Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where men can go for a massage in Kuwait

I've been blogging since 2004 and now have over 500 posts. So, ask me what the #1 question that my readers ask me .... is it about residency visas? Is it about restaurants? Is it about legal issues? Is it about me personally?


Ladies and Gentlemen, the number ONE question most asked by my readers is.... (here it comes)

"Where do I go to get a massage by a woman?"
(Always asked by men. Not always asked so politely.)

Sometimes I try to be kind instead of just deleting the e-mail message. Then, I'm usually punished for my kindness by come-ons, "So, how old are you? Where are you from?"

To this I say, dudes.... WTF!? I'm a woman. Why do I care where you go to get your massage? And no, I'm not going to GIVE you a massage either. I mentioned one or two little lines in between 499 other posts over a FIVE year timeframe, and this is all youse can come up with?

(This just really proves my point that no one listens to me - either verbally or written.)

So, here are a few places below you can go to get a LEGAL massage. I don't KNOW of any places that do illegal massages (females massaging males). Honest - I don't. If you really want a female to massage you and you believe that I can help you, dial 2484-3900 ask for a nice temperature controlled room and a nice woman to massage all your cares away. If you don't speak Arabic, dial "0" for the operator and ask for the sexy girl who gives massages.

Some men here chose to ask their housekeepers for a massage. Then, they end up married to them. Then, they end up paying for their wife's parent's roof somewhere. (Puhleeze - don't even get me started.)

First, Chinese massage place in Bnaid Al Gar: phone 2251-1101. I couldn't go in because I'm FEMALE, but it looked okay from the street.

Here are a few others below. (I HATE Blogger's formatting issues with pictures!!!!)


DG out.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Quick Fix for the Non-Virgin

From BBC

Egypt anger over virginity faking

"A leading Egyptian scholar (male!) has demanded that people caught importing a female virginity-faking device into the country should face the death penalty.

Abdul Mouti Bayoumi said supplying the item was akin to spreading vice in society, a crime punishable by death in Islamic Sharia law.

The device is said to release liquid imitating blood, allowing a female to feign virginity on her wedding night.

There is a stigma about pre-marital sex in some conservative Arab societies.
The contraption is seen as a cheap and simple alternative to hymen repair surgery, which is carried out in secret by some clinics in the Middle East.

It is produced in China and has already become available in other parts of the Arab world.
The device is reported to be on sale in Syria for $15.

Professor Bayoumi, a scholar at the prestigious al-Azhar University, said it undermined the moral deterrent of fornication, which he described as a crime and one of the cardinal sins in Islam.

Members of parliament in Egypt have also called for banning import of the item. "

- end -

It is pathetic that women have to resort to this. I have had friends who have either gotten their husbands drunk on their wedding nights so they couldn’t remember anything – to friends who have had the hymen repair surgery (which they have told me costs around $500). How many husbands are virgins on their wedding nights? Well, for $15 (KD 4.300), I guess this thing is worth it to some. Sheeeet - for that much, you could stock a whole closet of them. Thats cheaper than the mascara I buy.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting Ready to Go to the AUSA Convention in DC

My how time flies when you are sitting on your fat ass doing nothing.... I can't believe how fast this year is going! Eeek. My mother used to tell me that the older you get, the faster time passes, but what tha Fuuuuu!

I'm getting ready to go to the Association of the US Army's annual convention in Washington, DC. I've been bugging my company to send me (again) for 2 years. I was really really looking forward to it, but then somebody threw a monkey wrench into my gears. I minor glitch. I try not to harp about work-related issues online because one never knows. It is just not prudent. Anyhoo, when Sally did my hair she also read my coffee cup. I hadn't told her that I am going on the trip, but she said, "Oh, I see you are travelling. It will be (pause) annoying." Yeah! That just about summs it up. Annoying.

