Monday, March 23, 2015

Fair Rents

Kuwait to establish new entity to set fair rents
Sunday, 22 March 2015 1:25 PM
Arabian Business (

Kuwait will establish an administrative body to set property rents in a bid to avoid extraordinary price rises, Arabic daily Al Anbaa has reported.

Landlords would be required to lodge their vacant property with the body, who would set rents according to criteria including the area, type of property, age and services, Al Anbaa said.

Rents have been rising well above inflation in the past two years, with thousands of new foreigners arriving in the Gulf state but little real estate development.

The influx of people also has affected traffic in Kuwait City and put extreme pressure on health services.

Most Kuwaitis are entitled to government housing but there is a long waiting list. Last year, local media reported the wait was up to 20 years due to a lack of available homes.

I posted my comments on my FB site, but for those of you who are boycotting FB, here ya go:

Yes yes, this is another committee being set up to discuss a problem.  BUT - at least they have started to discuss it.  You know - admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it.  

What I think Kuwait should first do is to:
  • Allow public access to names of landlords with tenants filing their rent through the Kuwait court system. 
  • Then, the Government should fine repeat offenders. 
  • And finally, should they continue to have violations, the Government shouldn't allow them to rent anymore for a period of time (maybe a year?). 

The renters court is a free service from the Government. Make the cheating landlords PAY; collect revenue for the country!  For example, if I should have to pay a lawyer to file a case against my landlord who is threatening me in some way and he/she is found to be guilty of that (by the court), why should I have to pay for the case?  

Next, I completely agree with this proposed entity/eventual law. There is an enormous lack of housing in Kuwait and exorbitant prices aren't helping anyone. Maybe if we were in another country where people could OWN property, they wouldn't have to set a rental cap because people would have a choice. There is no choice here.  

In Kuwait, you pay rent; at amounts that are equal to (if not more than) a mortgage payment for a pretty nice home in  your own country; only for the landlord to raise the rent prior to the completion of your lease.  You are also threatened and subjected to emotional duress (and this is in the "sanctuary" of your living space, right?).  And this all inside a residence that (again) YOU are paying for.  Often times by people who look down their noses at other local nationals as if they were lower-class, and less ethical than them.  Pot/kettle.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thoughts on Friendship

I had some delicious cookies today that must have fired off some synapses, getting me in a philosophical mood.

Today's topic, kids, is friendship.

With the exception of one person in my life (who I tell everything to - my BFF), most of my closest friends are men.  Why?  I have pondered this question myself and I believe it is because I am immediately more guarded around men and question their motives.  Therefore, I'm not willing to divulge all kinds of secrets and true feelings like I would around people of the same gender.  Once I get over the issue of intimacy and I feel secure that the new friend isn't there for me for that reason, I have deep discussions with my male friends.  Maybe they feel comfortable telling me things that they wouldn't tell other women in their lives or gain female insights.  And vice/versa.  I've had some dear male friends for several decades.  Some I call my "brothers".

Being a chatty girl, when I'm around other female friends, there's no mixed-gender tension there; we just talk frankly.  That is what gets you in trouble.  I am completely open and probably say way too much than I should; allowing for information I've related about myself to be misinterpreted/judged or worse - used against me later.  It's happened with most of my female friends.

So the good female longtime friends that I still have, that I have had are without-a-doubt loyal, non-judgmental and value me/accept me/celebrate me for who I am. The words "crazy" or "weird" are terms of endearment and not accompanied with the slant of an eye or some form of invisible question mark.

[Cyndy Tanner (M) is my oldest friend.  I've known her since I was 9 years old.  My oldest male friend is Abdullah Kaz.  I've known him since I was 13.  My oldest-oldest friends are my sisters and my mother, but I'm disqualifying them in this post because they're family.]

Hey, some new friends swear that they like me just because I am different ("crazy", "weird", "not mainstream", "funny", "a blast!" - I've heard a lot of that throughout my life).  Perhaps I'm there for the entertainment value?  I don't know.  If I'm there to entertain you; I'm not a friend.  I'm an unpaid entertainer;  not even acquaintance-level because you are feigning friendship to obtain something from me. I've had those people in my life.  They are emotional vampires who walk in and suck up your positive energy to replenish their own.  That's not a friend.

Along my journey, I've heard people say to me, "You're choosing the wrong friends."  I strongly disagree.  They are choosing the wrong friend in me.  I believe in seeing the good in people.  If you prove that I'm wrong, so be it.  The power of positive thought (projection) can be very strong.  I hope (equally strong) that what I project is what I will be returned.

