Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Transport Company run by American Woman

I met an American  lady recently who owns/operates a transport company.  She uses drivers se habla englis and have been with her for 5 years; driving Landcruisers.  Although obviously good for either gender, it is a female-friendly, safe alternative to local taxis and guaranteed to understand where you want to go.

For those need transport to work, to shopping, every now and then don't want to do the driving by yourself, give Brenda a call at Flare sErvices, 9491-1915 or e-mail flareinfo@yahoo.com.

(Special shout out to Simply Stinni for reminding me that I should really promote Flare.)

Flare says:

  • Professional US-Trained Drivers
  • English Speaking Staff/drivers
  • Knowledgeable of Kuwaiti Highways/Rural Areas
  • Safe, Reliable and Insured Service
  • US-Managed Company/American owned


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info!

Do you know if she has a website or what her prices are?

brendajeanpaul@flare-services.com said...

Hello Ladies and Gents,

Thank you for your support!

Please feel free to go the website or email to put in your request. Prices may varies by locations.

All airport service is set at one price 5KD one-way.

Email address-flareinfo@yahoo.com

Website site-http://www.flare-services.com

Ensure to include (http;//www.) to find our site because it is new.

Again thank you.

Q8Sultana said...

I used to read Simply Stinni's blog a few years ago, but she stopped blogging. Anyway, hi Stinni if you see this :o)

daggero said...


Thanks D.G. for bringing up Simply Stinni , i used to read her blog too until she went to Boston on vacation and did a couple of posts then she stopped , I guess she is all Ok from what you wrote , please pass my regards as a reader .

NicoleB said...

Ah, that is one good piece of news :D!