Anyhoo, the convention is cool (although I always get nervous prior to business-related travel). It is enormous: 500 booths and takes up the entire area of the Washington DC convention center. It lasts for 3 days every year at the beginning of October and is the largest gathering of defense contractors and military personnel in the world. Because of my job in the Wonderful World of Defense Contracting, I should really be there every year. Ultimately, we should exhibit there, but I don't think I'll ever get them past the "Oh my GOD that's expensive" scenario.
My personal opinion is that if you are doing any kind of business development work with the US military, your company should be there - either as a participant or as an exhibitor. At the very least, your company should become a local member of AUSA's Kuwait Chapter (which is listed to the right of the screen here).
What does AUSA do? It is an organization that supports the troops and their families - basically in any way they can. It isn't political - it is about the human side of the scenario. (That is a very loose statement because any military organization is a military organization.) But locally, AUSA runs activities like barbecues for the troops and provides a locker of civilian clothing so that soldiers returning home on emergency leave (like when someone at home dies), they don't have to travel in their uniforms. Nationally, the organization lobbies for better benefits for troops and their families. If at all interested, you can check them out online.

I printed out the list of activities schedule and it is 24 pages long. The list of exhibitors is something like 15 pages long.
Anyhoo, it is in DC and I get to see my family. When I went in 2006, I got to hang out with Bobarino and he's all about the military, so we had fun. I learned a lot from him and I appreciated his input.

Several years ago, the Washington Post, ran an article about the convention and provided a map to the booths that had the best marketing give-aways. The Consul to the US Embassy along with one of the local AUSA guys went to the convention and did the treasure hunt. I wish I could get my hands on another map. The give-aways that I got were pretty standard except for some military type video games where you shoot the crap out of people in different terrain (ok, not so different from most of the video games available commercially, but still). I also got goggle wipes, a tube of goo that will keep your gun from jamming in the sand, a little toy eagle, a whole lotta pens, some key rings, and a few tote bags. Yeah, basically junk, but free junk.

I also shipped back 30 pounds of information on everything everybody had to offer. My boss told me "bring back brochures", so I did (via DHL). I'm not carrying all that crap on a plane! My shoe purchases take up too much weight quota for that. As if.

I still haven't heard from Diana or The Romanian and guess what - I'm not waiting next to the phone. This year has been very revealing to me. It is strange. Just when you think you have everything kinda figured out - BaBAYAM! I have lost a few people who I thought were my very dearest friends and I have found others who I wouldn't have imagined I would become close to. Life is fascinating, isn't it?

Monday, September 21, 2009

All I got for Eid was Drama!

Sometimes you just have those kinds of holidays. Mine has been poopy so far.

Friend Drama #1

The first thing that happened to me since Eid started was that I had a falling out with The Romanian. I’ve been friends with her for how long?.... 11 years. Some people have a problem with communication; they don’t just come out and say things when they have a problem. I believe in discuss, resolve, move on. I wonder if she doesn’t share this philosophy; I wonder if it could be cultural, coming from a former communist country; or is it just a personality issue? The Romanian chooses to ignore me. “I’m in a bad mood.” Is the only clue I get that there is something wrong. So, this is the millionth time it has happened and I have to make a determination if this is a real friend or not. I’m thinking the later.

I have done waaaaaay too much for her over the years and put up with waaaaaaay too much in the way of betrayal to keep up. It’s draining and I don’t believe I deserve it when weighing the balance of how well I have treated her. All of a sudden, I have come to the realization (not just based on the above, but more) that maybe she doesn’t like me very much. When you are faced with that knowledge – after befriending someone for so long – it is very hurtful.

On the Flip: Good Thing That Happened

My friend, T, called me and invited me to dinner that night at Gaucho. We had a really great time and I got to see my brother-from-another-mother, Desmond. It was all smiles and warm and fuzzy. The Man even knew I was feeling bad and he showed up to cheer me up. Thank you, God, for sending me your Angels every day! I always try to count my blessings.

Friend Drama #2

I have a very elegant friend (I’ll call her “Diana”) who invited me for the first time to her family’s chalet. I had a splitting headache yesterday but decided to drive down to (close to) Julai’a anyways just because I adore this woman so much.

