Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Micknasuh Update

(Micknasuh is, according to reader, TisMe, the Arabic word for vacuum cleaner.)

This is what my
Wansa looks like.
Same color too.
19KD at Excite.

So this morning, I decided to use my new shiny red McNasuh to try it out.  HOLY SNAP!  OMG - the Wansa is way better than my Hoover was.  It almost chewed up a loose carpet through it's amazing sucking capability.  I LOVE IT.  It almost makes me wait in anticipation of a big dust storm (uh... noooooo).

I also had my outdoor lights installed last night (oh joy, oh happiness).  If anybody needs a referral for an electrician, I got a guy.  He took a long time, but did quality work and charged me next-to-nothing.

Tomorrow night I have a nail appointment.  (Why are you still reading this crap???)  I had a Shellac manicure in Virginia and I can't figure out how to get the stuff off.  Pookey told me that there are a few places around Kuwait that does it.  Let me tell you, girlfraynds, about Shalac.  It is the BEST.  It goes on like a regular nail polish, but lasts 2 weeks or more.  In fact, my nails have grown before the stuff wears off.  It comes right off with acetone, but I don't have any at home, so I'll just go get another manicure anyways.  It's way awesome.


TisMe said...

Vacuum clea... whaaat?! oh MICKNASUH! we know what that is! see? that wasn't so difficult :P
you don't have to simulate using bzzzzzzzzzzzing Devices.

Anonymous said...

Would love to have the number as you know things always break here..

Desert Girl said...

TisMe - you are waaaaaaaaaaaay too know-it-all-y.

Anonymous - sure. Write to me at amerab@gmail.com. I don't publish other people's contact information on the net.

Anonymous said...

Hi DG,
Your post is soooo timely for me... I totally need a new vacuum cleaner, but I saw some priced ridiculously at around 120KD.. ya I don't think so lol. I had shellac done before Eid, and was dreading having to make a trip to the salon just to have it taken off. But thanks for the info that it comes off with just acetone, yay since I have some.
In case you are looking for a salon that does it, I can tell you about the one that I go to. Its called the Boudoir Salon in Surra. Kind of pricy though, I think I paid between 35-40 KD for spa mani/pedi, shellac. Boudoir is in Surra, Block 5, st 1 phone 25335951. I am not affiliated, related, or anything like that, but its a really nice, super clean salon that I have had a good experience with several times. Sorry for the long comment though :/.
Anony F

Desert Girl said...

Anony F - We aim to please! :) I'm glad the post was on time.

Pookytoo said...

The Shellac also comes off if you cover the nail with a thin piece of cotton wool soaked in normal nail polish remover and cover with foil. Leave for 10 minutes and then it peels off. Not as difficult as it sounds once you get the hang of it :)