Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Yo! Finally a considerate request: Mishwarna

If you read my bitching on the DG Facebook account, you'll know that recently one of my warmed-over peeves is people insisting/commanding/demanding that I post their information to my blog. Bitch please.

Here's what I wrote on Facebook about it (so I don't need to repeat myself):
I'm getting requests from people/companies wanting me to advertise/endorse their stuff on my blog. Here 'tis: If I don't know you, if I don't know your product or service, if you can't even be considerate enough to say, "Hey Desert Girl, would you like to try our fabulous product/service?"... then I'm not doing SHIT for you. WTF. People are pretty ballsy, no? What I get is, "I'm the Blah Blah Manager for Yada Yada Company. The below is good news - put it on your blog." Oh yeah? Says who?? Do I know you?? Don't sneak around blog-booty calling me at the last minute when you want my help. I know some bloggers are charging for posting just about anything; not this girl. If I like yo shit, I'll endorse it, but please, foreplay is everything! Be considerate.

Today, I got a very nice e-mail not even suggesting that I post their info to my blog, but just saying that they hoped I liked what they have been trying to produce. --- that was it.  Nothing more.  

And guess what!  I do like what they're producing and I am going to promote it. I am also a BIG fan of LOYAC and would promote just about anything they asked me to.  I think it's cool and I like Rawaf's  approach to me.  I also like promoting young creative Kuwaitis with new ideas.  It makes my country (that's right - it's MINE now) a better place.

Rawaf and Tamara, interns at LOYAC, have started a show called "Mishwarna" (in English means "our Journey").  They navigate Kuwait and search for cool and interesting places such as art cafes, healthy restaurants and more.   They try to stay away from the mainstream stuff and provide a funny and entertaining content to the audience.  Below is the Pilot Episode.  They have 2 more episodes out, and release 1 every Thursday. You can also find them on the LOYAC Kuwait Youtube channel, so please check them out.

They have additional episodes.  Thanks for writing to me, Rawaf and Tamara.  Wishing you big success.

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Under_The_Mo0on said...

Thank you for sharing your experience for such kind of requests. For me as relatively new in blogging, I find it very useful.