Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grip it and rip it

Before I get to the main part of this post, I would just like to formally thank Spanx for my education of cool and savy slang terms that I continue to pass along to my friends and loved ones.  Without you, girl, I would never know what terms like "assgina" refer to; nor would I know the appropriate manner in which to use the phrase, "grip it and rip it" in conversation.  You rock.

So, it was also Spanx who turned me on to "poop tea".  I cocked my head to one side the first time she mentioned it.  It is a dieters tea that she tried, then Butterfly tried, then I tried and OH MY GOD... be prepared.... eeeek.   I got mad at Butterfly who couldn't make it to a dinner at my house because she had to stay close to her bathroom.  I'm like, 'SERIOUSLY?!!!  How BAD can it be???'  ... and then I tried some. (I am so sorry I ever doubted you girl!!!)   If you are ever backed up, my friends (and as we all know - there are a wHOLE lot of people in Kuwait who seem to be constipated - I'm just sayin), you might want to go out and git yerself suma dis.

This is a mild brand.  I stopped into an Arabic grocery store in the States (Medina Market - shout out - heeeeey) and bough another brand; that seemed to be turbo-charged.  I'll add a photo of that later.

They sell this at Sultan Center incase you're interested.

This is the US stuff

(I apologize for the vulgarity, but I've been working on a snoozefest of a proposal for 2 days and I needed some low-class entertainment.)

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LWDLIK said...

Oh lord, you never fail to make me laugh. :OD