Monday, March 09, 2015

Lately: Confessions of Hermit Girl

I've been Hermit Girl for about a year; choosing to be with my animals instead of people. For a variety of reasons.  For example, I've just been disgusted with people in general and have needed to pull back to reassess (and to regain positive energy that had been sucked out of me).  I've had a few betrayals and a few situations that have given me pause.  It has been time for reflection and meditation and being surrounded by things I love:  like animals and the sea and the desert.

Now, I generally don't have time for anyone who isn't active within the K-9 community in some way or who wouldn't be comfortable if I brought my dog (or had them to my home with my dog running around freely).  Training the dog and having him socialized with other people and animals (including my goats) has become my way of life - and I have totally enjoyed it.

But lately, people have raised several questions which have led me to think that I really do need to get back to human kind as well.

First question:  "When do you have time for a love life?"  Well, if you are a reader of this blog, then you'll know that I have been rather silent on that point for the past year.  Things have changed.  My circle has become more distinct and broader at the same time:  If a man isn't involved with dogs in some way/shape/form, then I haven't had time for them. I literally won't date anyone who doesn't like dogs. The ones who just tolerate my dog are suspect and although they may be nice, will be out of my world in short order.  I guess a similar case study would be:  someone was a fisherman and their potential Significant Other didn't like fish or boats.  Doubtful there would be a love match there.   The mutual interest allows me to get to know the person.  I have found dog people to be more compassionate and more like-minded as I am.  And yes, I have met several men that are potentials.

Next question:  "What have you done for yourself?"  (This is a new question, but one that has been asked before).  Well, not much if you want to know the truth.  I haven't been to a spa in ages.  I haven't kept up with physical therapy and my back hurts like a mofo.  I haven't been exercising (being pulled around by a strong dog is actually very good exercise so maybe that is an affirmative; but it does hurt my back).  I'm in serious need of a mani/pedi and I really just need to put flowers and beautiful things in my home.  I need to snap the f out of it.  Maybe book a spa day as a first step.

Truth be told, every scrap of free time has been dedicated to my dogs or goats.  I see my friends at the farm (same friends for over a decade now).  I don't go to malls.   I haven't even been out to restaurants.  (My friend invited me to dinner the other night and I had no idea were the trendy restaurant was she had chosen or what type of food they had!  Pathetic.  It was 5 minutes from my house!)

Work is ok.  I like my job.  I love my office.  I like the people there. (Mashallah!)  I know I am good at what I do.   But am I doing what I love?  I dunno what kind of work I love so it is a hard thing to answer.  That is one of those questions that I need to ponder for a while.  I do my best anywhere I am so that gives me fulfillment. At work or not, I try to do something for someone else every day.  And a positive attitude is so so so important.  Smiling is important.  Laughing is important.  Being kind and complimenting others is important (WHY don't women here compliment each other?! Is it so difficult?).  Pulling pranks on my colleagues - important.

Now I'm getting more into self-exploring.  I will write more about it in my next post, "Living Your Legend" - which I just found out about.

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