Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Thanks to the "Emergency" notice to US Citizens (most likely) from (new) wardens at the Embassy, I'm now aware of the demonstrations and where they are. Thanks youse guys.

"An anti-corruption demonstration is planned for the early evening hours at Determination Square on Wednesday, September 21 in downtown Kuwait City." 

(By the by, in the spirit of "freedom":  Did you know that Determination Square is also a gay pick-up place in the evenings?  Just a little bit of trivia for ya thar.)

"There are also reports of possible demonstrations in support of Bidoon rights on Wednesday, September 21 in the cities of Jahra, Al-Sulaibyah and Al-Ahmadi." 

DG:  This is probably why Refugees International is in town to support the Bidoon in the demonstrations and document what takes place.  Awesome.  You go, RI!  Why Jahra, Sulaibiya and Ahmadi?  For several reasons:  many Bidoons can't get drivers licenses or own vehicles.  And many can't afford gas.  Why?  Because they have no nationality, are shunned by the system, and many do not have jobs or identification. How they gonna git away?  No git away car.  No git-away license.  Simple. What they gonna do?  Take the bus?  (Ergo the DEMONSTRATIONS.   Get educated. End the suffering.)

So, there are always alarmist people (usually newbies) who say, "Oh my GOD!  Demonstrations!  I'm going to bolt myself inside and wait a few days until they are over to go out."  Yeah, I know because I know some of those types.  Gimme a break!  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  Why are you HERE?  Nancys.

The only way I know there will BE demonstrations is through the US Embassy Warden Notifications (again, thank you. I pass the info along.) and 2) the only way I know there HAVE been demonstrations is the little pieces of information I can sew together from the Arab Times or other news agencies (and by the way - the really good stuff comes from Reuters or media in the UAE).

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American Girl said...

And I thank you for passing that information along and for being so supportive of the stateless issue. We take a lot of crap from negative people just for supporting them... I can't even imagine how they must feel facing such discriminations daily.

You're a wonderful person.