I have values/ethics!  Perhaps that does not become immediately apparent because I'm usually telling jokes when I meet new people, but it becomes apparent later.  I expect my friends to have the same types of values that I do (even if they're packaged differently - like mine).  They know who I am.  I'm open and honest and have no problem telling you that don't want to live "inside the lines".  Or "normal" (whatever that means).  I am who I am. You are who you are. I celebrate people's differences and perspectives.  So, if my values are different than yours and you don't accept me for who I am, there is no need in feigning friendship.  Move on.  I have nothing to offer you.

Does that sound arrogant?  Well, I have had to do the same things when the situation is reversed.  I don't want to fake a friendship.  If I find myself judging a person or find that their values aren't the same, why should I be friends?  I'm not a mean girl.  I don't want to judge others. I don't want to put out negative energy in the world and I certainly don't want to hurt someone (ever had to stop yourself from talking about someone or giggling about them although they were an acquaintance - that is wrong.  Stop it!  God doesn't like ugly).  That person just has a different path than mine and I shouldn't be walking on theirs.

And people change.  People that you thought are walking your path suddenly take an alternate route (exit here). You suddenly realize that your values and theirs are no longer the same... or were they ever?  Should I feel betrayed or should I just take another more positive approach and say, 'They've just gone in another direction,' and wish them well?

Sometimes you don't want to talk about it.  Maybe it is too negative or perhaps you just  don't want to over-think a situation.  You just realize that the path is divided and maybe at some point down the road, the paths will meet up again under a different circumstance.  All meant to be.

What values do I send out and expect from others?  Loyalty, honesty, trust.

There is nothing that I would expect from others that I wouldn't be willing to do for them.  My real friends:    I can always call when I need their support (Hefty bags, duct tape, chainsaw, shovel - ha ha, just kidding).  If I'm sick, that person won't ask - they'll show up with OJ and chicken soup and offer to take me to the doctor.  When I need help, they don't think twice about doing it; even if it is something they're reluctant to do or they're busy.  They celebrate, not tolerate my presence.  Money, relationshits, jobs come and go; friends don't.  10 years may go by and you can pick up the phone and start talking to each other like it was yesterday; there's no judgement and no one takes it personally; sometimes life just gets in the way (Lina, Grace, Lucille, Eman - you know what I mean).    Love who/what I love because you're a loyal person (that doesn't mean we have to love the same food or the same people, but at least always be supportive).

And be grateful.  For everything.  Even if people don't turn out to be friends after all, be grateful and see the good in them and the situation.  It has taught you something.  You have seen another side to the same picture.  You've received someone else's perspective. It's a blessing.

End of sermon.  Have a great weekend.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Latest Trends in Hooking Up in Kuwait

Nah - this isn't even booty-call level.  This is below that standard....

There are no more relationships in Kuwait.  People don't date.  They don't need to.  They just get on the internet (programs like Instagram, WhoseHere, etc.), meet and then you can send them money for phone sex or a web cam session.

I don't date anymore. Honestly because I'm so revolted by how degrading everything has become. No one wants a decent relationship anymore.  They are obsessed with their "smart" phones (used by stupid people).  Most have multiple phones with multiple applications under multiple names. "Playing the field" has now become "playing the region".  All from the comfort of where ever you happen to be at that moment.

Disclaimer:  I have been living in Kuwait for a long time and I don't know how to rate it against dating back home in the US currently, so I can't say if it is better or worse or the same.  I'm just writing about my perspective and what I see here and now.

I met a guy recently through friends - and through the canine world.  I met him on several occasions  with his father.  They seemed like decent people and it was a decent way to meet.  We exchanged numbers.   So I started calling the guy and asked him the usual questions, 'Do you have a girlfriend,'  etc.  His answer was the same that I've heard from many-a-man lately:  "I don't have a girlfriend.  I have friends." Translation:  I have a lot of hook-up girls that I just call on for sex.  "I don't want a relationship." Wow.  Ok.  So... you're showing interest back at me for the same reason?  The guy was into phone sex - that's it.  That's the extent of his contact.  When that wasn't to continue, our "friendship" was over.  Pity. I liked him for a while.

I was really shocked when my x was scammed on webcam having sex and being videotaped by what he thought was a cute girl he met on the internet.  Turned out to be a guy who wanted to blackmail him.  This was a huge blow to me - I still find it hard to believe.  It was no big deal to X.  He thought nothing of it.  And why should he, I guess?  He does it all the time.  Everybody seems to be doing it all the time.