It is beautiful and enormous; everything is in colors of light yellow and blue. It is the only chalet I’ve ever been in with an elevator. The table seats 16. There were all kinds of food in about 6 huge containers. I’ve had waaaay too much rice lately, but couldn’t help chowing down on mrubian because it was so good. The deserts were also AMAAAAAZING. (They said they came from a bakery, Caramel?, right next to “Soya Sauce” across from TGI Fridays. I’m going to have to go there and get more of the pumpkin cake. Yummm.)

Diana invited another girl who I know and like very much. She’s (I’ll call her “Ash”) a professional woman with a similar job to mine in management and very polite – like my friend. I like being around her. She always smiles and laughs and has something interesting to say.

And then, there was Diana’s cousin. I thought it was kind of strange the way she came in and ignored me. Her son – around 4 years old – only spoke English, so it was obvious that she did also (just not to me). The three women made polite conversation for a few hours and then things started to change.

Diana doesn’t like vulgar talk or foul language (I’ve never heard her utter a bad word) and both were easily flowing from her cousin. Diana tried under her breath several times to stop her cousin, but she continued. I don’t know if the cousin has a problem with Americans, but she just seemed to be on the attack. I couldn’t really defend myself because I was a first-time guest. First, it was asking me questions like do I like sex followed by “Americans are no good in bed”. (Have you heard this? I’ve heard it over and over again from Middle Eastern people – most of whom have had limited sexual experience of any kind. Can’t you find something else to say that doesn’t make you sound so ignorant and low-class?) Of course the first thing that leapt to my mind (although I couldn’t say it) was, ‘How many Americans have you slept with?’ (Seriously, if you know me, you would know how difficult it is for me to shut up and bite my tongue; not to come back with some quick and cutting remark. I respect my friend so much that I just couldn’t. I also come from a family whose manners simply wouldn’t allow it.) Then, she saw an actress on TV and said, “Look – she’s the only blonde I’ve ever seen who is pretty.” WTF?! I was seated about 2’ away from her at the time. She went on and on asking me about my personal life and do I have a boyfriend and she has a man with a large (one) if I needed him…. I tried to remain neutral on all things, ‘maybe’ and ‘sometimes’. The biotch had the nerve to say, “What kind of a weak personality to you have?! Do you ever answer any questions differently than maybe?” This all followed by a discussion about ME in Arabic with Diana right in front of me.

No wonder Diana has such an air of sadness. “When you have friends like that, who needs enemies?”

I thanked my friend for a wonderful evening and left. Not to be vulgar or use foul language, but Phuck that. (I can say it here. DG is my alter-ego and I can say things that I wouldn’t say in polite – or other as the case may be – company.)

I called The Man for the 2nd time this weekend in tears. He has his own drama but was very defensive and was proud of me for not ripping her eyes out of their sockets and force-feeding them to her.

I took an additional 3 days off this week so I wouldn’t have to see The Evil One at work and maybe get some relaxation in before I have to face more of him. This time off is proving to be equally if not more stressful.

On the Flip: Good Thing

Desert Dawg is always happy to see me. She is full of joy and I’m going to spend a lot more time with her and the stray cats, Paint and Petunia.

I only have about a week until I go to the US on business also. I can't wait to see my family! Yippeeee.

This is my 500th post! Hard to believe I have been complaining this long! Wow.

DG Comments on the Comments of the US Ambassador to Kuwait

I went to a dinner with Slapperella where the speech was given by Dr. Masouma Al-Barrak (another reason why the British Business Forum is better than the American Business Council!). I have never heard her speak before (regrettably) and I really enjoyed it. She spoke of the history of political rights for women and gave me a much better insight of how things have been accomplished; but equally of how difficult it has been for her personally. She is a strong and humorous woman with a dynamic personality. I would love to listen to more of what she has to say. I didn’t know, for example, that out of the 10 candidates in her constituency, she received the most votes.

It was because I was all fired up from hearing Dr. Masouma that I thought I should defend another strong woman in politics in Kuwait who I admire.

The US Ambassador, Deborah Jones, has received a lot of flack recently for comments she made about cats and dogs. You can google the whole story if you want, but some of the fanatic religious MPs have asked for her expulsion from Kuwait; which I find preposterous!

So, for the official Desert Girl commentary:

I believe HE Ambassador Jones' comment, taken out of context was, “...refer to them as the four cats and I said does that mean the remainder are dogs in the parliament? ....”

I'm an American woman who has lived and worked in Kuwait for the past 13 years and I love Kuwait. I have seen several ambassadors come and go and Ambassador Jones has been like a breath of fresh air to Kuwait. I have been extremely happy to see a female Ambassador to Kuwait. She has brought a much-needed perspective to her office and there have been noticeable positive changes at the Embassy.

HE Ambassador Deborah Jones is articulate, speaks fluent Arabic (with a regional accent – which is a rarity), knows the culture and religion of the country, and shows sincerity and kindness towards everyone she comes into contact with. In addition, she has an outstanding sense of humor; in almost every photo of her with members of the Kuwaiti government; regardless of their politics or religious values, everyone appears with a smile, as if they are in on a joke.

That is why I am certain that Ambassador Jones' comments on cats and dogs were of a humorous nature and in were in no way meant to insult male members of Kuwait's parliament. Americans generally use the phrase “cats and dogs” like “apples and oranges”.

It is unfortunate that some people - and this could apply not only to Kuwait, but anywhere in the world - are threatened by a strong, intelligent woman and seek any opportunity to create difficulties for her. This could equally apply to the difficulties faced by the four female members of parliament. Dr. Masouma Saleh Al-Mubarak, as an example, was the first female Cabinet Minister to be appointed in the history of Kuwait and faced (and continues to face) tremendous hardship by opponents; as do the other leading women in Kuwait’s political arena.

Women holding high-level positions in Kuwait (and other countries in the Middle East) face battles from people who believe that a man would be better suited to be in their position. These women are in politics because they have worked hard, persevered, and been nominated to their positions based on merit; not gender. If a man had been better suited for the job, he would be in it. Ambassador Jones was posted to Kuwait based on her expertise. She is of great value to Kuwait in terms of positive relations between the US and Kuwait.

I wish that regardless of gender, we could all just get down to business for the collective good of the Country.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Eid

I can't believe this Ramadan passed so quickly!

Happy Eid everybody! I hope you and your families - are all happy, safe, and enjoy the time off.

Newbies - You have your own Expo!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

From the paper

First, I think that these types of ads are great - if done properly. By "properly," I mean with photos of people smiling and with text that contains accurate grammar. And then, there's this one.... Is this really the profile they were after? Personally, I don't think these were the guy's own words (but that's just me). Great idea, poor follow-through.

Quick, dude... what does "resonate" mean? ...

And this... So, is the suspect the father? Because that's how I read it. Um noooo, you can't "catch" gonorrhea from an uncleanly home. So, if the parents and kids have it - it's incest. Regardless, I hope someone hangs for it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DG Index: Salon Picks (Updated 2011)

I've updated this list a little for 2011.  I'm still getting requests/recommendations and that's great - I'll keep adding.  Please feel free to write to me to tell me more.

“Ask and ye shall receive”. I LOVE requests – especially when I have downtime at work and am getting bored being evil to my colleagues. Thanks, Josephine, for asking for this one!



Ashlee at Strands, Fanar, is still my all-time favorite colorist in Kuwait.  After all these years, she is the best.  I don't mind the prices because after searching around/trying other salons, I know that Ashlee will give me the best quality color that will last the longest.  (I even tried Tony & Guy; the color faded.  I also felt like the stylists were more concerned with their own appearance in the mirror than working on mine.) Ashlee is very good at color/highlights and does quality extensions (CHA CHING at 500 kd to begin and 250 KD for after-care). Strands Fanar: 25711237.


Doree at Pineapple Salon in Shaab (off 30 – Fahaheel Expressway) does amazing cuts and did Slapperellas bob (bobs are hard to do) for several years. I don't trust her with color, however. [Why do these ladies think it is ok to put color on hair on roots on hair that has been highlighted for years? It is SO WRONG and messes up your hair bigtime.] Pineapple: 22622100.

People have been asking me about Eden. I used to go to Danielle at Images waaaaaay back when I first arrived in Kuwait. She does great hair – both cuts and highlights - and at reasonable prices. However, she is very difficult to get an appointment with – so much so that I get pissed off about it.

I haven't tried her yet, but Candice (formerly of Beach House I believe) cuts my friends' hair and does an amazing job.  She will go to your home to cut your hair now.  (Write to me for her number at  My friend, Libra ( or write to me for her number) does an amazing job with a pair of scissors.  You have to go to her home in Egalia, but like my friends say, "She has magic hands" and my hair seems to grow faster after a cut from her.

Cutting Edge is always a safe bet for short, trendy styles.

     Keratin Treatments

I haven't ventured beyond Strands, I must admit.  I trust Ashlee not to damage my hair.  I've had both the Brazilian Blowout and the Chocolate treatments at Strands.  Both had good results; although the Brazilian Blowout didn't last as long as the Chocolate (maybe because I started using the wrong shampoo/conditioner immediately following and no one told me different.  You should use non-sulphate, non-sodium).  Most salons in Kuwait offer keratin treatments that smooth out the hair and make it straighter.  All hair has keratin in it and this replaces what you've lost.  It aint cheap (80 to 200kd - although all keratin treatments are basically the same!):  call around for quotes and make sure the room is ventilated when you have the process done.



2011 Update:  Eden salon does Shelak and Gelish nails that last 2 to 3 weeks. Nails retain their shine and great look for that entire time.  I've been having both manicures lately; however, my nails are so thin/brittle that if I don't immediately go in for another manicure when the Shelak/Gelish starts to chip/peel, my real nails underneath get very damaged.  Gloria or Jane at Eden are both very good. (Eden:  2241-9557)

For just a regular manicure/pedicure and hamam zaid (hot oil treatment): Oriental Princess in Salmiya. 25711255. Oriental Princess does everything on volume with low prices, so a mani/pedi will run around 4 KD. Oriental Princess also gives great hot stone massages in a clean, tranquil environment at around 30 KD.

Note to tha Newbies, Kuwait’s laws on hygiene in salons aint what you might be used to. You might consider bringing your own tools or a bottle of alcohol to ensure that everything is sterilized.


I go for paraffin wax because it makes your feet so soft. I tried the Elements Spa at the Royal Hayatt Hospital and oooooooh my God it was nice. Prepare to be there for a while, and bring a book or iPod. You will be in for an amazing experience – at the same price as you would pay for a paraffin wax pedicure anywhere else.They give you fresh fruit and tea and scrub your legs and do your toes.  O.M.G. The spa is run by Banyan Tree and everything is Thai and tranquil. They also use thai products and paint the wax on your feet (more hygenic than dipping). Royal Hayatt’s main number is 2536-0000 and ask for the spa.

Eden doesn't have the massage pedicure chairs and I'm really picky about that (most places in Kuwait - even the really good quality salons do NOT have massage chairs.)  If I'm going to be anywhere for an hour or more having someone to my feet, I've got to have a decent massage chair because I have a bad back (circus sex - let's not go there).  Please write to me and tell me of salons with massage chairs for pedicures. The only one I know of is Femme Fatale in Mangaf and the pedicure wasn't that great.

If anyone knows of other salons with massage chairs for pedicures, PLEASE write to me!!


     Tan in a Can

Strands – either location. Mary Lou does either spray tanning or the kind that you apply by putting it on like lotion. I’ve had the later: It was like having a massage because first she exfoliates your skin (while you’re on the treatment bed), you go to take a shower, and then you come back and she applies the tan. While you are laying there (lying or laying? Mom?), you can also get your hair deep-conditioned.  It is like having a massage and getting tanned all at the same time.

     Spray Tan & Tanning Beds

2011 Update:  Tantastic in Salmiya does spray tan and also Shelak manicures.  Eden has tanning booths.

I had NO IDEA how many Kuwaiti women were getting fake-tanned, but OMG - I sat in Eden getting a mani/pedi and their tanning booth actually overheated!  The girls were in and out of there every 15 minutes.  I asked if it is a trend and the manicurist told me that Kuwaiti girls don't care about the dangers; they'll come in straight off the beach and ask to use the booth, already read.  WTF.  There are going to be serious skin cancer issues down the road in Kuwait if someone doesn't step up and educate these girls.


I don't do the "Carnie Ho" look.  My friend, Libra, used to work for CNN and does amazing make up.  She is an artist with spray make-up to make you look flawless.  She can turn you into a ho if that's what you want (heeeeyyyy, no judgement here), but I like the simple, elegant look.  Libra:

Although not a "pick":  Hanan Dashti salons do the Kuwaiti wedding make-up look.  Em... not so much for me, but here is her site (and you can also check out photos online):  (Ah, nothing says "blushing bride" better than 10 tons of make-up.)  

     Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

First, you can get fake eyelashes put on at almost every salon in Kuwait.  But - if you want them to last up to 6 months, there is only one person in Kuwait I know that is CERTIFIED to do the procedure - and that is Libra.  She does "Extreme Lashes".  It is a 2 hour process where  you lay/sleep on her massage bed and she applies the lashes one-by-one.  (She also has to take them off.)

Ok readers – you are free to comment with your own favorite picks now. I’m sure there are many.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The BEST Ramadan Tent in Kuwait - The Palms Hotel

Holy snap! I have found it. After years of searching and looking.... It was right there, almost across the street from my house all this time.

The Man invited me to ftour last night and was so sweet. He didn't know where I might like to go, so he made reservations at 4 places (which, ladies, is what happens if you throw a tantrum like a 3 year old because your man has been lazy in the romance department. Ask me. It works.) We hadn't been to the Palms for a while, so we went there.

I have to admit - I almost ran back to the car when we first got there. The Mishref Sewage Incident has left a bad smell all over Kuwait; and last night, the epicenter seemed to be around the pool at The Palms. I covered my mouth and we forged ahead. And I'm so glad we did. The smell stopped at the door. (If you are planning to go anytime soon, bring a perfume-soaked hankerchief - you gonna need it.)

The tent is pretty - in maroon colors with really pretty Moroccan lamps. There are visible fire extinguishers all over the room (kudos Palms!). The only thing that really disturbed me about the tent was that the floor was unstable. I wore cute high heels and one of my heels actually went though the carpeting into an open joint. They need to work on that.

The food: FRICK-IN- AMAZING! Where do I start? Well, I'll start where I started. My mother has written restaurant reviews of popular buffet restaurants and the advice she always received from the Big Eaters is: Never get distracted by the inexpensive side dishes or bread baskets (as restaurants know they will fill you before you move on). Go right for the big-ticket items. So, I made a dash to the seafood station where Dude was grilling lobster and shrimp. I'm not talkin your average pinky-fingernail sized shrimp: these were good sized - probably of the large variety; and so were the lobster tails. Oh.... my.... God!

The Man was being so nice and continued with that, so I would fill plate and he ran them back to the table (low heels!). Then, we went to the Moroccan station. Yummers! They had huge chunks of tagine lamb, couscous with lots of veggies, bastilla, and shrimp in red sauce.

ALL the servers at the buffet wore hygienic masks! You go, Palms!! All of the servers were attentive, happy and very nice. Sometimes they get a little surly just by the sheer mass of people they are dishing to, but not these folks.

The buffet is very large - comfortable enough to accommodate all the people rushing it at ftour time; it runs around the full circle of the room with a salad station in the middle. It is comfortable, unlike some places with uncreative single-file lines (that everybody in Kuwait knows people are bound to jump). The Palms buffet had separate stations so jumping was ok.

Food stations included pasta, pizza, seafood, Indian, African, Moroccan, desert, salads. There was also a big lamb/rice area (ouzi). There was an Egyptian area, but I think that is just for shoor.

The Palms also has THE BEST CHEESECAKE IN KUWAIT. Real cheesecake - like you would make at home with Philadelphia cream cheese. The kind that my sister used to make. I am so going to order one!

