Tuesday, September 06, 2011

You GoGirl!

My mother gets a lot of old lady catalogs.  Baby boomers are gettin up there and they are fair game for retailers.  Well (disclaimer) she gets a gazillion catalogs because that's just another form of shopping and it is, of course, The Way of My People.

So this one particular old lady catalog has some fun and interesting items.  I guess the item below caught my eye because it's PINK.

Ladies!  When you are driving for miles through the desert to some of the "remote camps" - here is something just for YOU.  Desert camping this winter?  Little boat, no bathroom?  Can also be used to add engine oil.

Available from http://www.asweage.com/!  (They also have "as we age and don't have a partner anymore" products - cause everybody knows, the men die first.)

My friend just asked me if it is dishwasher safe.  That is just wrong.  ROFL!!!


Anonymous said...

obviously designed by a man
as a woman, i would venture to say if the seal wasn't tight, there might be leakage. seeing like it looks like it's supposed to be worn all the time, sealing would be an issue.
now the engineer man that designed this would probably has answer to the sealing issue. a suction seal.
what's wrong with dropping your knickers in the desert and squating

American Girl said...

I won't even ask what it double as if you reverse it! And what if someone finds this in your bag?! Though it could sure save a girl a few trips to the Burger King Mutla'a on a cold morning.

Angelo said...

i think any "ladies" that drive around "remote camps" will need far more than this device...

UK Yankee said...

You haven't heard of the ShePee either, I guess? I'm really conflicted over these things; I can't tell if they're awful or awesome. (I guess it depends on the circumstances!)

I also have the same question as your friend - like, how would you store/wash one of those??

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 5:39 - I'm with ya. I wouldn't mess with it, but then I think you have put waaaay too much thought into it. :)

American Girl - Poor, poor Burger King. It gets a work out doesn't it? :)

Angelo - Um, they do all the time. Where ya been since 2003, honey?

UK - Nope, I haven't. It isn't like I'm out there looking for these items. This one found me. Ya know... the THINGS people put in their dishwashers... never ceases to amaze.

Possumdawg said...

We just pull over and use the bushes or trees here in Georgia(USA). Women use the mens room at sporting events too.