(My mother calls it "The New Religion":  Head bent in worship of the mighty cell phone.)  

My friends at the farm talk about me behind my back.  I know this.  And it isn't deceitful or mean.  They don't intend any harm.  They just all find it hard to believe that I don't have a man around - and haven't. My dear friend recently said in front of me (making a face that could have been referring to an injured kitten), "(Desert Girl) isn't lucky in love."

Ooooooh nooooo, that's not the problem, girlfriend.  It is that I'm selective.  I'm not going to put up with all the same bullshit others might be willing to adapt to.  Nope.  Her boyfriend, for example, is a very close friend.  I wouldn't put up with the way he treats her.  Hell to the no.  I love him as a friend, but in a romantic relationship - no way.

I'm not going to bring some average guy who won't last a week with me back to meet my friends and family.  I'm not going to be known like some of our other friends who bring "flavor of the week" around. Not this girl. If they rank the friends and family stage, it is something serious.

But alas, I doubt that's going to happen at all in this new/modern Kuwait environment.  Ick.  Phone sex, web cams and booty calls in the middle of the night.  No thanks.

Kuwaiti Policeman Arrested for Raping MULTIPLE Children

Policeman arrested for raping children

KUWAIT: Well-informed security sources said that a policeman working at the Exits Department was recently arrested for multiple rape cases. The suspect admitted to raping several children, adding that he usually choose his victims from a building next to his house. He also confessed that his latest victim was a Syrian child he raped in Fintas. The suspect said that he uses military uniforms to distract and frighten the children. The suspect also confessed to committing several rape crimes similar to those committed by the notorious 'Hawalli Monster' who was executed few years ago.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior will launch a project to document all the works of police patrols through on-patrol radars and cameras to monitor policemen in direct contact with citizens and expats, well-informed MOI sources said. The step comes in response to abuse allegations.


Why even give this creature the respect of calling him a "Policeman"??!  Why shouldn't he be given a title befitting of him - like the Hawalli Monster?  Is it any different because he wore a uniform or because he's a local?


And uh yes - the MOI has problems with abuse allegations....  this is a pretty effing big one.  Serve, protect, and rape your children.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yo! Finally a considerate request: Mishwarna

If you read my bitching on the DG Facebook account, you'll know that recently one of my warmed-over peeves is people insisting/commanding/demanding that I post their information to my blog. Bitch please.

Here's what I wrote on Facebook about it (so I don't need to repeat myself):
I'm getting requests from people/companies wanting me to advertise/endorse their stuff on my blog. Here 'tis: If I don't know you, if I don't know your product or service, if you can't even be considerate enough to say, "Hey Desert Girl, would you like to try our fabulous product/service?"... then I'm not doing SHIT for you. WTF. People are pretty ballsy, no? What I get is, "I'm the Blah Blah Manager for Yada Yada Company. The below is good news - put it on your blog." Oh yeah? Says who?? Do I know you?? Don't sneak around blog-booty calling me at the last minute when you want my help. I know some bloggers are charging for posting just about anything; not this girl. If I like yo shit, I'll endorse it, but please, foreplay is everything! Be considerate.

Today, I got a very nice e-mail not even suggesting that I post their info to my blog, but just saying that they hoped I liked what they have been trying to produce. --- that was it.  Nothing more.  

And guess what!  I do like what they're producing and I am going to promote it. I am also a BIG fan of LOYAC and would promote just about anything they asked me to.  I think it's cool and I like Rawaf's  approach to me.  I also like promoting young creative Kuwaitis with new ideas.  It makes my country (that's right - it's MINE now) a better place.

Rawaf and Tamara, interns at LOYAC, have started a show called "Mishwarna" (in English means "our Journey").  They navigate Kuwait and search for cool and interesting places such as art cafes, healthy restaurants and more.   They try to stay away from the mainstream stuff and provide a funny and entertaining content to the audience.  Below is the Pilot Episode.  They have 2 more episodes out, and release 1 every Thursday. You can also find them on the LOYAC Kuwait Youtube channel, so please check them out.

They have additional episodes.  Thanks for writing to me, Rawaf and Tamara.  Wishing you big success.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Nigerian Friend: Victim of Human Trafficking in Kuwait

Please help if you can

I met him at a lovely gathering in a garden.  He was a soft-spoken man who listened intently to others around him and had very little to say, even when he had to introduce himself to the group.  He later came to me and asked me for my business card as we were leaving.

New Friend later modestly approached me asking me for assistance.  I like him.  He is well-spoken, very polite, has a professional demeanor and attitude, and he seems direct and sincere. I also like that he was named after a favorite American president; one that stood for equality and human rights.

