harem souk and Heritage Souk
12 KD per person

Option 4:
For those who like shopping (Friday and Saturday)
Friday Market, Iranian Souk, Material Souk, traditional heritage café,(include set menu traditional dinner),shopping in Harem Souk and Heritage Souk
12 KD per person

Option 5:
Full day on Morqab Farm (dogs, sheep, goats, chickens, fish pond, etc) with traditional kuwaiti lunch, bbq dinner in evening with shisha, complimentary arabian tea, coffee and soft drinks.
(6 persons min)
10 KD per person

Option 6:
Camel racing (December to March) with dinner at Morqab Farm, including shisha, complimentary Arabian tea, coffee and soft drinks.
10 KD per person

Contact us on email:, or mobile:  (965) 6510-0772

- End -

If anyone takes the tours, let me know your feedback.


Nikki said...

This looks awesome! I'm so glad somebody finally thought to put this kind of thing together!

Anonymous said...

f-ing a!
i only hope it's a legitimate business with a license, if not it's just another fly by night operation like all the mommas and daughters cupcake things.
get a license, go long and develop this damn country.
it's a pain, i KNOW.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 8:12 - WHYYYYYYYYYYY??? At this point, who cares if it is a licensed company? So what if it is a fly by night? I'm so sick of the BS corruption and paperwork in this country - I honestly don't see the point in obtaining a license (and THEN having somebody with bigger dick/wastah either stealing the entire business from out under you - or closing it entirely because they feel like it).

"Develop this country???" Do you REALLY HONESTLY believe that small entrepreneurs can do anything to beat the system - unless they are backed by a single "family"? OMG. Wake up and smell the chai haleeb! Small businesses are fighting a loosing battle against people who would rather keep the country away from development.

Moi? I would rather give my money to any small business with a great idea offering quality service. I no longer care about the licensing unless it is a restaurant or anything to do with the medical field. In the end - no one will enforce it anyway.

Cynical? YessirreeeBob I am!

Janet said...

Looks good. The only thing I'm missing from the "menu" is tha Tareq museum.

Chris Page said...

We did a tour with this company last week as we had only 36h in Kuwait and wanted to see as much as we could in a short time.

In a nutshell - they were fantastic. Really one of the best tours I've had, with a personal local driver who worked very hard to make sure we had a great day. We were well looked after and having a local Kuwait guide who seemed simply to want to show you the best of what his city had to offer, meant that we got to see Kuwait at its best.

Loved it, would encourage others to do the tours too!

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