Sunday, November 06, 2016

Just A Gigolo

So the new thing in Kuwait is gigilos  attracting women clients via social media.  I've heard that most of them are bidoon, but who knows?  Maybe they're Kuwaiti dudes too just out for some action while getting some side cash.  (It's all about the money.)  These guys are either handsome and/or body builders.   They offer "fitness instruction" and massage, but mostly get paid for full body massage/happy endings.

I met two online through dating apps so far.  Nice guys.  Conversations started out as they always do, "Where do you live?  What do you do for a living... yada."  Then, the conversation turned to talk  about them being fitness instructors and how they do great massage.....  he heh.  

[I'm wondering if my ex also falls into that category (Mr. Clean) as he has so many women on different accounts (yes, he's still at it, folks!).  Clean is NOT a body builder; That would require actual work and dedication.  But he is handsome and he is good at massage so maybe.]   

You know me - I have a sick sense of curiosity and I talked to both of them about what kind of women they meet, what they charge, etc.   Are they older ladies?  NO.  They are young and for the most part, attractive (so they tell me).

However, seems like they ladies aren't the only ones asking for their services!  One of the guys went to see a female "client" for a massage.  He said she looked just like Haifa Wehebe.  He couldn't believe his luck; tall, gorgeous, stacked.... until he discovered that her appendage was bigger than his! This kind of thing just cracks me up (so to speak).  So then, Haifa didn't want to let him leave.  She/he said she/he had influential friends and that she/he would call the police.  Gigilo dude ended up running out of the apartment.  (Giggles)

I'm sorry, but I will never be desperate enough to pay some guy to "touch me".  Unless it is a professional massage somewhere.  My gay masseuse, Alex, in DC who does a MEAN NMT (physical therapy) massage.  But he's gay and absolutely professional.

Hey Mr. Clean!  Listen to the lyrics of this song! 
"... there will come a day when youth will pass away.  
What will they say about you?  
When the end comes I know you are just a gigilo. 
Life goes on without you...."

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Desert Girl! First time in a very long time that I checked on you and your blog. Finding you still active on it was a happy moment, a good feeling, made me glad that I checked in. Don't know why particularly but it did. Keep it going, take it easy and enjoy!!