Indentured servitude is not limited, however, to one country or continent.  It is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world.  Many of us are exposed to it, but what would you do to help end it?

I use the term "human trafficking" as by definition, he is an indentured slave.

New Friend paid a lot of money to a recruiter in Nigeria to introduce him to a company that offered to pay him 280KD per month as a security guard.  Later, he was told that he was to work in "horticulture" (translation:  he would be working on planting projects around Kuwait).  What he is being paid is 80KD per month.  One could argue that he isn't working for free; however, he didn't sign on for his current situation. He signed an agreement in good faith that his employers would hold up their end of the deal.  80KD is a lot different than 280KD.

Now sure, there are laws in Kuwait and he has rights.  Like complaining to the Ministry of Labor. They'll look into the matter (they already SHOULD be looking into the matter as every salary must be electronically deposited into an employee's account and it should match the employment contract - but oops!  the contract is in Arabic, so it might have said 80KD).  Most likely, the employee will be terminated and/or sent back to his country (without back pay and might even be black listed by the employer).  He'll still owe the recruiter whatever money he has agreed to pay for bringing him here. There are no hotlines that employees can call.  Nothing is anonymous.  There are always repercussions.

He's only been here for 8 months so he can't transfer to another company until he has completed a year.  That means that the unethical company can hire slave labor for an entire year before the employees can move to another company in Kuwait.

His embassy has told him just to hold on a few more months until he can transfer somewhere else.  I HOPE that when he does transfer, Unethical Company won't make his life difficult by refusing to release him.

Right now, New Friend is looking for supplemental income; any part time work so that he can get more income.  He came to Kuwait in good faith and wants to work.

If this Unethical Company had even one US government contract, I would blow the whistle so hard that it would land up someone's ass, but alas, most of Unethical Company's contracts revolve around local government - like hey - the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Awqaf (charity/welfare), Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education, and my personal favorite :  Supplying of Labor to the Public Authority of Anti-Corruption Commission.   

If it was 200 years ago and someone walked up to you 
and asked for your help as he/she was a slave, would you help?  
Would you do it today?  
Could you live with yourself if you didn't help?

Slavery still exists in the world an it just infuriates me.  Even more that people are turning a blind eye to it right here, right now.  I was approached by someone needing help and I can't turn away without trying to assist:  with all the morale values my family/country/upbringing has taught me, how could I NOT help?

To be quite honest, there is very little I can do but give New Friend advice (which he was very grateful for) and maybe help him with money for a plane ticket (or food if it comes down to it). Or maybe asking others for their help like through this blog post.  I wish I could do more because these situations in Kuwait tarnish the reputation of the country and are exactly what the Kuwaiti Government has vowed continually to eradicate.

If you want more information or think you can help in any way, please drop me an e-mail at or leave a comment.

One person could change this one person's life. We rise by lifting others.

Finding New Blogs in Kuwait

I love it when I find a new blog in Kuwait - mostly because I love the new perspectives, but also because so many bloggers get frustrated or busy and don't continue the blogs/update them.  It is discouraging if you are a blog buddy and like to follow the person.

So today, I saw a blog listed by Happy Q8, called "Cray Yet Wise".  Great reviews and photos (I suck at adding photos, sadly).  It gives a review of a farm you can visit in Wafra.  I love new adventures. I'm planning to go, so thank you, Crazy.

I also have to give a special shout out to Happy Q8 for listing my posts and for keeping me abreast of the latest in blogs.  There are a few blog listings, but they aren't ranked at the top of Google and aren't updated.

If you know of any good Kuwait blog listings, please let me know in the comments.


Monday, March 09, 2015

Lately: Confessions of Hermit Girl

I've been Hermit Girl for about a year; choosing to be with my animals instead of people. For a variety of reasons.  For example, I've just been disgusted with people in general and have needed to pull back to reassess (and to regain positive energy that had been sucked out of me).  I've had a few betrayals and a few situations that have given me pause.  It has been time for reflection and meditation and being surrounded by things I love:  like animals and the sea and the desert.

Now, I generally don't have time for anyone who isn't active within the K-9 community in some way or who wouldn't be comfortable if I brought my dog (or had them to my home with my dog running around freely).  Training the dog and having him socialized with other people and animals (including my goats) has become my way of life - and I have totally enjoyed it.

But lately, people have raised several questions which have led me to think that I really do need to get back to human kind as well.

