Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why the rude?

I started my weekend off being blocked in by a car in our underground parking garage at work.  I was wrongly parked in a space that I thought belonged to our company.  I shoulda paid more attention to the sign (in Arabic), but I've seen other people from our company park there before, so I didn't think anything of it.  Anyways, there are usually lots of other spaces and it is no big deal.  If someone needs to block someone else in for any reason, they leave their number on their windshield incase you want them to move it. In this case, not only was the person blocking my car in, but blocking a big portion of the way out of the lot.  I called the hariss, he went to the company.  A nice guy came down and agreed that it was "not nice thing to do" to block my car.  A while later, a woman came down, all full of attitude, flanked by 3 men.  WTF, did they think we were going to fist fight?  Did she bring her lawyers with her?  I apologized, she was haugthty and arrogant.  I told her, in a regulated tone with a smile, that regardless, I wouldn't block anyone the way she did to me - without a note, that it wasn't nice. Diva's boy-band back-up singers agreed with me - nodding in understanding and agreement.  There might be some reason why someone would need to park in the space.  She told me that I live in an Arabic speaking country and I should learn Arabic.  I told her she should learn who she is dealing with before instigating "unrest". You betta check yourself before you wreck yourself.   Perhapsee I shoulda just slammed it into reverse and jack up her circa 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix.  I just got in my car and had some words for her (although this time I didn't use dirty words), leaving her out there screeching, "What did she zay?  What did she zay?" ... guess she wanted more.  Perhapsee if it hadn't happened in the parking lot where I worked, I would have given her more (I need to at least try to keep outward appearances, n'est pas?)

(Insert here:  A million fantasies of what I COULD do in retaliation....  Fantasies of grabbing her by the garb and punching her lights out.  Fantasies of how her beater car would look after my rental 4X with full coverage insurance - and the ability of immediate replacement vehicle - repeatedly slammed into it.  Fantasies of a Louisville slugger going through her windshield. And, perhaps notsomuch a fantasy:  calling beloved wastah at the traffic department for the sudden appearance of traffic fines on her record...  Yada.  Elevated blood pressure.... anger, anger....rrrr. )

Southern Bedu told me that if it ever happens again, I should call the police:  They'll have the car towed and ticketed.  He also advised me that if anyone starts talking to me that way again, just to wave my hand, Kuwaiti-style and say, "En zain.  Yala!  Yalaaaaaa khalass!" ....Yeah, I shoulda.  Hindsight.  Sometimes the only way to out-diva a diva is by becoming a bigger diva.

So anyhoo, not a good way to start off the weekend.

Rude, Part Deux:

Several weeks ago, Sir Software invited everyone at a "dinner" at my house that night, to a party at his chalet in 2 weeks.  "Bring your friends."  So, we invited several friends and my friends invited several of their friends; busy people with demanding jobs/little to no down time,  people who schedule things during the free time that they have. Southern Bedu went out and bought swim trunks (he didn't have any). I packed gear and I almost bought beach chairs.   It was to have been this past Friday.  Thursday rolls around and SS isn't answering his phone or returning text messages.  None of the other gang members have heard from him... So, I texted friends who I invited and told them it was off.  SS is a friend of Pookey's and bless her heart, she tried to make ammends for him, but alas, there is just no excuse.  Game over.

Rude, Part Trois:

So we decide to get together with some friends on Friday night.  One of my friends really offended another friend and now everyone's feathers are ruffled. There has been a disturbance in the henhouse and there's a whole lot of clucking going on.  It is a delicate line for me to walk because I love both of them, but now I have a dilema because we get together every weekend and if it can't be smoothed over, I will have a hard time (yes, it's all about me again).  It happened in my home, so it is difficult...

And I know you are reading this but you just can't talk that way.  You can't.  It is not okay. 

The Aftermath:

So all this left me craving comfort foods.  I have had several blonde moments lately where I'll order food online, wait and wait for delivery; only to discover that I forgot to press the "Submit Order" key.  Hardees is 2 nanoseconds away from me, so it wasn't such a big deal and I finally got my hamburger (although I could only eat half).  I couldn't even sleep last night.  I'm feeling really restless today and discontented like I want to be someplace else far far away.  I have built a contented, quality lifestyle for myself and all of a sudden, I feel like it is under attack from bad energy and I need a retreat.  Maybe I need to whip out my crystals and sage and cleanse the house.

Good energy:  Southern Bedu has been my rock lately.  He brings me pink roses every week and "Okay" or "Yes" are his responses to just about any whims that I have (like home projects, shopping, etc.).  He's off to look at rental chalets so we can do our own thing.  I have seriously seriously had enough rudeness for a while and I very much appreciate his kindness. 

 Time to cash in that massage voucher that Spanx gave me (thanks girl!  I love you and miss you!)  I should also get into Harmony House (which is just a rock's toss from where I live) and do some meditating.  OOOOOOOOOOsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


TisMe said...

"He also advised me that if anyone starts talking to me that way again, just to wave my hand" *thumbs up*

He's totally right , you don't wanna ruin your mood/day on them "Rudies",If you can't get in their good side just give them your back while they're talking and leave.

angelo said...

...because shot gun bullets are bad for your health...