Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Yo! THAT is inappropriate!

Ok, so my rant for the day is about inappropriate photos in general.

First and foremost, titty/booty photos on social media like Facebook (sorry Kuwait, but it is still not dead in other places in the world) and Instagram.

X-boyfriend (one of them) has 1000 females (on one account).  (Wait, I lie.  I think there are like 3 men on there and they might be tranies - Not sure.)  There are only 1000 because it is a newer account (he's adding more by the hour- it will go up); one of a long string of many (which, among other forms of cheating, has relegated him to an "X").   He's decided to add me so that I can make the rest of them jealous with my comments and to show off his outstanding mastery of English.  (Yawn).  I know this.  It started because he wanted to let the "Shoo-shoo's" and "Mee Mee's" and "Saroona Sweets" and "Dalools" to know that it was his birthday.  I gave him a gift, and he photographed it and posted it; most likely in the hopes of getting more gifts from jealous admirers.  It's a tactic.  Ok. I get it:   Score some more cheap cologne, a wee bit of attention, and boost that ego a notch or two. Whatever floats your boat.

Anyhooser, I think I'm the only one on his friends list with her clothes ON.  I'm concerned about being added to his Slut Account because I don't want to be defined as that (although I'm not concerned about what other people think these days; primarily because I'm focusing on my animals and not assholes).  I suppose I'm there for the sake of legitimacy; like one female on his list actually exists in his real life and I can verify that yes I see him in reality.

Ok, back to the story:  Do these (Arab in this case) titty girls have families?  Their posting their junk all over virtual world and writing all kinds of equally-inappropriate comments (which - fuckit - don't translate very well in Google, unfortunately).  What happened to the shy, community-concerned girls of yesteryear?  Little girls:  What you POST on the internet becomes a permanent record.

And lets talk about women now.  Supposedly professional women.  On LinkedIn.

Dayum, girlfriend, are you really going to post your entire resume, personal information, references and contacts, and then post a belfie of yourself posing over a desk chair?  Seriously?  WTF?! LinkedIn is supposed to be (correct me if I'm wrong) a professional networking site.

Emphasis on "professional" (as in - not the oldest profession in the world).  Hooters girls and strippers generally don't post their information on LinkedIn because they're too busy jiggling for a living to get onto a computer (just try to jiggle and type and you'll see my point).  Most of the LinkedIn women are the types whose strokes apply to the keyboard.

Lately, I've seen duck-faces, location photos (rather than head shots), some in inappropriate non-business atmospheres, inappropriate attire (like wearing evening gowns or waaaay too much make-up), photos holding kids....  Many state that they are "Chairwoman of My Company" or something to that effect (maybe as in "posing-over-the-chair-woman").  ... And that's just the women.

Men!  Shorts are not for LinkedIn.  Put on a tie and a jacket if you want to get a job.  Future employers check this stuff out.  They don't want to see you drinking a beer next to a camp fire. Or your DUI mugshot.  Or you in a wife-beater in Walmart.  More tame case-in-point:  One guy who has an executive position and he's posing in front of a McDonalds's sign.  What does that say about the company?  Is he working for McyDees?  If that's your standard of quality, well okay then.

Further, when did LinkedIn become a place to hook up?  Just wondering.  Is it me or are others bothered by this?  I've been approached by quite a few men who are looking for that "special lady".  Hmmm.  I can read your profiles, you know.

And I know what you're thinking before you alls start commending on this post:  Why the judgement, Desert Girl?  Well heck - I post my stuff out there on the internet almost daily and you betcha I'm being judged for it/about it.  And I don't post belfies or tittie photos (anywhere!)  These people are just asking for judgement - and are being judged by people like co-workers, friends, and family.

So, onto further BONES of contention related to this subject:

My best friend has been in love (and that's a big deal for her) with a guy for 2 years (another major accomplishment).  Her singular problem with him:  Excessive chatting with internet titty-booty girls.  I guess it is the new strip club of our generation. His argument (like many I've heard before him) is that it is only over the internet; it isn't cheating.  Is looking at a naked (or partially naked) woman in person any better?  If you have to lie about it or delete it, it isn't honesty.  It's cheating.  She's caught her guy with other internet phone hoochies many times; and has left him several times.  He's now got secret phones and secret accounts.  And where does it end?  (Probably won't - ever and she's got to make a decision to leave him which she's dreading.)

When did it all become so vulgar and distasteful?

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lolitalempicka said...

ıts sımply cheap that women photos vulgar on any social media. ıs it looking nice for you guys?? ınterested? ı thnk yes. becaouse the guys cheats their wives or girlfrinds easily wıth these kind of women.horrıble!where is the quality and privacy?