First question:  "When do you have time for a love life?"  Well, if you are a reader of this blog, then you'll know that I have been rather silent on that point for the past year.  Things have changed.  My circle has become more distinct and broader at the same time:  If a man isn't involved with dogs in some way/shape/form, then I haven't had time for them. I literally won't date anyone who doesn't like dogs. The ones who just tolerate my dog are suspect and although they may be nice, will be out of my world in short order.  I guess a similar case study would be:  someone was a fisherman and their potential Significant Other didn't like fish or boats.  Doubtful there would be a love match there.   The mutual interest allows me to get to know the person.  I have found dog people to be more compassionate and more like-minded as I am.  And yes, I have met several men that are potentials.

Next question:  "What have you done for yourself?"  (This is a new question, but one that has been asked before).  Well, not much if you want to know the truth.  I haven't been to a spa in ages.  I haven't kept up with physical therapy and my back hurts like a mofo.  I haven't been exercising (being pulled around by a strong dog is actually very good exercise so maybe that is an affirmative; but it does hurt my back).  I'm in serious need of a mani/pedi and I really just need to put flowers and beautiful things in my home.  I need to snap the f out of it.  Maybe book a spa day as a first step.

Truth be told, every scrap of free time has been dedicated to my dogs or goats.  I see my friends at the farm (same friends for over a decade now).  I don't go to malls.   I haven't even been out to restaurants.  (My friend invited me to dinner the other night and I had no idea were the trendy restaurant was she had chosen or what type of food they had!  Pathetic.  It was 5 minutes from my house!)

Work is ok.  I like my job.  I love my office.  I like the people there. (Mashallah!)  I know I am good at what I do.   But am I doing what I love?  I dunno what kind of work I love so it is a hard thing to answer.  That is one of those questions that I need to ponder for a while.  I do my best anywhere I am so that gives me fulfillment. At work or not, I try to do something for someone else every day.  And a positive attitude is so so so important.  Smiling is important.  Laughing is important.  Being kind and complimenting others is important (WHY don't women here compliment each other?! Is it so difficult?).  Pulling pranks on my colleagues - important.

Now I'm getting more into self-exploring.  I will write more about it in my next post, "Living Your Legend" - which I just found out about.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

... to Overcome Pressure

Kuwait Eyes New Sources For Hiring Domestic Workers
Bid To Overcome Pressure

KUWAIT CITY, March 7: The Ministry of Interior, in coordination with its foreign affairs counterpart, is looking into the possibility of hiring domestic workers from countries other than those currently sending these workers to Kuwait, reports Al-Anba daily quoting high ranking officials from the General Department for Residency Affairs.

The officials explained that the objective of the move is to overcome pressure exerted by some countries and embassies in terms of salaries for domestic workers. (DG:  In other words, a decent living.)

They said the announcement of the new countries will be done as part of the ongoing study on the issue, including a proposal to extend the probation period from 100 days to a year.

They added the study is set to cancel the category ‘rejected domestic workers’, whereas a shelter will be established for domestic workers under the supervision of Ministry of Interior and not the domestic workers bureaus; hence, these bureaus will not be allowed to re-employ the rejected workers under another sponsor.

 “to overcome pressure exerted by some countries and embassies in terms of salaries for domestic workers.”  Translation:  Countries that are trying to gain rights in terms of minimum salaries and labor laws are exerting “pressure”, so they’re looking for less ethical countries to do business with in order to bring in cheaper labor.

Seriously, they are still “studying” and “will establish a shelter”?  Really?  After all this time and bad press?  Didn’t Kuwait just open a shelter? And another before that?  What happened there?

If you treat people well, give them rights, cause them no harm (aka abuse), then none of these “measures” would be necessary.  Why can’t they clean up their own house (so to speak) internally before looking for other countries to do business with?  It’s a never ending cycle.  They brought in domestic workers from Ethiopia – a new country to the Kuwaiti domestic helper market – about 10 years ago.  Until Ethiopian workers who had been abused all of a sudden turned on their employers and started fighting back in not-so-nice ways.  It still did NOTHING to curb the abuse of domestic workers by employers.  So, just get another country to sign onto the madness and start sending unaware workers.  Will anything change?  No. 

I have Kuwaiti friends with helpers who have been with them upwards of 30 years.  Smiling, happy, hard-working helpers.  Why?  Because they are treated well.  They’re not cowering, frightened, or abused.  They are beloved family members.  We have 2 caretakers at our farm who have been with our group for something like 15 years.  They don’t want to leave.  Our friends treat them like friends.  Yes, they have a job to do, but they are also respected and treated with kindness and compassion.

