Sunday, November 06, 2011

Salon Picks - Update 2011

I just updated my Salon Picks Post of 2009 to include my new favorites.  Check it out HERE.

Please feel free to write to me with your own favorites and/or comments.

Guys, sorry, but I'm a chick and therefore know not about where to go to get a men's haircut in Kuwait.  Maybe you can write to Mark at 2:48am. :) 


Anonymous said...

lol. you call yourself a chick.

Anonymous said...

I do resent your sexist approach to grooming. Yes you a beautiful woman but also need grooming now and then and look for help. He can't do it by ourselves, you can't just leave us out there...OMG! So Selfish and yet adorable....I look forward to you finding a great grooming spot for men and posting it here.