Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm high at work

Not my fault.  Not my fault.  Not my fault.

We have glue fumes in my office today. I'm wondering how many brain cells have just been destroyed.  (I have so few remaining.)  Where the F is OSHA when you need them?    Sigh... I went to HR to complain. They think I'm freaky anyways, so they just laughed.  (Do you think it might be the halo that I've been wearing around the office for Halloween?  'It's real.  It is NOT a costume!')

So anyhoooooo, last night I went to the US Embassy for United's 5th year in Kuwait anniversary.  You GO, United!  Rock on wi'yo bad self.  I had such a great time.  You know sometimes the energy in the room is just right; the weather was perfect; there were lots of happy people about.  It was just a good time. They had jalepeno poppers which should bring me joy, but I don't like jalepenos.  However, they did bring joy to others.  The dessert shooters made me happy.  Well okay, I think they weren't cool enough and they used to be chocolate mousse and red berry thingies.  Pour moi, they were dessert shooters, and the fruity ones were too!  healthy.

I met some REALLY cool new friends (you know who you are).  One new pal in particular,  I shall deem (okay, via her suggestion, but it fits) The Fabulous One (no, sadly, she isn't the original Fabulous One, Mr. George Timothy Clooney).  TFO and I hit it off right away; as she said, sometimes you just connect with people and you don't know why.  Girl, it's all part of The Plan.

And now for a bit of psychobabble....

Have you ever seen that movie with John Travolta, Phenomenon?  I love that movie... At the end when he knows he is going to die, he says that he will still be around - that we are all energy and we are all connected.

I believe that everything is energy.  Everything.  We are conceived as energy and we die and our energy goes someplace.  We all have light.  Maybe you don't know why you like someone when you do (or don't).  I think that there is a reason for everything; we don't always have to know what it is; it is what it is.  I believe that we are all a lot more connected than we think we are.  I think we are all really the same.  Energy. As I get older, I believe this to be more of a truth.

Is it because I'm high, or is it because I am having a lightbulb moment (or both).  Pass me the Dorito-M&M sandwiches and find out...

Stella isn't in the office today (to enjoy the high); nor was she at the event last night.  (I am SO going to make something up about how she did this... more along the lines of my Untrue Trivia antics...)  She sprained her neck.  Well, she pinched a nerve (and I've been telling people today that it is close to her brain stem and/or her spine when in reality, I have not a clue.  At this point, she should have scored at least a few fruit baskets and several bouquets of flowers if I've done my job right.)  She has been feeling like vertigo - dizzy and nautious (kind of like me, right now, after deep-breathing Patex...)  She got onto heavy muscle relaxers (legally distributed bien sur - she's no pillbilly).

Now, let's have a fun contest to guess how she sprained her neck...  Stella pinched a nerve and/or sprained her brainstem by:

a)  Circus Sex
b)  Reverse Circus Sex
c)  Upside Down Circus Sex with a Twist
d)  The "Helicopter Maneuver"
e)  Laying neked on a table
f)  Bending over to tie her pumps
g)  None of the above.

Technically, it was "E".  She had a seemingly innocent massage at Helga's House of Pain (not the correct name.  She got the massage at a reputable spa) and someone twisted her nerve. I don't know if she was wearing PVC and a pair of stellettos at the time or not - I don't judge.  Not my place to say. I do know, however, that she was with her mother at the time....

So, how are you people today?  Are you having a happy Halloween?  Whatup?  Howz tricks?


Anonymous said...

damn you are so h....

Anonymous said...

Desert Girl, I recently had a friend with similar circumstances to your friend's symptoms, and she suffered a stroke. The doctor speculates it was from sleeping in a position on a long plane trip. I'd never heard of that kind of stroke before, but she was suffering dizziness, nausea and some problems with balance just before she actually stroked. Your friend might want to get checked out.

BTW, I agree. We are stardust. We are golden. (LOL!) And we really are all connected in weird and wonderful ways.