I used to be a maid.  It was my first job.  If someone forced me to work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week in imprisonment; if someone tried to (or succeeded in) rape me; if I wasn’t given adequate shelter or food…. I would find a way to hurt those responsible.  Slowly.  Painfully.  But hey – that’s just me.  These domestic helpers cook your food and take care of your children.  What the F is wrong with people?!  

Bus hits new Kuwait Airways Plane

Oooooh snap!  Somebody had a bad day....

Arab Times

KUWAIT: A KAC bus yesterday collided into the new KAC Airbus 320 Jalboot plane, which only arrived two days prior, while transporting maintenance staff past it. Airport sources said that damage to the plane’s front was already repaired and that the bus front top was smashed.


That's like the time in the late 80's when the Fire Brigade ordered a new firefighting boat and somebody reversed the pumps and sank it at port only a short time after it arrived in Kuwait.  BAM.

You can't make this stuff up.

Kuwaiti Woman Working at Dulles International Airport (IAD) Washington Arrested for Money Laundering

Kuwaiti woman arrested in Washington for money laundering
Arab Times, 8 March 2015

KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti employee at Washington Dulles International Airport was arrested by FBI agents on money laundering charges. The suspect was arrested Thursday while she was preparing to head back to Kuwait, Al-Rai reported yesterday quoting sources familiar with the news.

The woman, who worked at the Kuwaiti health office in the airport until December 2014, was among employees there who were referred by Health Minister Dr Ali Al-Obaidi to the Public Prosecution on embezzlement charges.

The woman was no longer carrying a diplomatic passport since she stopped working at the Kuwaiti health office, the sources said. They added that coordination is in place between Kuwaiti and American authorities regarding her case.

The woman faces charges of money laundering and performing suspicious financial transfers. She is set to stand before trial tomorrow, the sources said. Minister Dr Obaidi had referred workers at Kuwait’s health office to the Public Prosecution last December on charges of squandering public funds, forgery, as well as administrative and financial violations. The decision was based on an investigation carried out by a ministry team following complaints made by citizens sent to the United States for treatment. — Al-Rai


Ok, I have never seen any Kuwaitis working at Dulles.  I didn't know there were any there.  And what would afford her a diplomatic passport for working with inbound medical patients?  I don't get it.  

I would think that the public prosecution would have bigger fish to fry right here in K-Town.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Like Corndogs? They're in Kuwait!

My friend just started a company called The Corny Canine and they only serve different varieties of Josh's secret corn dog recipe, along with shaved ice.

Josh is from the US Mid-West and couldn't find what he was looking for in the local market, so he decided to start up his own stand.  He's like me - someone who loves Kuwait and plans to be here long-term. He's very excited about bringing his recipes to the country.

This is not a franchise and not a restaurant.  He is a star-up and will be working venues and events.  The Corny Canine will be at Qout Market this weekend so stop in and say hello if you're there.

For info on how to book Josh's stand for events, call him on 505 01307, or follow them on social Media:

Twitter:  @thecornycanine

Taste of Kuwait ON Today through Saturday in Mishref

Help make this event a success so that it will be repeated!  Hundreds of tents with food tasting.  Entertainment.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Yo! THAT is inappropriate!

Ok, so my rant for the day is about inappropriate photos in general.

First and foremost, titty/booty photos on social media like Facebook (sorry Kuwait, but it is still not dead in other places in the world) and Instagram.

X-boyfriend (one of them) has 1000 females (on one account).  (Wait, I lie.  I think there are like 3 men on there and they might be tranies - Not sure.)  There are only 1000 because it is a newer account (he's adding more by the hour- it will go up); one of a long string of many (which, among other forms of cheating, has relegated him to an "X").   He's decided to add me so that I can make the rest of them jealous with my comments and to show off his outstanding mastery of English.  (Yawn).  I know this.  It started because he wanted to let the "Shoo-shoo's" and "Mee Mee's" and "Saroona Sweets" and "Dalools" to know that it was his birthday.  I gave him a gift, and he photographed it and posted it; most likely in the hopes of getting more gifts from jealous admirers.  It's a tactic.  Ok. I get it:   Score some more cheap cologne, a wee bit of attention, and boost that ego a notch or two. Whatever floats your boat.

Anyhooser, I think I'm the only one on his friends list with her clothes ON.  I'm concerned about being added to his Slut Account because I don't want to be defined as that (although I'm not concerned about what other people think these days; primarily because I'm focusing on my animals and not assholes).  I suppose I'm there for the sake of legitimacy; like one female on his list actually exists in his real life and I can verify that yes I see him in reality.

