Sunday, March 08, 2015

Kuwaiti Woman Working at Dulles International Airport (IAD) Washington Arrested for Money Laundering

Kuwaiti woman arrested in Washington for money laundering
Arab Times, 8 March 2015

KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti employee at Washington Dulles International Airport was arrested by FBI agents on money laundering charges. The suspect was arrested Thursday while she was preparing to head back to Kuwait, Al-Rai reported yesterday quoting sources familiar with the news.

The woman, who worked at the Kuwaiti health office in the airport until December 2014, was among employees there who were referred by Health Minister Dr Ali Al-Obaidi to the Public Prosecution on embezzlement charges.

The woman was no longer carrying a diplomatic passport since she stopped working at the Kuwaiti health office, the sources said. They added that coordination is in place between Kuwaiti and American authorities regarding her case.

The woman faces charges of money laundering and performing suspicious financial transfers. She is set to stand before trial tomorrow, the sources said. Minister Dr Obaidi had referred workers at Kuwait’s health office to the Public Prosecution last December on charges of squandering public funds, forgery, as well as administrative and financial violations. The decision was based on an investigation carried out by a ministry team following complaints made by citizens sent to the United States for treatment. — Al-Rai


Ok, I have never seen any Kuwaitis working at Dulles.  I didn't know there were any there.  And what would afford her a diplomatic passport for working with inbound medical patients?  I don't get it.  

I would think that the public prosecution would have bigger fish to fry right here in K-Town.

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UnSuperMom said...

I think the person who translated the article did it wrong. She was arrested at Dulles airport and not working in Dulles airport. She was the financial manager of the Health Office of Kuwait in Washington DC. I also think she was embezzling money and not laundering it. Seriously Kuwait has got to put a stop to these corrupt people. While we work our asses off day in and day out and we can't even afford an effing house having to pay most of our income on rent.