Sunday, March 01, 2015

Is that celebrating?! National and Liberation Days 2015 Kuwait

I can't even begin to tell you how much the "celebrations" of National Day and Liberation Day in Kuwait disgust me.  They've turned into hooligan free-for-alls that I want no part of.  I don't find anything "fun" or celebratory in spraying people with water or throwing water baloons/bombs at others.  Is that supposed to be significant of national pride and unity?  You can read my previous posts about 25/26 February.  I either try to hide or leave the country all together (usually the latter). This holiday was no different.  I couldn't leave, so I decided to spend time at the farm and go camping.

My car got sprayed by 2 20-something men/boys in a 4x4 while waiting on the exit to 604 (Kabd Road) from 7th Ring.  They were right next to us and thought it was hilarious that they were basically washing my entire vehicle.  Whatever.  But then, I was doing upwards of the posted 100kph speed limit on the Kabd Road when teenaged boys sitting on the passenger side windows of a Kuwaiti-tagged car threw water balloons onto my windshield.  I wish I could have flipped their car and killed them (and I thought about it because I was driving a truck).  Honestly.  They were a danger to everyone on the road.

What makes that fun?  And why don't the police do anything about it?  Shave some heads (male and female!)

So they banned spray foam and now they've replaced the instruments of joy and amusement with water guns.  Wow.  Why not hand them bottle rockets and tell them to fire at passers-by?

This is a GREAT holiday to watch on TV - preferably from a hotel room anywhere else (maybe Dubai?).

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