Ok, back to the story:  Do these (Arab in this case) titty girls have families?  Their posting their junk all over virtual world and writing all kinds of equally-inappropriate comments (which - fuckit - don't translate very well in Google, unfortunately).  What happened to the shy, community-concerned girls of yesteryear?  Little girls:  What you POST on the internet becomes a permanent record.

And lets talk about women now.  Supposedly professional women.  On LinkedIn.

Dayum, girlfriend, are you really going to post your entire resume, personal information, references and contacts, and then post a belfie of yourself posing over a desk chair?  Seriously?  WTF?! LinkedIn is supposed to be (correct me if I'm wrong) a professional networking site.

Emphasis on "professional" (as in - not the oldest profession in the world).  Hooters girls and strippers generally don't post their information on LinkedIn because they're too busy jiggling for a living to get onto a computer (just try to jiggle and type and you'll see my point).  Most of the LinkedIn women are the types whose strokes apply to the keyboard.

Lately, I've seen duck-faces, location photos (rather than head shots), some in inappropriate non-business atmospheres, inappropriate attire (like wearing evening gowns or waaaay too much make-up), photos holding kids....  Many state that they are "Chairwoman of My Company" or something to that effect (maybe as in "posing-over-the-chair-woman").  ... And that's just the women.

Men!  Shorts are not for LinkedIn.  Put on a tie and a jacket if you want to get a job.  Future employers check this stuff out.  They don't want to see you drinking a beer next to a camp fire. Or your DUI mugshot.  Or you in a wife-beater in Walmart.  More tame case-in-point:  One guy who has an executive position and he's posing in front of a McDonalds's sign.  What does that say about the company?  Is he working for McyDees?  If that's your standard of quality, well okay then.

Further, when did LinkedIn become a place to hook up?  Just wondering.  Is it me or are others bothered by this?  I've been approached by quite a few men who are looking for that "special lady".  Hmmm.  I can read your profiles, you know.

And I know what you're thinking before you alls start commending on this post:  Why the judgement, Desert Girl?  Well heck - I post my stuff out there on the internet almost daily and you betcha I'm being judged for it/about it.  And I don't post belfies or tittie photos (anywhere!)  These people are just asking for judgement - and are being judged by people like co-workers, friends, and family.

So, onto further BONES of contention related to this subject:

My best friend has been in love (and that's a big deal for her) with a guy for 2 years (another major accomplishment).  Her singular problem with him:  Excessive chatting with internet titty-booty girls.  I guess it is the new strip club of our generation. His argument (like many I've heard before him) is that it is only over the internet; it isn't cheating.  Is looking at a naked (or partially naked) woman in person any better?  If you have to lie about it or delete it, it isn't honesty.  It's cheating.  She's caught her guy with other internet phone hoochies many times; and has left him several times.  He's now got secret phones and secret accounts.  And where does it end?  (Probably won't - ever and she's got to make a decision to leave him which she's dreading.)

When did it all become so vulgar and distasteful?

Monday, March 02, 2015

I'm a Grandmother!

I make fun of my friends because I will never officially have that title. Don't want children.  Never really got my head around the concept.  I prefer 4-legged kids.

BUT - one of my goats just gave birth and I'm so happy!  We don't know the gender yet, but his/her name is "March" and he/she is adorable; already wagging his/her tail in happiness - hours after springing into the world.

Little March and his/her mother, Pepper

These are all the (adult) goats:  
Paco, Nina (also about ready to deliver twins), Pepper and Charlie

I would like to thank Libra for predicting that I should get back to nature and it would change my life.  I did and it has and I'm very grateful.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Camping in Bahaitha (Near Umm Qasr Port in Northern Kuwait)

I'm always up for adventure and wanted to get the heck out of the city for National/Liberation Hell Nights.  My idea of celebrating the holidays is to celebrate Kuwait - go see it!   My friends go camping way up north near the Iraqi border (actually, within eyesight of it). Of course, I didn't tell my mom.  All the ISIS news is all over the media in the States and she's already worried.

I've explored almost everywhere in Kuwait - with the exception of this particular area, Bubiyan Island, and Warbah (still want to go to both).  I was really excited about going.

I drove through this area in 2003 on my way back from Balad in Iraq.  Most of the roads have changed because they are getting ready to develop the Sheikh Jaber Causeway and Silk City.

