Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Directions to Shatiya Watiya Restaurant

If you want to try good Kuwaiti food during Ramadan - rather than shelling out upwards of 10 KD for a buffet that doesn't include anything Kuwaiti, try Shatiya Watiya. I also like Freej Soweleh, but there have been very long lines during Ramadan and because there is so much construction around Shatiya, people aren't going there.


Shatiya Watiya is located in the Behbehani Houses complex downtown between the Gulf Road and the Sheraton. You can take any of the highways leading into 1st Ring Road downtown. At the "Sheraton Round About" - also known as Jahra Round About (and the Suicide Circle) , go past the Sheraton (on right) on Soor Street towards the Gulf Road. Soor Street will T at the Gulf Rd - Go right. Take immediate right onto small street (church on left), take 1st right into parking lot with a dirt road. Go straight until you see (trees and then) the Behbehani houses and Dar Al Funoon Gallery. Shatiya will be on the left.

Shatiya's phone number is 22422088.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this DG much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Thanx a ton !

Anonymous said...

You may want to remind readers that this place is cash only. Had a little trouble with that just now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks... On my way there right now!!!