Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kuwait K9 Association hosts Kuwait Dog Show this Weekend in Mishref

Mishref Fair Grounds - Hall #7

Come to the KK9A dog show this weekend - taking place at Mishref Exhibition Hall #7 on December 2 and 3. It is free and open to the public. Bring your kids. Get great dog advice from trainers and breeders on site. Show takes place indoors for your comfort. See the KK9A FB page for more information on the group at

This is a wonderful group of people who have become my friends over the years and have helped me immensely with Mikey.  They held a show last year and you can see the video here:,

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ayurvedic Massage: Diva's Ladies Salon Home Service

Ad:Symptoms like body aches, joint pain, stiffness of muscles - book your appointment for Ayurvedic relax massage in the comforts of your home- Promotional offer - 15KD - 90 minutes session. This is one perfect gift you can give yourselves and your loved elder ones.  Extremly friendly staff who will take special care of the senior citizen requirement.  Whatsapp-99006934.

Disclaimer:  I booked the ayurvedic home service for the "body aches, joint pain, stiffness of muscles" NOT the "senior citizen requirement." (They also do postnatal massage, which would be a really nice gift to friends who have just delivered!  I still didn't book for that - unless you count the pizza I ate last week from Sbarro as a small baby...)

I found Diva's through a Facebook ad and had a fabulous at-home Ayurvedic massage!  90 minutes of hot oil and really professional massage done by a certified ayurvedic therapist from Kerala, Ms. Reena.

I don't have the patience or time to go to a salon for a massage anymore.  I can't stand the traffic and by the time I get home from the massage, I'm all stressed out again.  I prefer to call someone to do the home service.

Ms. Reena brought all the equipment and set up at my home.  I was kind of concerned about the oil getting all over my room, but it turned out to be a non-issue.  They bring plastic sheeting to fit over the massage table they bring and nothing goes onto your floor.

The oil is some kind of special therapeutic oil that comes from Kerala that is supposed to be good for your muscles.  The therapist asks you not to take a shower for an hour after the massage to allow the oil to work into your skin.

I've had "massages" before where I thought the lady was touching me with a feather rather than actually getting into my aching muscles.  This was not one of those massages.  She knows what she's doing.  She worked on all my problem areas and with 90 minutes, there was plenty of time so it wasn't done in a rush.

The only thing I didn't like about the experience was that the oil is heated, so it gets a little smokey. I kind of felt like a fryer chicken at one point and I wish I had known so I could have ventilated a little better.  For those of you who are sensitive to smells (like I am), this is a consideration.

Don't expect it to be a Pinky's Salon experience.  Diva's home service doesn't have all the frills that Pinky's does.  Pinky's has obviously spoiled me for every other home service!:  They usually sets up with fresh rose petals, soft music, candles, and even a tea service with cookies or chocolate (THEY bring it all).  Diva's is a table and that's about it.  You should prepare to provide your own ambiance (and/or tea service!).

Overall, WELL worth the 90 minute experience at 15KD.  Check out Diva's on Facebook or Instagram.  They've got 2 salons and their prices are outstanding.

Slight word of warning:  Be patient (I'm not.,..) giving directions to your home on the first appointment.  The driver asked me for directions, but asked if I spoke Hindi.  While it is definitely on my list of languages to learn - sadly, notsomuch right now.

To book an at-home appointment:  Whatsapp 9006934
 Instagram:  @divasladiessalon


Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Arrested/Jailed in Kuwait?

People always assume that it is the role of the US Embassy to get people out of trouble in Kuwait.   It's not the mission of the embassy. You get your dumbass into trouble, you must be responsible enough to get your dumbass out.  I was searching for something else on the Embassy's website today and I came across the below.  It defines the role of the Embassy if you are arrested and/or a prisoner.  If  you or someone you know is incarcerated in Kuwait, you can take it a step further by contacting your senator or congressman to try to assist.