It is a gorgeous area with very few people around.  It is an approximate 2 hour drive from the city.  I borrowed my friend's truck (thank God); my car wouldn't have made it - or would have come back with major damage.  Even the paved road up there is bad (801 extension from 6th Ring Road).  They call the extension road, "Saddam Road".  It is full of potholes and is just generally messed up; with sand which has drifted onto the road and formed hills in many places making it worse.  It was kind of a game of dodge the obstacles.

We just brought one tent (no bathroom tent - and I was thanking God for the big truck to block the view to my "private" bathroom - a large wheel rim!).  The view was amazing - no one around.  Until about 12 midnight when 8 SUVs appeared out of no where and set up camp right next to us!  What is WRONG with people?  There is an entire desert with no one around and they have to be within hearing distance?!  We went there for privacy!  People are so stupid.

Anyhoo, without the noisy neighbors, it would have been completely silent (it was before they arrived).  We had a camp fire and my friend made machboos.  I was standing near the fire with my dog when I heard a strange sound.  I turned towards it and said to the guys, "What's that noise?"  and a big white bird almost landed on my head.  It was completely dark outside and I had no idea where it came from.  A mystery, but totally cool.

On any of my bathroom trips (driving the truck away from everyone, out into the desert to go pee), I could see gerbils running in front of the car.   I think Mikey thought it was undignified for him to chase gerbils and  he didn't give them any thought.  He spent endless hours, however, barking into the darkness of the desert, leading me to believe that he was seeing djinnis again. I know, because the hair on his back stands up (plus, it just felt like they were out there).

Mike didn't sleep much at all the first night, lying next to me and barking at just about anything and everything (including one of the guys who was on the phone with his girlfriend the ENTIRE time we were there).  The second night, I decided to give my friends a break and sleep with Mikey in the truck (big mistake - very uncomfortable and painful).  I should have slept in the truck bed.

I saw several Kuwaiti border patrols (both in marked and unmarked vehicles); one of which probably got a really good look at me on a morning bathroom trip!   From what my friends told me, the patrols often come over to campers to check.  That should make my mother feel better.

I picked up a bunch of oddly-shaped stones.  I'm pretty sure some of them were meteorites.

It is a really awesome area and I can't wait to get back out there again. (I really need to buy a 4 wheel drive!!!)

Here's some pics.

6th Ring Road North all the way towards Bubiyan/Abdaly - last exit

Chicken Machboos - Tastes sooo much better in the desert!

THIS is my favorite kind of desert:  empty.

Really friendly and curious camels

An eagle we saw on the Iraq side of the border fence.  Stood about 2' tall

It is weird to see ships in the distance in the desert
(we were close to the port at Umm Qasr)

A little history about the area:

Umm Qasr is said to have been the site of Alexander the Great’s landing in Mesopotamia in 325 BC. Although it was a small fishing town a century ago, it became strategically important during the WWII when a temporary port was established there for the Allies to unload supplies to dispatch to the USSR. It was defunct from the 1940s and 1950s, it became Iraq’s only “deep water” port after King Faisal was overthrown. It saw some fighting during the Iran-Iraq War, but never fell to Iranian forces; and it was the first point of invasion by US forces in 2003.

Is that celebrating?! National and Liberation Days 2015 Kuwait

I can't even begin to tell you how much the "celebrations" of National Day and Liberation Day in Kuwait disgust me.  They've turned into hooligan free-for-alls that I want no part of.  I don't find anything "fun" or celebratory in spraying people with water or throwing water baloons/bombs at others.  Is that supposed to be significant of national pride and unity?  You can read my previous posts about 25/26 February.  I either try to hide or leave the country all together (usually the latter). This holiday was no different.  I couldn't leave, so I decided to spend time at the farm and go camping.

My car got sprayed by 2 20-something men/boys in a 4x4 while waiting on the exit to 604 (Kabd Road) from 7th Ring.  They were right next to us and thought it was hilarious that they were basically washing my entire vehicle.  Whatever.  But then, I was doing upwards of the posted 100kph speed limit on the Kabd Road when teenaged boys sitting on the passenger side windows of a Kuwaiti-tagged car threw water balloons onto my windshield.  I wish I could have flipped their car and killed them (and I thought about it because I was driving a truck).  Honestly.  They were a danger to everyone on the road.

What makes that fun?  And why don't the police do anything about it?  Shave some heads (male and female!)

So they banned spray foam and now they've replaced the instruments of joy and amusement with water guns.  Wow.  Why not hand them bottle rockets and tell them to fire at passers-by?

This is a GREAT holiday to watch on TV - preferably from a hotel room anywhere else (maybe Dubai?).

Here's some links on that: