Monday, September 05, 2011

Blood type OOOOOOOO

What blood group are you, and do you take it up the butt?

Arab Times
September 5, 2011
‘Indecent’ query: Scores of people — men and women, Kuwaitis and expatriates — are said to have expressed their dismay at the queries contained in the Blood Bank form which they have to answer prior to donating blood, reports Al-Mustaqbal daily.  It has been reported that donors are particularly embarrassed when it comes to answering the query No 30 pertaining to anal sex.  The daily added the Ministry of Health should test the samples of donated blood instead of making the donors answer embarrassing questions.

(Proving once again that no good deed goes unpunished.)

Hey, BTW, this post has nothing to do with the title of the next post - incase you were wonding.  Perv.  It's not my fault you have a dirty mind.


Anonymous said...

i give blood every 8 weeks and the form is no biggie - also asks if you have engaged in prostitution....what's the deal

i'll scan the form for you

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 4:13 - That would be great! If you don't mind scanning it and sending it to me, I'll post it. Cool.

So.... have you ever engaged in prostitution? ;)

Anonymous said...

Those are just standard type questions. You have to answer the same and other similar questions when donating blood in the States.

Chirp said...

I used to give blood through the American Red Cross when I was in college back in the States and they used to ask similar questions.
They also ask you if you have taken drugs through needles, or have shared needles with anyone, or slept with anyone who has done drugs through injecting them.

tiaalo said...

Yeah this is definately the norm and is usually in place to make sure they only receive "clean" blood.
Of course they test all blood that passes through, but it makes it easier and is cheaper if they can eliminate blood that is at a higher risk of having some form of contamination from the start.
Anyway it's a medical form, it's confidential.

Desert Girl said...

Tiaalo - Don't fool yourself - NOTHING is confidential in Kuwait.

I believe the blood bank could re-phrase the question to cover a variety of issues, "Have you ever engaged in unprotected sex?" I don't believe that there is any reason to specify the orifice.