Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Epilepsy Resources in Kuwait?

Does anybody know about any epilepsy resources, support groups, information centers in Kuwait? 

My Kuwaiti friend has epilepsy and is going to a government provided doctor, but the guy is never in his office, hasn't recommended any treatment methods, vitamins, or even exercise or alternative treatments. 

My GP recommended a private neurosurgeon (and he's a Shammari).  I'm just wondering what's out there and if anyone has recommendations/advice.  It is a very scary disease.


amalikrunner said...

If you are going through divorce, or sucicidal thoughts or anything in which you need to join a support group for either advise or just vent yourself - remember here there is none. :)

I usually talk to the Sun, Moon (when it appears) or the sea at quiet nights.

Gluck - but hey google always helps.

Desert Girl said...

Amalikrunner: Dude, I see a drug rehab support group - reading between your lines.

EPILEPSY - not divorce, suicide, etc.

amalikrunner said...

Well in Arabtimes they have the alcoholic support group perhaps

I love to criticize, that's all and please call me Malik, not dude. :)

Thanks! :)