This is the Embassy's statement:

The U.S. Embassy cannot effect the release of U.S. citizens imprisoned in foreign jails. However, a U.S. consular officer will insist on prompt access to an arrested U.S. citizen, provide a list of attorneys, provide information on the host country's legal system, offer to contact the arrested citizen’s family or friends, visit on a regular basis, protest mistreatment, monitor jail conditions, and keep the Department of State informed.

 You can read the entire post here:,

The below was posted on Western Expats in Kuwait group on Facebook.  So once you order this stuff, you should really read the Embassy's post. :D

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Just A Gigolo

So the new thing in Kuwait is gigilos  attracting women clients via social media.  I've heard that most of them are bidoon, but who knows?  Maybe they're Kuwaiti dudes too just out for some action while getting some side cash.  (It's all about the money.)  These guys are either handsome and/or body builders.   They offer "fitness instruction" and massage, but mostly get paid for full body massage/happy endings.

I met two online through dating apps so far.  Nice guys.  Conversations started out as they always do, "Where do you live?  What do you do for a living... yada."  Then, the conversation turned to talk  about them being fitness instructors and how they do great massage.....  he heh.  

[I'm wondering if my ex also falls into that category (Mr. Clean) as he has so many women on different accounts (yes, he's still at it, folks!).  Clean is NOT a body builder; That would require actual work and dedication.  But he is handsome and he is good at massage so maybe.]   

You know me - I have a sick sense of curiosity and I talked to both of them about what kind of women they meet, what they charge, etc.   Are they older ladies?  NO.  They are young and for the most part, attractive (so they tell me).

However, seems like they ladies aren't the only ones asking for their services!  One of the guys went to see a female "client" for a massage.  He said she looked just like Haifa Wehebe.  He couldn't believe his luck; tall, gorgeous, stacked.... until he discovered that her appendage was bigger than his! This kind of thing just cracks me up (so to speak).  So then, Haifa didn't want to let him leave.  She/he said she/he had influential friends and that she/he would call the police.  Gigilo dude ended up running out of the apartment.  (Giggles)

I'm sorry, but I will never be desperate enough to pay some guy to "touch me".  Unless it is a professional massage somewhere.  My gay masseuse, Alex, in DC who does a MEAN NMT (physical therapy) massage.  But he's gay and absolutely professional.

Hey Mr. Clean!  Listen to the lyrics of this song! 
"... there will come a day when youth will pass away.  
What will they say about you?  
When the end comes I know you are just a gigilo. 
Life goes on without you...."

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Kuwait K9 Association Dog Show

Got a Gorgeous dog? Think about entering

Kuwaiti K9 Association are happy to announce the second tournament  work and show dogs tournament hosting a judge from a the global organization FCI and WUSV

Tournament will take place in a closed exhibition to avoid bad weather conditions.

Tournament will take place in the land of exhibitions in west of Mishref.

Tournament organizers:
Tournament date : 2/12/2016 to 3/12/2016

You can start registering now and for FREE!

In order to register, please provide the following documents:
1-Copy of Civil ID (both sides)
2-Copy of documents in which type of dog, date of birth and last vaccination date are shown.

Terms and conditions:
1-Dog will have to be from a well known type and not hybrid.
2-Dog in a good health condition and amputated parts from its body.
3-Dog is taking periodical vaccination regularly and last vaccination date do not exceed year.

Where to register !
1-Royal pet centre (Abu Yousif shop)
2-Kuwaiti K9 training club (Abu Rawan in Kabd area)

Companies that would like to sponsor tournament can contact us through the following phone numbers:
+965 96086119
+965 55355615
+965 99661211


1-Tournament cup and medal
2-Certificate signed by FCI judge and leader of the association.


Due to the participance of a judge from the World Organization of the FCI and the commitment of the World Organization laws it prohibits the participation of dogs descendants of certificates by organizations not recognized by the FCI.

if you have any questions contact us through the following :
+965 60426733
+965 66614888
+965 99661211