Monday, September 07, 2009

Lack of Hygiene in Kuwait Governmental Offices

I had to go to the traffic department at Farwaniya today. Thank God, it is only the 2nd time in the 13 years that I have been in Kuwait that I've had to go there. Coincidentally, I had to pay a 10 KD ticket because someone hit my car right outside the department doors: I went, not by choice, but to pay traffic tickets from like 1920 for speeding (apparently, just now their manual ledger system is catching up to those who want to renew their residency visas).

Here's a little Kuwait hygiene update for ya: Not one person had hand sanitizer in the entire building. I was whippin mine out left and right. I was totally disgusted. Ew ew ew. One would THINK that with all the hype everyone in country is making over the flu that at least they would provide hand stuff to government employees - or in dispensers. But noooooooooooooooooooo.

The one place I did note that it is everywhere is the International Clinic. There is a big bottle on every counter. Good for them.


docxray said...

It's not only the availability of hand sanitizer that is important - it is the correct method of using it. You should place an amount approximately the size of a US silver dollar in your palm and rub it over all your hand (palm, fingers, back of hand). If the applied gel or liquid evaporates in less than 20 seconds, you have not used enough. The amount of alcohol in the hand sanitizer needs sufficient time to react with the infectious material which may be on your hand. If your hand is not clean beforehand, the reaction time should be even longer as some materials can protect any microorganisms which may be present. docxray (certified clinical virologist)

Desert Girl said...

Well yeah, ok. Most of the people I saw yesterday probably don't even bathe (not the ones behind the counter, but in front), so maybe hand sanitizer is like putting a bandaid on a gushing chest wound.... But still.

I am HONORED to have DocSam commenting here. Hey, maybe he can become like Dr. Oz to Oprah... Doc Sam to Desert Girl. Let's write books! :) "YOU on being protected from viruses in Kuwait..."

Not to worry, my head isn't nearly as big as hers.

reemas said...

this is my first visit to ur lovely blog and i already love.
regarding the farwaniya trafic.. have u noticed the whole building ? and the people inside ??
i will be surprised if i see hand sanitizer there.
btw i was in amiri hospital recently.. and i saw alcohol dispensers every where. i was glad to see that.
please feel free to drop by my blog. i will be honored.


Papyrus said...

Thanx DG
Although I tend to encourage the "Naturally Equipped" immunity system rather than support it with external agents :)
Not that I'm underating the value of washing hands/sanitizers.
Some governmental offices "including even some hospitals" are not up to the standard regarding cleanliness I agree.
You realize that Sam and Papyrus are the same person, right?
Regarding books, I think you should collect your blogs (I like to call them articles) in a book
By the way, I hate Oprah

Anonymous said...

We have been taking fresh garlic for the last 6 weeks. I even manage to get my kids too!
Cut garlic into small pieces leave them out for at least 15 minutes (I can/t remember why you have to do this ) and then swollow it with water. Don't chew. It is an anti viral. I see in the newspapers here people are using a lot of honey too. Gail

Papyrus said...

Alcohol dispensers are there as a compliance to the Ministry of Health instructions, I think in every hospital in Kuwait "not sure about private hospitals"
Masks also are provided for visitors and patients.
One of my patients wants to invent a transparent mask, that allows people to see your reactions and facial expressions, and thus doesn't interfer with human communications, good luck to him.

mentabolism said...

the NBK HO had them inside the elevators next to the buttons

docxray said...

Message to Papyrus and patient: A transparent medical face mask was patented and marketed several years ago. There was no demand and no sales, so the product disappeared.

Desert Girl said...

Mentabolism: I like it when people refer to it as a HO rather than head office. ;D

So, the dirty HO put them in the elevators?

Anonymous said...

hyuk hyuk...wash hands after use!??