Monday, March 16, 2015

Kuwaiti Policeman Arrested for Raping MULTIPLE Children

Policeman arrested for raping children

KUWAIT: Well-informed security sources said that a policeman working at the Exits Department was recently arrested for multiple rape cases. The suspect admitted to raping several children, adding that he usually choose his victims from a building next to his house. He also confessed that his latest victim was a Syrian child he raped in Fintas. The suspect said that he uses military uniforms to distract and frighten the children. The suspect also confessed to committing several rape crimes similar to those committed by the notorious 'Hawalli Monster' who was executed few years ago.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior will launch a project to document all the works of police patrols through on-patrol radars and cameras to monitor policemen in direct contact with citizens and expats, well-informed MOI sources said. The step comes in response to abuse allegations.


Why even give this creature the respect of calling him a "Policeman"??!  Why shouldn't he be given a title befitting of him - like the Hawalli Monster?  Is it any different because he wore a uniform or because he's a local?


And uh yes - the MOI has problems with abuse allegations....  this is a pretty effing big one.  Serve, protect, and rape your children.  

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