Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Arrested/Jailed in Kuwait?

People always assume that it is the role of the US Embassy to get people out of trouble in Kuwait.   It's not the mission of the embassy. You get your dumbass into trouble, you must be responsible enough to get your dumbass out.  I was searching for something else on the Embassy's website today and I came across the below.  It defines the role of the Embassy if you are arrested and/or a prisoner.  If  you or someone you know is incarcerated in Kuwait, you can take it a step further by contacting your senator or congressman to try to assist.

This is the Embassy's statement:

The U.S. Embassy cannot effect the release of U.S. citizens imprisoned in foreign jails. However, a U.S. consular officer will insist on prompt access to an arrested U.S. citizen, provide a list of attorneys, provide information on the host country's legal system, offer to contact the arrested citizen’s family or friends, visit on a regular basis, protest mistreatment, monitor jail conditions, and keep the Department of State informed.

 You can read the entire post here:,

The below was posted on Western Expats in Kuwait group on Facebook.  So once you order this stuff, you should really read the Embassy's post. :D

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I recently started reading your blog.
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Thank you!!!

For your blog, the time you take to write it :)
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