Thursday, September 08, 2011

Nairobi, Kuwait

Isn't it about time that Kuwait got serious about money laundering?  For as long as I've been here, there has been talk about "anti-corruption committees".  Let's form a committee to form a committee to form a committee.  Then, nothing has to be done about it. 

I love these political cartoons, Bu Qutada & Bu Nabil.  I'm glad that they're in English.  (From Alwatan Daily)  Sorry, I couldn't enlarge any more.

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John Vagabond said...

A friend follows your blog, so being the curious type, I sneaked a look. Peachy. Just peachy. Especially Wansa vacuum cleaners or McDyson's or whatever the Facebook generation calls them.
I hate driving in Hawalli too, but nobody looks at my butt.