Wednesday, September 16, 2009

From the paper

First, I think that these types of ads are great - if done properly. By "properly," I mean with photos of people smiling and with text that contains accurate grammar. And then, there's this one.... Is this really the profile they were after? Personally, I don't think these were the guy's own words (but that's just me). Great idea, poor follow-through.

Quick, dude... what does "resonate" mean? ...

And this... So, is the suspect the father? Because that's how I read it. Um noooo, you can't "catch" gonorrhea from an uncleanly home. So, if the parents and kids have it - it's incest. Regardless, I hope someone hangs for it.


Anonymous said...

This is terrible :(

but i don't think they meant that they got gonoherrea (can't spell to save my life) from the house, but b/c they didn't clean themselves. Thats what i took from that last sentance.

I think they were trying to say it in a nice which i don't understand since everything else is so terrible you might as well be blunt about it.

Unknown said...

Do you believe in capital punishment DG?
Your hunch is right, Al-Watan newspaper states clearly that the suspect is the father and MOH notified the DA regarding him, I believe he's in custody by now.
But for those who are anti-capital punishment I refer this crime. if such a...a...(cant find a word, not person and definitely not animal even) wouldn't be punished by death penalty, then no one should.
Some people should not be allowed to be parents. You know, parts of "1984" make lot of sense DG.
I don't tend to be judgemental, but this really really pissed me off

Anonymous said...

I can hardly breathe. First, those poor little girls and their spineless mother. Second, the ministry saying it might could be the unhygienic surroundings - Oh MY GOD. Just heap the oil on those flames.

Deny Deny Deny. Reinterpret reality. It's Kuwait; if he is from the right family it will all be a big misunderstanding and it will all go away.

Those poor little girls.

Unknown said...

To be honest, the ministry of health didn't deny anything, they confirmed the incident and reported the suspect and referred the case to the judicial system, because there's only one method to catch gonorrhea, it's one of the STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), only transferred via sexual intercourse, all the misconcepts of possibility of transferring it via used underwear, toilets, etc. are all hocus.
The part mentioning "bad hygiene" I found it only in the English translated text, not in the original newspaper, so I think it was the press's way to sooth the effect of the shock to thier readers.
This tragedy is being repeated in a frequency you'd never imagine, but for many considerations, not announced.
I don't know if this is relevant or not, but AlWatan newspaper also stated that the suspect is a foreigner (expat)

Da'wah Attitude said...

Disgusting, and it's reported, I just hope the suspect is caught and we are done with him for good, don't want such people lingering in the society and he needs to be punished in a way that will deter others from this horrendous act forever.