For the 2 of us, we paid 19KD and some change. I don't bother going to a lot of the buffets anymore because they are such a rip-off; charging exhorbitant prices for inexpensive or poor-quality food. The Palms is definately not that: exceptional food and service at a good price.

Thank you, The Palms, for giving me something positive to write about (instead of bitching, moaning, and complaining as usual!)

Oh, and The Man - thank you for making me happy. I get a 50 caliber hole in my heart when we fight.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Lack of Hygiene in Kuwait Governmental Offices

I had to go to the traffic department at Farwaniya today. Thank God, it is only the 2nd time in the 13 years that I have been in Kuwait that I've had to go there. Coincidentally, I had to pay a 10 KD ticket because someone hit my car right outside the department doors: I went, not by choice, but to pay traffic tickets from like 1920 for speeding (apparently, just now their manual ledger system is catching up to those who want to renew their residency visas).

Here's a little Kuwait hygiene update for ya: Not one person had hand sanitizer in the entire building. I was whippin mine out left and right. I was totally disgusted. Ew ew ew. One would THINK that with all the hype everyone in country is making over the flu that at least they would provide hand stuff to government employees - or in dispensers. But noooooooooooooooooooo.

The one place I did note that it is everywhere is the International Clinic. There is a big bottle on every counter. Good for them.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Swine Flu and Ignorance

I was at the International Clinic the other day, waiting with a gazillion other people in the waiting room. People all around me were reading the clinic's magazines and newspapers. I kept my arms folded in my lap the entire 45 minute wait (and vowed to go home and scrub my elbows - the only part of my skin that had touched anything in the waiting room). One guy walked in with a mask; he was also reading a paper. Someone looked at him and said, "Don't worry..." I said, 'Yeah, you have a better chance of catching Swine Flu from that newspaper you're holding than anything airborne.' The Kuwaiti woman next to me looked up, wide-eyed in shock, and said, "WHY?!" (magazine still in hand). I said, 'Because you never pick up a magazine in a doctor's office. Think about it. How many sick people before you have been handling it?' The whole waiting room practically threw the periodicals on the tables.

I mean, c'mon people - this is basic common sense...

With all the hype, I haven't seen too many parents teaching their childen NOT to put their hands to their mouths (which is exactly what the Kuwaiti woman's daughter did after throwing her magazine on the floor). I figured I had done enough psychological damage for one day to mention that little tidbit.

WHY do medical facilities even HAVE periodicals in their waiting rooms right now? Doesn't anybody get it? There should be anti-bacterial wipes/wash on all the tables instead of magazines.

I also still see people walking around and coughing into the open air without covering their mouths. At this point, I don't think it is inappropriate for ANYONE to chastise people for not covering their mouths. They could be infecting everyone around them.

Well, not that any of this is going to do any good. All the raw sewage that is seeping out all over Kuwait will probably carry enough germs to get most of us anyways.

And on this note.... I was home sick the other day when my maid was there. I'm usually at work. I noted the one bottle of cleaning fluid that she was using: Fairy. She cleans my ENTIRE apartment with Fairy. WTF?! I have tried to educate her over the years and she still doesn't get it. Guess what I threw out? ALL the Fairy; and she's not getting any more.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Directions to Shatiya Watiya Restaurant

If you want to try good Kuwaiti food during Ramadan - rather than shelling out upwards of 10 KD for a buffet that doesn't include anything Kuwaiti, try Shatiya Watiya. I also like Freej Soweleh, but there have been very long lines during Ramadan and because there is so much construction around Shatiya, people aren't going there.


Shatiya Watiya is located in the Behbehani Houses complex downtown between the Gulf Road and the Sheraton. You can take any of the highways leading into 1st Ring Road downtown. At the "Sheraton Round About" - also known as Jahra Round About (and the Suicide Circle) , go past the Sheraton (on right) on Soor Street towards the Gulf Road. Soor Street will T at the Gulf Rd - Go right. Take immediate right onto small street (church on left), take 1st right into parking lot with a dirt road. Go straight until you see (trees and then) the Behbehani houses and Dar Al Funoon Gallery. Shatiya will be on the left.

Shatiya's phone number is 22422088.